Colored Bubbler Bongs

The bongs of every smoker has their own unique style and colors. Bubblers are often more colorful, with vibrant swirls that make them stand out from other smoking devices. The most beautiful among these is the Sherlock Holmes Bong!
The smoke travels through its long neck before emerging in front where it meets an equally elegant tube add-on which brings us back to reality again so we can appreciate our surroundings for what really matters – not just how crazy awesome this experience feels but also considering whether or not there’s anything worth returning home too after all…

My Favorite Colored Bubbler Bongs

Colored and Fumed Bubbler

Colored And Fumed Bubbler 2, 77 Bongs

With its Pelican Outlook, colorful red and yellow patterns, this Bubbler looks like a Candy Bird taken away straight from the Psychedelic Outdoor Picnic gathering the strangest of the Strange of this World.

The patterns are delightful, the colors tasty, and the cute marble on the front begins to twirl more and more with every puff you take. Every move you make, every puff you take. Sting would be delighted.

Size: 15.2cm

Colored and Fumed Bubbler

Colored And Fumed Bubbler 3, 77 Bongs

This Colourful Bubbler reminds its owner of exotic places visited during his/her Herbal Journeys. You might have brought it with you from the Far East, having bought it from mysterious Old Man.

He would have said, stroking his long grey beard in meditation: This pipe is very special, My Friend. It knows exactly what you want to smoke and how you want it. It will be your loyal friend for a long time.

And one more thing: it has some powerful magic forces in it. Forces that will make smoke even more pleasant. This Water Bong is magical. No doubts about it.

Size: 17.8cm Color: red, orange, green, blue

Bubbler – Colored and Fumed

Colored And Fumed Bubbler 4, 77 Bongs

It is amazing how crazy and unpredictable life be. Creating such a piece of art is certainly a sign of mastery. On the other hand, owning a Bubbler such as this can make you feel special.

Astounding design, complicated shapes of all its elements, beautiful colors, best materials – all this make this Fumed Bubbler one of the best Water Bongs we have on our offer. Chose the best Bubbler and have the best smoke.

Size: 25.4cm

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