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Bongs can be expensive, and to many light smokers or those who do not want to spend too much on a smoking accessory like a bong, one of many available nice, cheap bongs is a better choice.

There is no shame in buying a cheaper bong if your goal is to get high with the help of water filtration. The cheap bong models listed below are reported to perform well regarding smoothness, efficiency, and strength of hits.

Some prefer smoking tobacco, and some prefer using a pipe. However, if you’re one of the latter group and want to try out bong rips for yourself, then cheap bongs online should be your first stop.

They’re not as complicated or expensive as traditional pipes, and they don’t require special skills to use them. This is probably the case if you’ve never used a bong before or have only tried it once or twice at someone’s house party.

Smoking marijuana has several health risks associated with it. While most people know about these risks now (such as lung cancer), many don’t seem to care enough to avoid cigarettes altogether. One alternative is to smoke weed through a vaporizer, which can help keep costs down by avoiding buying sticky hash oil.

However, an inexpensive bong may be more appealing if you’d rather get high without buying anything other than the weed itself. Some prefer smoking tobacco, and some prefer using a pipe. But if you’re one of the latter group and want to try out bong rips, then cheap bongs online should be your first stop.

They’re not as complicated or expensive as traditional pipes, and they don’t require special skills to use them. If you’ve never used a bong before or have only tried it once or twice at someone’s house party, this is probably why so few people give them a shot.

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reviews on Amazon under “frequently bought together” sections like “Pipe-based Smoking Systems.”

So what exactly makes a bong good or bad? And how do you choose the right cheap bong for you? Keep reading to find out!

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77 Bongs

What Is A Cheap Bong?

A bong is a device designed to hold water inside and allow users to inhale the resulting steam while simultaneously sucking air into their lungs from outside the bowl.

This creates a powerful vacuum seal between air and water, allowing greater amounts of THC and other cannabinoids to pass directly into the bloodstream via the respiratory system.

This effect was created when Chinese farmers would fill bamboo tubes with water and attach small straws to both ends to draw fresh oxygenated air into the tube and create fog clouds.

This method became popular among hippies during the 1960s and 70s due largely to its simplicity compared to regular pipes, yet it still requires quite a bit of skill to work effectively. As such, finding a good beginner bong isn’t too hard, though quality bongs are usually very pricey.

However, cheap bongs abound on eBay and elsewhere if you’re looking for something less intimidating. These bowls typically feature smaller water chambers and thinner walls than higher-end models, making them easier to handle even for beginners.

Some cheaper bongs also come equipped with adjustable airflow controls, allowing smokers to control how much smoke enters their bodies based on personal preference. Additionally, many of these bongs will often include built-in screens to prevent nasty debris from entering your mouth when taking hits.

The Best Cheap Bongs Online

As mentioned above, cheap bongs aren’t particularly difficult to obtain. Most of the ones available today were made specifically to serve as starter sets, complete with all necessary accessories except for the actual bud to be smoked.

Users can purchase everything separately after getting started or save money by purchasing a set together. Either way works well, depending on your needs.

Here we highlight three of our favorite cheap bongs available online. Each of these products offers great value for the price, comes highly recommended by reviewers, and includes multiple customer ratings that show how satisfied buyers were with each product.

1) Waxy Cone ($15): This simple cone shape design is perfect for newbies thanks to its size and weight. It doesn’t look nearly as impressive as other bongs on the market, but it does the job.

Place the stem where you normally grip the bowl, insert your hand over the top, and suck in the air. Then start puffing away until you reach your desired level of stonedness.

2) Cloud 9 Pro Series 2 ($28+$8 shipping): This model features two types of stems, including one that fits around your index finger for easy handling.

Both pieces fit perfectly together and provide excellent stability, letting you take big hits safely. Overall, the build quality feels solid, and the overall appearance won’t turn heads.

3) Stündenglass ($35): This unique glass piece resembles real pucks found in old-fashioned bars. However, the main difference here is that it uses a lighter material that provides better durability.

On top of that, it utilizes dual air channels for improved performance. The result is a heavy hitter capable of lasting longer sessions than normal.

You might think that paying $40-$50 per item seems steep, considering you could easily pay half that amount for a decent bong from anywhere else on the Internet, but remember that these items are brand new and rarely broken in.

Plus, because they lack fancy designs, they tend to sell faster since everyone loves a clean package. So long as you check user reviews thoroughly before purchasing, it would be best to avoid any major problems.

Additionally, cheap bongs offer another important benefit over pricier options – portability. Many of these devices fold nicely into compact packages, meaning you can bring them along wherever you go, regardless of whether you live near friends or family members.

That means you’ll always have access to a portable source of cannabis, no matter where you happen to be going.

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77 Bongs

Where To Find The Right Cheap Bong For You

Finding the cheapest bong for you isn’t necessarily as straightforward as comparing prices. Quality varies across manufacturers, so read consumer feedback carefully and understand what others say about specific models before deciding yours.

After all, you wouldn’t pick up a car without checking the owner’s manual, would you? Buying a cheap bong online gives you little choice regarding color, style, etc., so consider choosing wisely, especially if you plan on keeping it for years. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow things down further.

Once you locate one you like, click the image thumbnail and scroll down to view individual images showing every detail.

Another great resource for information is Weedsmoker, a website that provides detailed explanations of various smoking apparatuses. Not only does this site host numerous articles covering different topics, but it also frequently updates news stories related to recent developments within the industry.

Finally, you can search Google Images for whatever kind of cheap bong you’re interested in. Enter keywords relating to your desired product followed by “cheap bong,” and you should receive results similar to what you saw earlier.


Hopefully, you enjoyed learning about some of the coolest cheap online bongs. Unfortunately, unless you know what you’re doing, you might want to leave it to professionals. Otherwise, you could experience severe burns, serious injuries, or worse.

But if you decide against hiring anyone to build you a custom setup, you’ll want to stick with reputable brands known for producing safe products.

Double-check all relevant safety guidelines and regulations about your area before assembling your bong. Also, please familiarize yourself with local laws, as they vary worldwide.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with cheap bongs and appreciate their benefits.

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

Sometimes there’s no place in your bag for a Big Bong and no time for a long Cannabis Smoking Celebration. You might need something compact, light, and portable on such occasions.

Guess what? This Bong is perfect for this! It is small, easy to pack, gives nice smoke, and looks cool. Now you can enjoy your puffs anywhere and whenever you desire. Just pour some water, pack some weed, and relax.

Size: 12cm

Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Clear

Tattoo Acrylic Bong Clear, 77 Bongs

People used to wear tattoos for thousands of years or even more. Tattoos are permanent and characteristic body ornaments often used to emphasize or create the image of the power and strength of their owner.

Especially tribal tattoos are considered the most powerful in their character. This Acrylic Water Bong is fretted with tribal tattoo ornament, making it look cool and powerful. Let your puffs be more powerful with this Tribal Bong.

Size: 26.5cm Diameter: 38mm

Molino Mini Bong

Mini Molino Bong, 77 Bongs

Glass and cobalt, when used together, create a distinguished combination. This Bong is very small and well-shaped. It stands out with its simple but elegant design and great smoking conditions.

This Mini Molino Bong is an example that Water Bong doesn’t have to be big to make you feel fantastic with a puff. And another, and another… Even better, right? Smoke in an elegant way whenever and anywhere you want to.

Size: 11cm

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