Top 7 Cheap Bongs

Top 7 Cheap Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Cheap bongs that hit like a charm. Nice, small, affordable bongs tested to be efficient, strong hitters.

Cheap bongs can be found at many places online, but a few stand out from the rest. This cheap bong will help you start searching for top-quality products without breaking the bank!

Smoking weed has never been easier for something so simple looking (and even simpler to use). If all you want is to take some smoke up to your room without having it smell like an ashtray by morning, then a bong might do the trick. A number of these picks have great reviews and are much better than their price would suggest.

But what if you’re more interested in quality bongs? What if you want one that’s not only easy to clean but also durable enough to last several years — especially since they tend to cost less than most other types of smoking devices? Look no further!

We’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite inexpensive bongs we think are worth every penny. Not sure where to start your search? Check out this guide first.


If you say, “I’ll pay anything” when discussing deals with vendors, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many people feel that paying full price for a product is a good deal because they perceive value in its features.

But while buying high-end items at retail prices may seem appealing, you needn’t spend that money on everything you purchase. Sometimes it makes sense to go cheaper, whether you’re shopping for clothes, electronics, food, drinks, etc., simply because spending too much doesn’t make any financial sense.

That said, there are plenty of bargains among the best cheap bongs available today, which you can see below.

Best Overall Price: $10-$15

This is the cheapest pick on our list. It’s perfect for those who want to try out a new bowl style, and for anyone else, it offers excellent performance at such low costs. The pipe is made of glass and comes encased inside another glass.

As long as you keep the pieces together securely, it would be best if you didn’t experience leaks. You can control how hot you want your hit to be by adjusting the temperature setting attached to the bottom portion of the unit.

And speaking of heat, you won’t notice any burning smells due to this model’s lack of heating coils. When cleaning, you should wipe off dirt and debris using a damp cloth instead of water; otherwise, you could worsen matters.
Overall Length: 15 inches | Pipe Diameter: 4 inches

How To Grow Marijuana 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Best Budget Price: Under $20

While not quite as powerful as others on this list, this affordable bong offers decent vapor production, making it ideal for beginners. Its design allows users to hold onto the stem length, giving them greater flexibility and comfort during sessions.

Plus, it packs neatly into a small box and takes up little space once unpacked. It will not win awards for looks, but it’s still pretty impressive considering its modest size, weight, and portability. With a diameter measuring 3.6 inches, you can expect to enjoy hits of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning isn’t necessary unless you’d prefer doing so manually rather than letting the machine handle it automatically. Rinse the entire thing under warm running water to remove any accumulated residue.
Overall Length: 5.25 inches | Pipe Diameter: 1.7 inches

Design and Quality

There are three main things to consider when choosing between different designs: aesthetics, ease of construction, and durability. We chose the highest-rated models for each category based on user feedback — specifically Amazon customer ratings and comments, plus independent third-party test results. Let’s dive right in:


Most of us know exactly what a bong looks like, and chances are you already own one. Hence, aesthetic considerations fall to personal preference. Some smokers love flashy colors and unique patterns, while others prefer classic black or white.

Those worried about safety issues should look elsewhere, as none of our recommended units come equipped with exposed flames. Also note that the materials used to manufacture bongs vary greatly, ranging from plastic pipes to handblown clay bowls.

While plastic is generally preferred over wood or metal due to lower manufacturing costs, it isn’t always suitable for heavy usage. Additionally, most wooden, ceramic, and bamboo bongs require special care to avoid cracking, warping, drying out, and similar problems.

Finally, consider the overall shape of the item before buying. Is it comfortable to hold? Does it fit well in your hands? Are you able to move around easily while holding it? Can you sit comfortably while taking a drag?

Ease of Construction

Construction refers to the process by which a finished bong is created. Most manufacturers build their products through injection molding, machining, vacuum forming, or a combination thereof. Each method differs slightly, resulting in slight variations in quality.

Plastic provides the least precise dimensions, whereas machined parts often feature precision holes and edges. However, machining typically requires higher labor costs, meaning mass-producing bongs become pricier.

Handcrafted models usually perform better than both alternatives, offering superior craftsmanship and consistent quality. They also tend to outperform average ones due to the extra time spent creating them. It’s important to remember that the best cheap bongs are the ones you like, regardless of brand name recognition.


Finally, we turn to durability, namely longevity. How long will your chosen device work after you receive it? Will it break down after repeated use? Remember that poor maintenance can result in premature wear and tear, leading to costly repairs.

On the bright side, most cheap bongs are designed to withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, and regular transportation. Unless noted otherwise, assume that all units offered here meet basic requirements regarding strength, resistance to cracks and chips, and ability to endure normal wear and tear.

So there you have it! Now you can choose whichever of these picks suits you best. Happy rolling!

Affordable Glass Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Cleaning Your Device

As I mentioned earlier, you certainly don’t need me to tell you how dirty your old bong gets after a session. Sooner or later, you’ll probably want to clean it thoroughly. Fortunately, most cheap bongs are relatively straightforward to disassemble and clean, thanks to standardized components.

Before proceeding, ensure you know the proper technique for safely cleaning glass and silicone hoses. Otherwise, you could damage your expensive investment.

Best Overall Price: $10-$15

To properly wash this bong, separate the two halves of the dual chamber system. Once done, soak the inner tube in vinegar for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Then follow up with a solution of mild soap mixed with lukewarm water.

Be careful not to splash liquid directly against the wall of the outer shell, as this can cause stains. Dry the outside of the outer shell with a soft towel before storing away the cleaning unit.

Best Budget Price: Under $20

You can gently scrub this unit with a toothbrush and dish detergent until it feels clean. Rinse it under running water, then dry it with a soft towel. Next, apply a dab of oil to prevent buildup and rust, and store it away.

Best Design & Quality: $40+

Remove the mouthpiece from this unit. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area surrounding the carburetor. Take a closer look at the underside of the head assembly. Notice how the air hole sits above the mouthpiece?

The reason why is that the carburetor protrudes downward beneath the head. To access the carburetor, carefully pry the rubber gasket seal covering the opening. Disconnect the hose and pull it apart slightly.

Rinse it under running water, and repeat the procedure for the second half of the hose. Afterward, let the head hang upside down to drain excess moisture. Set aside to allow it to dry fully. Remove the remaining mouthpieces and inspect the base of the unit.

There are four screws securing it to the body. Using a screwdriver, loosen and remove these screws. Carefully unscrew the entire unit, keeping track of wires, connectors, and tubes. Place it on its back, and pour a bit of baking soda underneath.

Allow it to absorb odors for roughly 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Afterward, wrap it tightly with a paper towel and set it aside somewhere safe until it dries. Replace the removed screws, and reattach the unit to the base.

Packing Materials

You’ll likely encounter two major challenges when shipping a bong: protecting fragile pieces from harm and preventing leaks. Luckily, most cheap bongs are fairly tough. Packaging materials generally include bubble wraps, Styrofoam peanuts, foam inserts, tape, and cardboard boxes.

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to pack objects perfectly. Ask someone knowledgeable about packaging to help select the appropriate supplies. And if you plan to ship internationally, read this article first.


Clear Acrylic Bong

Acryl Bong Clear, 77 Bongs

Simplicity can be a huge benefit. This water bong shows how this claim works in reality. It’s clear; it’s straight; it’s simple. Yet, it’s very effective and easy to use.

The water doesn’t spill easily out of this bong. Made out of standardized bong parts, including the metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base, this water bong will serve you well and long.

Size: 15cm


Mini Molino Bong

Mini Molino Bong, 77 Bongs

Glass and cobalt, when used together, create a distinguished combination. This Bong is very small and well-shaped. It stands out with its simple but elegant design and great smoking conditions.

This Mini Molino Bong is an example that Water Bong doesn’t have to be big to make you feel fantastic with a puff. And another, and another. Even better, right? Smoke in an elegant way whenever and anywhere you want to.

Size: 11cm


Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong 7, 77 Bongs

This tiny glass Bong can be held even in a pocket or a purse; still, it is very effective and provides good smoking conditions. Even if you pour very little water, the smoke will taste nice. The nice Pot Leaf symbol makes for decoration and the definition of this Bong purpose.

Which is, of course, weed. You can take it anywhere and smoke with it anywhere. Let it be your companion, and see the world with you. If you are planning a trip worldwide – you have to take it!

Size: 9cm


Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

A tiny bong that packs a powerful punch. It stands at only 12 cm. Excellent balance. The base holds plenty of water, for excellent filtration. Its small size and affordability (in case it breaks en route) make traveling with this baby bong ideal.

Size: 12cm

“This bong is the best on this site. I bought one a few days ago and it hits hard as hell. Don’t pass this one up, bigger isn’t always better. This one gets a 10/10!!!”

“10/10 Don’t let the bong’s size fool you. Great warm-up water pipe. Perfect bong. Don’t leave home without it.”


Clear Acrylic Bong

Clear Acrylic Bong 2, 77 Bongs

This Bong is designed, it is light, small, and cheap. It gives you nice smoke, and it bubbles nicely, even though there is not much water space.

Simplicity is a good tactic in this case. This Bong has everything a solid water pipe should have: good smoking conditions and fine filtration. It is portable so you can take it anywhere.

Size: 12cm


Small Two Chambers Bong

Small Glass Bong 6, 77 Bongs

This affordable glass Bong is tiny and light but can give you some really good puffs. Thanks to the double water chamber, it filtrates water very nicely, providing you with a tasty and smooth smoke.

It is practical, portable, and effective, which makes it worth trying even if you already have one Bong. You never know when you might need another one. You can buy it just for fun, right?

Size: 10cm


Bended Stem Transparent Acryl Bong

Bended Stem Transparent Acryl Bong, 77 Bongs

This stylish transparent acryl bong comes with a convenient bent stem for smoother hits. But the best part about this piece is the price – a truly affordable, durable bong.

Size: 16cm

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