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It’s true that bongs can be expensive, and to many light smokers or those who do not want to spend too much on a smoking accessory like a bong, one of many available nice, cheap bongs is a better choice. There is no shame in buying a cheaper bong if your goal is simply to get high with help of water filtration. The cheap bong models listed below are reported to perform well when it comes to smoothness, efficiency, and strength of hits. Enjoy!

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

Sometimes there’s no place in your bag for a Big Bong and/or no time for a long Cannabis Smoking Celebration. On such occasions, you might need something compact, light, and portable.

Guess what? This Bong is perfect for this! It is small, easy to pack, it gives nice smoke and looks cool. Now you can enjoy your puffs anywhere and whenever you desire. Just pour some water, pack some weed, and relax.

Size: 12cm

Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Clear

Tattoo Acrylic Bong Clear, 77 Bongs

People used to wear tattoos for thousands of years or even more. Tattoos are permanent and characteristic body ornaments that are often used to emphasize or create the image of power and strength of its owner.

Especially tribal tattoos are considered most powerful in their character. This Acrylic Water Bong is fretted with tribal tattoo ornament which makes it look cool and powerful. Let your puffs be more powerful this Tribal Bong.

Size: 26.5cm Diameter: 38mm

Molino Mini Bong

Mini Molino Bong, 77 Bongs

Glass and cobalt when used together, create a distinguished combination. This Bong is very small and well-shaped. It stands out with its simple but elegant design and great smoking conditions.

This Mini Molino Bong is an example that Water Bong doesn’t have to be big to actually make you feel fantastic with just a puff. And another, and another… Even better, right? Smoke in an elegant way whenever and anywhere you want to.

Size: 11cm

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