Bubbler Bongs

Bubblers and Sherlocks are the most beautiful and most colorful smoking devices among bongs ever! Lovely colors mixed in magical swirls in glass carry the smoker to a fairy tale land even before the first hit. Definitely a must for eye candy lovers!

Bubbler bong is the perfect example of mankind’s cleverness. Bubbler bongs are not only easy to operate on but also amaze with their artistically fine-tuned shapes and colors.

Bubbler bongs are slightly more different than other types of smoking devices. Apart from shapes and colors, bubbler bong has another important feature – you can carb and decarb it until you feel your hit is big enough. You can simply dose the pleasure you derive from smoking in small portions.

The hits are far less harsh than hits from a pipe. Bubbler bongs are also more ‘personal’ – they are just like little bongs which you can simply hide in your pocket and use whenever you want to. Besides, bubbler bong filters the smoke as well as any other types of bongs.

It causes the reduction of the toxic components concentration, thus allowing you to inhale only the natural part of it. If you are on the verge of ordering a bubbler, do not hesitate. You will be surprised by the bubbler’s potential and it will never ever let you down!

When you want to get high, nothing beats a bubbler. The problem is that they’re usually pretty big and unwieldy. But what if the whole point of smoking pot was to make it easier for your mind-bending friends? Enter the Bubbler bong!

You’ve probably been around people who are just dying to try out some new kind of drug or alcohol concoction. They’ll enthusiastically describe all the fun things their friend did on his latest trip — how he got so amped up at the club with his buddies that he stripped down naked in front of everyone (this may have actually happened); how she made herself vomit after eating way too much food at dinner; or how her brother shot himself right through the heart, but not before getting wasted first.

Then there’s always those guys who will tell you about the time they smoked an entire bowl straight off one of those giant hookahs they sell at airport bookstores. You know them: Those guys who don’t even smoke anymore because they can do better without getting stoned.

But when you want to get really high, nothing beats a bubbler. The problem is that they’re usually pretty big and unwieldy. And while being able to hold two bowls might be nice once in awhile, most people aren’t using a large piece of glass as a smoking device because they don’t like having something waxy or sticky between their lips while trying to focus on other stuff besides burning themselves alive.

So what if the whole point of marijuana use was to help your buzzing friends avoid any sort of physical pain? What if you could enter another dimension where smoking didn’t hurt, where you could see and hear everything going on around you but still remain totally focused on whatever else was happening inside your own head? That would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

Well then you should check out the Bubbler bong. This little guy lets your buds buzz along without any interference from a fat chunk of glass pressed against their mouths. How cool is that?!

We spoke to the inventor of this magical contraption, Louis Jolyon Petit, who has done quite well selling tens of thousands of these units since launching the company in 2009. In fact, according to Petite, more than half of all customers who purchase the product end up becoming repeat buyers.

We talked to him about why we need such unique smoking devices, which ones work best and which ones are absolute garbage. Read on to find out what makes the Bubbler tick and whether or not it could become your next weed accessory.

What Is It?

The idea behind the Bubbler bong comes from someone named John Stith Pemberton. He invented Coca Cola back in 1886, and one of the reasons he created the drink was to keep himself sober enough to run his bottling plant. However, during his lifetime, he also developed a taste for cocaine, morphine and opium — sometimes mixing all three together [sources: Pemberton].

After experimenting with different ways to ingest drugs, including inhaling steam from boiling water, drinking ether, injecting pure heroin and doing “speedball” cocktails by combining liquor, cocaine and morphine, Pemberton decided that a safer alternative was needed.

As luck would have it, cocoas primary ingredient — sugarcane juice — contains none of the harmful substances found in opiates and stimulants. Therefore, he figured creating a mixture containing both caffeine and nicotine would produce a safe high that was less likely to cause dependency problems.

So here’s how the Bubbler works: A small straw enters into the top part of the unit, which consists mostly of clear plastic tubing. From there, hot air passes over a heating element until it reaches a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 C). When the heat hits the air stream, it creates bubbles, which travel downward toward the mouthpiece at the bottom.

A user places his tongue against the tube to catch the vapor, and holds the base of the unit near a flame source to ignite the bubbles. Once the flames hit the heated air, they begin producing vapor and carbon dioxide gas. If you’ve ever seen people making fog machines outside movie theaters, that’s basically what happens.

Users suck in the oxygenated air through their lungs, instead of letting it escape through a mouthful of waxed paper. Since the process produces no tar or tobacco residue, it won’t stain clothes or leave nasty stains anywhere, either. Instead, only the smell of burnt hair remains.

And although users typically put a dab of hash oil under their noses to enhance the experience, Petite says that because the Bubblers burn cleanly, the scent isn’t necessary. Plus, the unit itself doesn’t require electricity, so you can take it wherever you go.

Now let’s talk about the science of it. How does it feel to get baked through the nose? Find out on the next page.

How Does It Work?

Once you start sucking in the fumes produced by the Bubbler, you’ll notice a couple things immediately.

First, instead of feeling like your eyes are crossing, you’ll suddenly realize that your eyelids are fluttering closed.

Second, unlike conventional methods of smoking, you’ll never worry about accidentally inhaling anything dangerous or carcinogenic.

Third, the effects seem to last longer because your brain gets higher doses of THC more quickly.

Fourth, you can easily pass the pipe to anyone sitting nearby without worrying about them taking in any secondhand smoke.

Fifth, you won’t remember passing the thing to your buddy in the first place.

Sixth, the device is small enough to fit into almost anybody’s pocket or purse.

Seventh, it’s so easy to carry around that you can smoke whenever and however often you’d like.

Eighth, if you happen to enjoy talking while you puff away, you can take advantage of free phone calls via Skype thanks to its built-in microphone/speaker system.

Ninth, it’s highly portable. Tenth… oh yeah, it’s cheap to boot! Let’s talk price now.

According to Petite, the average cost of a Bubbler ranges from $60 to $120 depending on size and color choice. Most come with a four-year warranty.

Where Can I Get One?

If you live in California, Oregon or Nevada, chances are good that you’re already familiar with the Bubbler line of products. In addition, many independent dispensaries across America stock them, and online retailers such as Planet Organic offer them as well.

Although Petite assures us that there are plenty of non-California dealers, the legality of buying and possessing recreational cannabis varies widely state by state.

For example, in New York State, you must possess over 18 grams of dried flower per week, and possession of concentrates is illegal unless derived from plants grown in states that allow medical marijuana sales.

Florida law permits patients suffering from terminal illness to buy medical marijuana, but concentrates are considered contraband. Some companies operating legally within Colorado’s Amendment 64 framework include Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, Denver Relief Consulting LLC, Green Cross Medical Marijuana Inc., Kiva Confectionary Company and Minden Laboratories.

Other states that permit sale and consumption of recreational weed include Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Just visit our homepage for links to local dispensary locations near you. Or if you prefer to order online, we’ve included contact information below. All orders are discreet.

My Favorite Bubbler Bongs

Colored and Fumed Bubbler

Colored And Fumed Bubbler, 77 Bongs

This beautifully made, this artistic bubbler is fumed on the inside and outside. It makes you wanna take a hit from it instantly, and travel to another level with the smoke it brings to you.

This Magic-Mushroom-Like-Looking bubbler with colored dots and textured glass will bring you magic mysteries provided by the mighty smoke the moment you inhale. And each puff is a new journey.

Size: 10.6cm

Colored Bubbler

Colored Bubbler, 77 Bongs

With this silver and gold fume water pipe equipped with an external bowl, you will definitely satisfy all of your weed desires. Magically fumed glass will deliver just the best of your weed right into your lungs and then the trip will soon begin.

But hey, which world is real? The one you are in now, or the one you are going to be just in seconds? You never know. But you know you wanna try it!

Size: 16.5cm

Inside Out Bubbler

Inside Out Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Looking like a mysterious Wizard’s artifact, this bubbler is a powerful tool in the hands of an Experienced Smoker, as well as a great teacher for a Beginner.

Its inside-out design will bring you thoughts about the world’s inscrutable structure with all of Its metaphysical inside hidden beneath the physical surface.

Maybe, thanks to this Bubbler’s power, you will find a way to gain knowledge about the hidden features of the Universe… Try the Wizard’s Wisdom. Try this Inside Out Bubbler!

Size: 15.2cm