Cannabis Bubbler Bongs

The bubblers and sherlocks are not only the most beautiful bongs out there, but they also have an extra special place in my heart. The colors mixed with these magical swirls make for a dreamlike environment that I can’t help but get lost within every time!

My Favorite Cannabis Bubbler Bongs

Fumed Hammer Bubbler

Fumed Hammer Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Hey! Look! How many eyes this creature has? Does it come from another planet or from the ocean depths? Or maybe it came here from the inside of our planet?

There is a legend, that deep under the soil there’s a hidden world, a world of mysteries and magic.

A world of Cannabis Fields where everyone is happy and joyful. Maybe this guy came from this idyllic place? And maybe he came to smoke with you?

Size: 16.5cm

Bubbler – Inside Out

Bubbler Inside Out, 77 Bongs

Looking like a strange building from an Unknown Empire, a tower of a King With no Name, this Bubbler presents itself proudly with marbles, magnifiers, and a maria in the stem.

It is beautifully made, full of colors, different tones, lovely patterns, and amazing ornaments. Very solid construction, smoking from this Bubbler is a real pleasure!

Size: 15.2cm

Inside Out Bubbler

Inside Out Bubbler 3, 77 Bongs

Look at these amazing patterns! Do you feel like you have opened Anatomy Atlas? They are so colorful and kinky! Smoking from such Bubbler has to be an unforgettable experience.

And it surely is. The smoke travels the tunnels of this academic human body model which in fact is a perfect quality Bubbler, designed for a real Smoker to enjoy his/her puffs in an original way.

It’s a perfect Pipe for the Connoisseur look of Smoking Device and its extraordinary smoking conditions.

Size: 19cm

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