Top 7 Best Bongs

Top Bongs ever, with the biggest number of positive comments from stoners around the world we have received over the years. With one of those bongs, you are sure of your pleasurable experience. Enjoy!


Brain Stormer – 4 Person Water Bong

Brain Stormer 4 Person Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Chosen as the best bong because of its weird distinct beauty, heavy smooth inhaling, and its ability to host a four-person session.

Though this water pipe is more hookah than a bong, it’s a truly awesome addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Up to four friends can haul on the durable rubber hoses.

Allowing everyone to feel the effects of marijuana at once. No more waiting your turn with the Brain Stormer! The deep metal bowl, designed for heavy cannabis enthusiasts, sits atop a devilish-looking creepy alien head.

Potentially giving off a paranoid vibe. Operating solo requires the hoses to be blocked. Done easily with fingers. The bong’s true charm is using it to inhale deeply with friends.

Size: 18cm

“Awesome bong! My friends and I pitched on its purchase. Wicked bong. Use it all the time with friends. And by myself too. Best bong ever! Real ugly looking. Intense. Hard-hitting. Buy it!”


You Beauty Bong

You Beauty Bong, 77 Bongs

An oddly looking bong that’s unique eye-catching design cools down smoke wonderfully. The four chambers provide a silky smooth cool hit.

Pack a bowl extra heavy because it’s so smooth stoners can take crippling bong rips. You’re sure to feel the effects of marijuana with this bong. The clear construction allows friends to watch tokes.

Don’t fear coughing in front of friends. You Beauty Bong hits silky smooth.

You Beauty doubles the smoke cooling space with four chambers for your smoke to cool down. While some old-timers may find this a little overkill, many of us don’t mind the extra work of filling the bong to get that extra crisp feeling only something like this can provide.

While it’s completely clear, this construction makes this piece not only one of the smoothest out there, but it also succeeds in being one of the most eye-catching.

Size: 35cm x 14cm

“Fantastic! Looks like a robot. Love inhaling from my You Beauty Bong. Intense. It hardest-hitting bong I ever had. Pack a bowl with plenty of bud. Damn! Best bong in my glass collection.”


Magic Glass Mr. White Bong

Mr. White, 77 Bongs

This handblown glass bong made the best bong list with its big bowl, lightweight, balanced, tall stem, and easy-to-use mouthpiece.

The clear color requires plenty of cleaning, but the impressive craftsmanship and durability far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Size: 26cm

“Looks great in my place. Very hard to clear the bowl in one hit. The bowl is huge! It doesn’t look big, but plenty of buds can get packed in the bowl. Hits great! One of my favorites.”


Ice Water Bong

Ice Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Awkward looking but surprisingly very comfortable to grip. The bong’s unique shape is perfect for filtering herbs.

Holds plenty of ice and water. The stem is slick with “Ice Fire” stenciled in. Extremely durable.

Size: 34cm

“This bong impressed us right away when it fell out of its box onto a kitchen floor and there wasn’t even a scuff on it. This bong design is the cream of the crop this year. The stem is straight, which felt surprisingly comfortable, and the base, emblazoned with “Ice Fire” was amongst the most worry-free we’ve come across.”

“A must-have. You can jam lotta weed in the bowl. Nice bong! Rips awesome. Kickass bong! Dropped it on the floor after a heavy hit and it didn’t break. Serious!”


Glass Bong Boxed

Glass Bong Boxed, 77 Bongs

Immediately wins a point for its high school chemistry class appearance. The bong looks like a science beaker but hits like a schoolyard bully. The huge base holds plenty of cool smoke. Fits perfectly in its own wooden carrying case.

This is our first entry that is pure practicality. Completely clear, and far more cumbersome, the Bong 42 plus has an additional chamber connected so as to cool down the smoke twice.

While it looks tricky, the ease of the product (and how efficiently it works) immediately won us over. Unfortunately, with a slightly tilted stem being the only flourish, this one comes off a little too Highschool Chemistry for us.

Size: 17cm

“I refer to mine as Beaker after the Muppet. Solid bong. Holds plenty of bud in the stem. Hauls awesome! The box is ideal stash case.”


Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong

Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong, 77 Bongs

These bright vividly colored bongs have a cool tribal tattoo design on their stem.

Cheap acyclic bongs are great for parties because there’s no fear of someone accidentally breaking a good piece of glass. An affordable stylish party bong.

Size: 26cm

“Too bright! It’s a decent bong when kept clean. Doesn’t break. Very cool cuz some of my stoner friends are clumsy. I really like mine. I pack with plenty of ice for a perfectly cool toke every time.”


Bamboo Bong With Leaf

Bamboo Bong With Leaf 2, 77 Bongs

A sturdy durable bong that rips hard when kept clean. Beautiful pot leaf blazed on a black stem makes for a gorgeous bong.

Built from standardized bong parts allowing for easy switching of the metal bowl, metal down tube, and rubber mouthpiece ring. Switching up parts makes this bong fun.

Size: 29cm

“This bamboo bong is perfect if smoking with 2-3 other people or by yourself. The best features are the sturdy-as-hell bamboo and the smooth hits you get as long as you keep it clean.”

“Sweet bong! I replaced all the standard parts that it came with for my own personal pieces. Very easy. The pot leaf is large. It’s a really cool bong. Looks great in my room. My friends and I love this bong. Hits like a champ. Pot leaf looks great too.”