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Cheap Glass Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Smokers always choose glass bongs for great looks, cool glass touch, classic style, and cleaner, healthier smoke. Water filters out tars and toxins and cools the smoke to deliver smooth hits and protect your lungs; important!

Quality, aesthetic glass in bongs provides useful and pleasant smoke visibility.

Bong-like objects have been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China and India. They were even around in the United States during Prohibition (1918 – 1933). Nowadays, bongs are popular among smokers who want to take their habits up a notch without breaking the bank.

The good news is that you can get cheap glass bongs online at prices ranging from $8-$50, depending on style and quality. But beware of fakes and knockoffs!

A bong is an object used primarily for inhaling smoke or vapor through a tube. It’s usually made out of bamboo, ceramic, metal, or plastic. A bowl sits atop the end with some filter, so air doesn’t blow directly into your mouth when you suck down hits.

Many people think they look like psychedelic alien props, but there are historical precedents for them. One of these predecessors was invented by Chinese Emperor Shennung more than 2,000 years ago.

All forms of tobacco were banned during his reign except for its use as incense. He believed it should be kept away from children because it could cause lung cancer. This belief led him to create clay pipes that allowed only a small amount of smoke to enter the lungs.

These pipes eventually evolved into what we know today as hand pipes, hookah pens, and water pipes. There are also many other bongs, such as ice pipes and oil rigs. These devices allow users to enjoy various aspects of marijuana, including smoking, vaping, and drinking.

Nowadays, bongs are popular among smokers who want to improve their habits while staying within budget constraints. Some people choose cheaper materials, while others prefer higher-quality products.

Either way, if you’re looking for cheap glass bongs, this article will help you find great deals. Keep reading to learn about different kinds of cheap glass bongs available online.

RooR Bongs 5mm 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Types of Cheap Glass Bongs Online

There are two main categories of cheap glass bongs: those made of standard glassware and those made from recycled material. Standard bongs range between $10 and $80 per piece. Most cost less than $20.

If you don’t mind spending extra money, you may consider getting high-quality pieces that last longer and won’t break easily. For example, buying expensive bongs made of tempered Pyrex makes sense since they won’t shatter when dropped.

On the flip side, using plain old wine glasses is probably not worth the money, considering how often they’ll break. You need to carefully inspect each item before making any purchases. Make sure everything looks clean and new. Don’t buy anything that has obvious stains or scratches. And avoid buying things that smell bad or appear dirty.

Recycled bongs are exactly what they sound like: items that have already been thrown away and transformed into something else. One advantage of buying a recycled water pipe is that it costs significantly less than a standard pipe.

Another benefit is that most sellers offer free shipping. Recycled bongs come in all shapes and sizes. Some resemble regular bongs, while others mimic cigar tubes or cigarette holders.

Regardless of shape, most of these cheap glass bongs are relatively inexpensive. Just check reviews first to ensure that the product does indeed work properly.

Smoking Pipes & Waterpipes

The cheapest type of glass bong is known as a “smoking pipe.” Smoking pipes consist of a long stem connected to a short headpiece. The user puts their lips over the mouthpiece while holding the stem upright.

Smoke enters the chamber, is filtered, and directed toward the user’s face. Because of the length of smoking pipes, they tend to be larger and heavier than other styles. The best ones weigh between 4 pounds and 10 pounds.

Smoking pipes typically retail for anywhere between $9 and $35. Also called a “bamboo wand,” a smoking pipe is ideal for beginners. Although the entry-level models aren’t very powerful, they produce enough fumes to feel relaxed and mellow.

Another type of cheap glass bong is called a “water pipe” because it uses heated water instead of smoke. Water pipes are generally smaller in size than smoking pipes. However, the shorter stems require more skill and practice to master.

Water pipes provide milder highs when smoked correctly than cigarettes and cigars, but they’re stronger than traditional herbal smoke. Water pipes start at under $30 and go upwards of $100, depending on whether they include accessories.

I recommend starting with a water pipe if you’ve never tried smoking weed before. Your body will quickly become accustomed to the effects, and you’ll soon graduate into better models. Once you decide to move on to harder stuff, ensure you stay safe and follow basic safety precautions.

Never try anything unless you fully understand the risks involved. Remember that just because something isn’t illegal where you live doesn’t mean experimenting with is OK. Always consult a doctor before trying any form of drug usage.

My Favorite Cheap Glass Bongs

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong 4, 77 Bongs

A tiny bong that packs a powerful punch. It stands at only 12 cm. Excellent balance. The base holds plenty of water.

For excellent filtration. Its small size and affordability (in case it breaks en route) make traveling with this baby bong ideal.

Size: 12cm

Small Bong

Small Glass Bong 2, 77 Bongs

It is not always the size that counts. In many cases, other benefits are much more important. If you need something compact and portable, a small bong will certainly meet your expectations. It gives you good and tasty smoke, filtrates very well, and is perfect for travel.

Try Small Bong, and you will find that you can smoke comfortably even while moving from place to place and that you do not need big equipment.

Size: 14cm

Glass Waterpipe

Glass Waterpipe, 77 Bongs

Don’t let its smaller size fool you into believing this bong doesn’t haul hard when inhaling. Bubbles beautifully. Holds just the right amount of water for excellent filtration.

Size: 9.5cm

“Perfect for personal sessions. Best bong I own. Very happy. It’s my first bong.”

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