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The bubblers and sherlocks are not only the most beautiful bongs out there, but they also have an extra special place in my heart. The colors mixed with these magical swirls make for a dreamlike environment that I can’t help but get lost within every time!

Bubblers are a type of bong that typically have one or more chambers which you can fill with water and ice. The smoke is sucked into the chamber, cooled down by the ice cubes and then expelled through an exhaust tube at the bottom of the unit. This style of bongs has been around for years but there’s a new trend in them now – adding cannabis to the mix.

Bubblers are a type of bong that typically have one or more chambers which you can fill with water and ice. The smoke is sucked into the chamber, cooled down by the ice cubes and then exhaled back out of the top of the device. These units usually come complete with their own filters so you don’t need to worry about cleaning your glassware after each session.

A lot of people like this kind of setup because it allows them to enjoy some good old fashioned smoking without having to deal with any hassle associated with traditional bowls and joints. They’re also quite easy to set up. However, they’ve never really gotten popular among weed enthusiasts until recently when many companies started offering models capable of delivering quality hits while also packing THC-laden buds right along with ’em.

These devices feature multiple chambers (or “chambers”) inside them where you can fill different areas of the bowl with various levels of weed from low potency all the way up to high octane stuff. As such, these kinds of bongs were quickly dubbed as bubbler bongs since they basically functioned like a bubble pipe. 

However, not everyone was happy with just calling them “bubble pipes.” Some individuals felt that those terms didn’t accurately describe what they actually did, so other names got thrown around instead. Nowadays most people refer to them as “cannabis bubbler” bongs simply because they do use marijuana.

Regardless of how you want to call them, these types of products have become extremely popular over the past few months due to several reasons. First off, they allow users to sample varying quantities of cannabis without needing to break the bank on expensive glassware.

Another benefit is that they make it easier than ever before to get clean air bubbles going thanks to the built-in carbon filters. You’ll find that using a bubbler bong will help significantly reduce the amount of carcinogens found in your lungs compared to smoking regular flower.

Finally, if you live in states where medical marijuana laws exist, you might be able to save yourself money by purchasing these items online rather than buying them locally.

So, why exactly would someone choose to buy a cannabusiness bubbler? Well, let me ask you another question…why wouldn’t someone opt to purchase one of these things? Read ahead to see the benefits of trying something unique like this.

The Benefits of Cannabis

If you’ve spent much time researching the health effects of cannabis, you probably know that it’s incredibly addictive. In fact, even though pot may seem harmless enough when smoked casually, its psychological effects can prove dangerous in certain situations.

While I’m sure no parent wants to hear anything bad said about drugs that stimulate pleasure centers in our brains, it needs to be mentioned nonetheless. Marijuana contains chemicals called cannabinoids which bind to receptors within cells located throughout our bodies.

Since we humans naturally produce cannabinoid receptors, taking advantage of them via recreational means could cause severe pain and illness later in life. It’s true!

This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses weed should avoid these substances altogether, however. If used properly under controlled circumstances, marijuana does provide numerous therapeutic advantages. For example, it helps relieve muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety.

Moreover, it relieves depression and chronic pain. It also stimulates appetite and reduces inflammation. All of these factors combined create a better overall mood state which leads to higher productivity and creativity.

On the flip side, too much marijuana usage poses serious health risks including lung problems, brain damage, liver failure, respiratory issues, and potentially deadly skin conditions. So, why risk it? Instead, try enjoying these wonderful benefits without inhaling nasty fumes. That’s where the cannabis bubbler comes in.

How To Use A Cannabis Bubbler Bong

One major reason why a lot of folks prefer a cannabusiness bubbler bong is the ease with which it can be utilized. Most people already have the necessary tools needed to take full advantage of the product. For instance, you only need two basic pieces of equipment – a lighter and a mouth piece.

Lighters generally consist of either hand blown ceramic containers filled with flammable liquid fuel or disposable lighters containing pressurized gas cartridges (like propane). Mouthpieces are small tubes designed specifically for holding burning embers.

Once both components are ready, you simply light the end of the hose near whatever material you plan to consume. Then, lean forward and suck in plenty of fresh air through the pipe directly above the flame. Soon after filling your bowl, concentrate exclusively on breathing in through your nose without doing anything else.

Afterward, slowly blow out the same amount of air again through the pipe once the hit is complete. This method creates cool air bubbles which contain less toxins and carcinogens than normal cigarette smoke.

Another great thing about using a cannabis bubbler bong is that it makes consuming edibles considerably faster. Normally, getting a decent edible takes upwards of 30 minutes to an hour depending on the person.

With a bubbler bong, however, it only takes about 5 minutes or less. Why? Because unlike ordinary vaporizers, this machine heats up the entire length of the stem making it possible to achieve maximum temperature very rapidly.

If you’ve tried heating up a joint or blunt tip too long, you’ll understand why this approach works so well. Plus, it eliminates the possibility of accidentally burning the bud by dropping hot coals onto it.

Finally, as far as safety goes, using a bubbler bong offers numerous safeguards against potential accidents. One big plus is that the filter prevents ashes from falling into your drink. Also, the built-in carbon filter ensures that none of the harmful gases produced during combustion remain behind.

Furthermore, the heat exchanger keeps everything nice and warm, preventing burns or scalding injuries. Lastly, the wide diameter of the stem provides ample room for airflow. Thus, you won’t experience any difficulty drawing the smoke deep into your lungs where it becomes effective.

Potential Health Risks And Precautions To Consider When Using A Cannabusiness Bubbler Bong

Now that we’ve gone over the pros, here are some cons worth mentioning.

Firstly, regardless of whether you decide to go with a standard model or a specialized one, you still run the risk of being exposed to harsh chemical solvents.

Secondly, while it’s definitely safer than conventional tobacco cigarettes, it’s important to note that using a cannabis bubbler isn’t completely free of danger since it still exposes you to secondhand smoke and other environmental hazards.

Thirdly, despite what the name suggests, the actual purpose of these gadgets isn’t necessarily related to blowing bubbles. Rather, they serve as excellent methods of consumption and delivery systems. Therefore, it’s common knowledge that these machines are considered “dabbing rigs” nowadays.

Fourthly, if you’re interested in growing your own weed outdoors, you may have to look elsewhere since this particular gadget is mainly intended for indoor use.

Fifthly, the biggest downside of these devices is that they aren’t cheap. Depending on the size of the bowl, prices range anywhere between $100-$400+.

Sixthly, while these products certainly offer fewer dangers than smoking, they are not 100% safe. Still, I’d say it’s worth paying extra cash if you feel comfortable with the risks involved.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping, consider giving the cannabis bubbler bong a shot. Not convinced yet? Here’s a short video clip highlighting the main features of the best ones currently available in stores today.

My Favorite Cannabis Bubbler Bongs

Fumed Hammer Bubbler

Fumed Hammer Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Hey! Look! How many eyes this creature has? Does it come from another planet or from the ocean depths? Or maybe it came here from the inside of our planet?

There is a legend, that deep under the soil there’s a hidden world, a world of mysteries and magic.

A world of Cannabis Fields where everyone is happy and joyful. Maybe this guy came from this idyllic place? And maybe he came to smoke with you?

Size: 16.5cm

Bubbler – Inside Out

Bubbler Inside Out, 77 Bongs

Looking like a strange building from an Unknown Empire, a tower of a King With no Name, this Bubbler presents itself proudly with marbles, magnifiers, and a maria in the stem.

It is beautifully made, full of colors, different tones, lovely patterns, and amazing ornaments. Very solid construction, smoking from this Bubbler is a real pleasure!

Size: 15.2cm

Inside Out Bubbler

Inside Out Bubbler 3, 77 Bongs

Look at these amazing patterns! Do you feel like you have opened Anatomy Atlas? They are so colorful and kinky! Smoking from such Bubbler has to be an unforgettable experience.

And it surely is. The smoke travels the tunnels of this academic human body model which in fact is a perfect quality Bubbler, designed for a real Smoker to enjoy his/her puffs in an original way.

It’s a perfect Pipe for the Connoisseur look of Smoking Device and its extraordinary smoking conditions.

Size: 19cm

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