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Sometimes you just want to smoke a bowl, and sometimes you don’t have the cash for an expensive bong. Luckily there are tons of cheap percolators out there that will get your smoky-smelling goodness without breaking the bank! Here’s how to find them!

You’ve got some spare change burning a hole in your pocket—and what better use for it than smoking weed? But do you really need the latest tricked-out glass masterpiece from Mr. Waterpipe Guy or should you settle for something more affordable?

We’re here to help you answer those questions with our list of the best cheap percolation bowls currently available on the market. Read on so we can all light up together…er…I mean enjoy ourselves once again.

Before we begin though, let us explain exactly why people choose to consume their favorite intoxicant via water pipes. A water pipe is essentially a large balloon filled with liquid (usually tap water) which acts as a filter when smoked through. The end result is a smooth hit that doesn’t burn or irritate the lungs nearly as much as other methods of consumption.

In fact, many smokers prefer this method because they feel less high after using one compared to traditional smoking techniques like joints and blunts. Additionally, due to its ability to cool the inhaled vapor, water pipes allow users to take larger hits while keeping the experience relatively mellow.

Finally, water pokers usually spend far less money on marijuana than other forms of cannabis delivery systems since water pipes typically cost around $20-$100 dollars instead of hundreds of dollars like most edibles would require.

For these reasons alone, millions of stoners worldwide swear by their beloved devices. So if you too wish to join their ranks but aren’t ready to drop thousands of dollars on a fancy new piece of glassware then read on!

First off, before we delve into our top picks, be sure to check out our guide to choosing a good quality water pipe. It’ll save you time and effort later on down the road. If not, well at least you won’t regret buying the wrong type! Now that we’ve covered that ground, let’s look at some great options for inexpensive percolation rigs.

DIY Glass Pipe

If you’d rather build your own customized water pipe then I highly recommend starting with a simple DIY acrylic model. They come complete with multiple air holes, adjustable airflow settings, and even replaceable mouthpieces.

What’s interesting about this particular design is that unlike typical water pipes, which generally consist of either long hoses attached to various size balloons, these models actually resemble actual cigarette rolling papers. This makes them stand out amongst other types of pipes, especially considering how often cigarettes tend to appear in movies and TV shows.

You can also make use of any old plastic lighter to heat up the wax inside the tube, allowing you to roll your own joint style smokes. All you need now is a spliff press to hold everything together! Check out the video below to see how easy these little gems are to put together:

Percolating Bowls

On the next page we’ll cover another popular form of water pipes known as percolating bowls. These vases feature smaller openings which allows the user to fill them with warm water and add tobacco leaves.

Once loaded, the smoker simply lights the bottom bowl and blows through the stem until he/she achieves the desired effect. Some percs even offer built-in filters so that as soon as the vapor reaches the open flame it burns away leaving only the flavorful essence behind.

While percolating bowls provide a smoother hit than standard water pipes, they still leave room for improvement. Not surprisingly, these devices also suffer from certain limitations which we’ll discuss shortly. However, if you decide to go the route of a perc bong anyway, keep reading!

Since percolation has been used for centuries throughout South America and Asia, it stands to reason that ancient civilizations must have discovered the benefits of smoking through water first. As such, modern perc bongs often incorporate similar designs including the addition of small ceramic beads along the length of tubing.

By covering the entire chamber with tiny balls, the resulting vapor travels deeper into the water creating a stronger flavor profile. Additionally, adding the beads helps prevent hot spots from forming within the chamber which could otherwise cause burns.

Since the original perc bongs were made of wood, they tended to break pretty easily under heavy usage. Fortunately today, manufacturers have introduced numerous durable metal versions that last longer and perform better. On the downside however, perc bongs’ popularity means finding reputable sellers can prove difficult so proceed cautiously.

Also, remember that even if you purchase a superior product, poor maintenance may lead to leaks and broken pieces so always try to buy locally whenever possible. Check out the two different styles shown above to give you idea of the wide variety of perc bong shapes you can choose from.

One final thing worth mentioning regarding percolation bongs is that they’re generally quite loud. Many consumers attribute this primarily to the boiling action taking place within the device itself. That said, since they produce a lot of steam, they’re obviously going to create noise regardless.

To minimize sound output, consider purchasing a silent version or opting for a quieter kind of perc that utilizes “hotter” temperatures.

Now that we’ve looked at both kinds of percolating water pipes, let’s move onto learning about the best ones currently available. Keep reading to learn about the cheapest perc bongs money can buy.

The Best Cheap Pipes

As mentioned earlier, percolating water pipes fall short in several areas. First, because of their narrow opening, the amount of material available for combustion decreases dramatically which results in weaker highs.

Second, perc bongs don’t eliminate tars completely which causes respiratory problems over long periods of smoking. Lastly, although water pipes are cheaper than other alternatives, they still pose a risk to health.

Because of these drawbacks, many dedicated enthusiasts have turned to alternative designs based upon the principles of convection heating. One example involves the creation of cone shaped tubes designed to maximize efficiency. Unlike perc bongs, these devices utilize a single source of fuel and rely heavily on heated air currents created by blowing directly upwards towards the headpiece.

Although effective, they don’t deliver the full range of effects experienced by traditional perc bongs since they lack the ability to pull heavier compounds from the stems. Still, you might want to explore these types of devices if you value overall performance above price points.

For anyone looking to invest in a reliable yet budget friendly water pipe, we recommend checking out these three brands. First is the Volcano brand which offers both perc and non-perc units. Its entry level line features a basic unit called the volcano plus ($40) while the volcano pro ($70), pictured above, provides greater functionality and durability.

Next is MagnaWater which specializes exclusively in percolator products. Their lineup includes both standard and advanced lines ranging anywhere between $15-$150 depending on size and complexity. Last but certainly not least is the Vapium line offered by Vapor4Life which sells higher grade percolator units at prices comparable to conventional models.

Whether you opt for a perc bong or not, please note that consuming marijuana poses serious risks to life and health. Use extreme caution and common sense when deciding whether or not to partake. If you already know someone who consumes drugs regularly, ask him/her his thoughts on the matter.

Otherwise consult local experts for advice and information concerning dosage amounts, proper storage, etc. Don’t drink alcohol prior to smoking marijuana, avoid mixing substances, never drive while intoxicated, and seek medical attention immediately in case of overdose. Please share your experiences and feedback with others online!

My Favorite Cheap Percolator Glass Bongs

Weed Star Glass Bong – Elevator 1

Weed Star Bongs are great value – expertly crafted from quality glass and providing you with a fantastic hit every time. Each bong comes with a downtube and blue-rimmed mouthpiece as standard.

The Elevator has a single percolator which forms a perfect inner-cooling system giving you the smoothest and the purest smoke possible. This is also great if you’re health-conscious.

It also features ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice and cool down the smoke, further enhancing the wonderful hit this bong provides.

Size: 59cm

Black Leaf Flaming Skull Percolator Bong – Clear Dome

Black Leaf Flaming Skull Percolator Bong Clear Dome, 77 Bongs

Using 5mm thick glass, this Black Leaf Glass Beaker Bong features blue-tinted glass sections and a clear glass dome percolator to smooth out that hit.

It has an 18.8 joint, ice notches, and comes equipped with a diffuser downtube and its own matching pre-cooler bowl. It features the Black Leaf ‘Flaming Skull’ logo.
Quality glass at a great price.

Size: 50cm

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