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Big bongs deliver big hits, thus letting you get knocked out without wasting too much time operating them. Much less wasteful than joints, much cooler for show off at stoner parties or simply on the shelf. Save your lungs, weed, and reputation!

The biggest bong you can buy is not the one that looks like a space shuttle with a vacuum cleaner attached to it, but rather the bigger ones. There are many reasons why buying big bongs makes sense and here we’ll explain some of them. First off, don’t be fooled by all those ads on TV for “small” or “mini” bongs which usually have smaller bowls than they should have given their size. A small bowl will never produce a good hit because your hand just

Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes — from simple plastic pipes to large pieces of art made out of wood. Some look like science fiction vehicles while others resemble futuristic alien spacecraft. Regardless of what form factor you prefer, there’s really only one thing common among all types of bongs:

They’re meant to deliver hits through smoking cannabis. This means that when using any type of bong, regardless of its shape or style, you need to know how to properly smoke marijuana without inhaling too much THC.

If you’ve ever smoked weed before then chances are you already know how to do this correctly. If you haven’t however, keep reading as I’m going to break down exactly what you need to know about proper bong usage. After all, if you want to get high effectively, you first need to learn the basics of getting stoned the right way.

What Are The Advantages of Buying Bigger Bongs?

First things first, let me give you an example of what happens when you take a regular sized bong, place a puff of dry herb inside, light up, hold the stem and suck on it until your lungs fill with smoke (this method works fine). Now imagine doing the same thing with a 10-foot long bong.

Obviously, this would result in a lot more air being sucked into your mouth, making it harder to breathe normally. Therefore, since most people who use bongs tend to overdo it and inhale too much smoke, they often end up passing out. This is where larger bongs become useful.

A standard bowl such as the Grav Jane Bowl has a diameter of 6 inches. By comparison, even the smallest bongs that typically sell for under $100 have diameters ranging between 8 and 12 inches. These kinds of bongs are designed specifically to allow users to enjoy themselves without having to worry about accidentally choking on smoke.

That being said, these aren’t necessarily better bongs than other models simply based on their physical design. Instead, the main reason bigger bongs are so popular is due to their ability to provide a better experience.

Here Are Two Examples of Advantages To Consider

Better Hits From Dry Herb

When you use loose leaf herbal tobacco instead of ground bud, you generally obtain stronger hits compared to traditional methods of consumption. Since you don’t need to pack the material tightly together, it allows room for airflow thus producing more vaporization.

Even though this may sound obvious, it’s worth noting that although you might think you’d get a decent amount of heady buzz from a small piece of dry herb, there’s actually very little cannabinoid content found within.

On top of that, the process of grinding the leaves tends to change the chemical composition of the plant making it less effective. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll get a stronger hit from a bong filled with loose herb than you would from rolling a joint.

More Room To Breathe & Enjoy Yourself Without Choking

As previously mentioned, the primary advantage of owning a larger bong is that it produces a higher volume of smoke allowing you to consume more cannabis per breath. Because you’re taking longer puffs, you also get to spend more time enjoying yourself.

It’s important to understand that unlike when using a pipe, you cannot increase the speed at which you inhale/exhaled through sheer force alone. Doing so may cause severe coughing, gagging or nausea. However, larger bongs create enough room to comfortably take longer breaths and still maintain control.

Additionally, if you find that you’re struggling to pull in enough air to complete your session, you could always switch sides to avoid breathing problems. While holding onto the bowl, simply move your body around the circumference of the tube to redistribute the pressure evenly throughout the entire chamber.

In conclusion, there are plenty of benefits associated with purchasing a larger bong. Whether you choose to purchase a tabletop unit or something slightly larger, make sure it fits well into your lifestyle and doesn’t put additional stress on your budget.

Also keep in mind that if you decide to forego a larger model, you’ll likely save money overall and be able to afford more expensive upgrades later on such as glass stems, water filters or different forms of concentrates.

Buying Big Bongs Is Not For Everyone

What To Look For In Your Next Smallest Bong.

Although bigger bongs definitely offer greater potential for enjoyment, they don’t work wonders for everyone. Luckily, there are several factors that determine whether someone would benefit from buying a larger bong or not.

One of the easiest ways to tell is by looking at their hands. Most people assume that the biggest bongs in the world belong exclusively to drug dealers and hippies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the average person’s hands measure somewhere between 9 and 11 inches wide.

Given the dimensions of typical bongs, anyone whose hands fall below 7 inches is probably best suited to owning a medium sized bong.

Another characteristic to watch out for is the distance between the tip of your index finger and your middle knuckle. Ideally, this number shouldn’t exceed 3 inches. Anything above 4 inches warrants caution because it creates excessive drag and reduces the efficiency of the device.

Finally, pay attention to how far apart your fingers are. If you have short fingers, don’t expect to be able to fit any larger bong into your pocket. You’ll either need to carry it on your shoulder or leave it permanently mounted to the wall.

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My Favorite Big Bongs

Acrylic Ice Bong Black With Spikes

Acrylic Ice Bong Black With Spikes, 77 Bongs

Perfect for those of you who like to spice up the smoking ceremony. This black acrylic bong is covered with white transparent spikes that make it look kind of stylish and dark side.

Height: 41.5cm
Diameter: 45mm

Mr. Big

Mr. Big, 77 Bongs

He looks like a cute snowman, but definitely has something more to offer than just a snowball, carrot, and besom. Classic marijuana plant motive, thick glass, two water chambers.

– Mr. Big is a serious guy, willing to help you and your friends with your smoking. So don’t hesitate – invite him to your party and it will taste great. Warranted!

Height: 28cm
Diameter: 40mm
Glass Thick: 3.2mm

Royal 18.8

Royal 18.8, 77 Bongs

Bob Marley is THE icon for everything reggae, Rasta, and of course smoking “herb” man! Now he lives again on our bongs as well as in our hearts. Sand Blasted bong. 18.8mm join

Height: 38cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3mm

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