Bubbler Bongs

Bubblers and Sherlocks are the most beautiful and most colorful smoking devices among bongs ever! Lovely colors mixed in magical swirls in glass carry the smoker to a fairy tale land even before the first hit. Definitely a must for eye candy lovers!

Bubbler bong is the perfect example of mankind’s cleverness. Bubbler bongs are not only easy to operate on but also amaze with their artistically fine-tuned shapes and colors.

Bubbler bongs are slightly more different than other types of smoking devices. Apart from shapes and colors, bubbler bong has another important feature – you can carb and decarb it until you feel your hit is big enough. You can simply dose the pleasure you derive from smoking in small portions.

The hits are far less harsh than hits from a pipe. Bubbler bongs are also more ‘personal’ – they are just like little bongs which you can simply hide in your pocket and use whenever you want to. Besides, bubbler bong filters the smoke as well as any other types of bongs.

It causes the reduction of the toxic components concentration, thus allowing you to inhale only the natural part of it. If you are on the verge of ordering a bubbler, do not hesitate. You will be surprised by the bubbler’s potential and it will never ever let you down!

My Favorite Bubbler Bongs

Colored and Fumed Bubbler

Colored And Fumed Bubbler, 77 Bongs

This beautifully made, this artistic bubbler is fumed on the inside and outside. It makes you wanna take a hit from it instantly, and travel to another level with the smoke it brings to you.

This Magic-Mushroom-Like-Looking bubbler with colored dots and textured glass will bring you magic mysteries provided by the mighty smoke the moment you inhale. And each puff is a new journey.

Size: 10.6cm

Colored Bubbler

Colored Bubbler, 77 Bongs

With this silver and gold fume water pipe equipped with an external bowl, you will definitely satisfy all of your weed desires. Magically fumed glass will deliver just the best of your weed right into your lungs and then the trip will soon begin.

But hey, which world is real? The one you are in now, or the one you are going to be just in seconds? You never know. But you know you wanna try it!

Size: 16.5cm

Inside Out Bubbler

Inside Out Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Looking like a mysterious Wizard’s artifact, this bubbler is a powerful tool in the hands of an Experienced Smoker, as well as a great teacher for a Beginner.

Its inside-out design will bring you thoughts about the world’s inscrutable structure with all of Its metaphysical inside hidden beneath the physical surface.

Maybe, thanks to this Bubbler’s power, you will find a way to gain knowledge about the hidden features of the Universe… Try the Wizard’s Wisdom. Try this Inside Out Bubbler!

Size: 15.2cm