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The bong is a well-known accessory for cannabis consumers, and there’s no shame in using one if your goal is simply high. There are many cheap models available with water filtration that report smoothness ratings higher than other more expensive brands such as Grav Labs or Yoda-trained glass pieces because they’re made out of plastic instead!

We’ve all heard about bong-smoking celebrities, but for the rest of us it’s time to get a little more practical. There are plenty of cheap and affordable ways you can buy your own personal piece of mind-bending heaven—even if you’re not that great at smoking weed yet.

In the world of smoking paraphernalia, bongs are definitely at the top. Not only do they produce an incredible amount of smoke when compared to a cigarette or joint, but they’re also extremely versatile and allow for endless customization.

There’s nothing like hitting up your local headshop and picking out some new accessories that’ll enhance your experience in ways you never thought possible.

In the world of smoking paraphernalia, bongs are definitely at the top. Not only do they produce an incredible amount of smoke when compared to a cigarette or joint, but they’re also incredibly versatile and allow for endless customization. 

There’s nothing quite as liberating as having your own personal cloud factory right on your kitchen countertop. However, there is something about finding a decent piece of pipe-ware that will make all the difference in terms of quality, durability, and overall performance.

It may not seem so at first glance, but it doesn’t take long before you realize how much better this really makes everything feel.

That being said, we’ve already discussed what exactly goes into making a great bong, which is pretty impressive. We even went ahead and created our very own guide on building your own custom DIY bong (which was written by myself).

So now I’d like to shift gears slightly and discuss where to find these awesome devices, and how to pick them apart once you have them in hand. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Find The Right Bong

Finding the perfect bong can sometimes be difficult, especially if you live somewhere without any good headshops nearby. Luckily, Google has made things somewhat easier by providing us with a list of places to look based on location.

This should help those who don’t know too well where to start looking. If you still aren’t sure though, just check out my article detailing what exactly separates a regular bowl from a true “proper” bong.

Once you see which type fits best for you, then it shouldn’t be hard getting yourself hooked up with whatever you need.

What To Look For In A Head Shop?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of bongs available today, ranging anywhere from simple bowls to large water/air vaporizers.

Some people prefer using their lungs while others use various methods such as bubblers, whip attachments, etc… These days, however, most people fall into the category of smokers who use either a traditional bowl style or a smaller version known as a “nail”.

As far as styles go, there are several popular designs that you might want to consider when looking around head shops.

Most of these include:

Straight Water Pipes

Straight water pipes are classic bongs that consist of two separate chambers separated by a small hole called the “frisbee valve”, through which air passes between both sides.

Since the bongs themselves usually come straight, meaning no bends whatsoever, the diameter of each side varies greatly depending on the size of the person holding it. One end typically contains the mouthpiece while the other end acts as the stem.

While these kind of setups offer excellent airflow due to its straight design, they often lack proper filtration because of the way the holes work. This means that the user of such bongs takes in less clean air than someone who uses a dedicated waterpipe.

Still, these kinds of bongs are widely considered to be the most affordable option among serious smokers.

Conical Bowls

Conical bowls are another basic form of bongs and are generally characterized by their unique shape. Instead of coming straight out of the ground vertically, conical bowls feature wide bases that gradually taper down towards the bottom.

Often times, these kinds of bongs will also contain multiple holes along the length of the device, allowing for increased surface area. Depending on the model, you may notice differences in the number of holes present, their sizes, and shapes.

Basically speaking, conical bowls are designed to maximize the efficiency of the smoke passing through the device by maximizing contact time and diffusion. They work well with almost every material used for construction including plastic, metal, acrylic, wood, etc…

Unfortunately, since conical bowls rely heavily on diffusors instead of filters, they won’t provide adequate filtration unless additional measures are taken.


When talking specifically about larger models, wicks, or “whips”, refer to anything constructed with bamboo or similar materials, rather than aluminum or steel.

Wires and tubes are also included here, although they act as part of a larger unit rather than individual parts. Whips are essentially oversized waterpipes intended to hold and carry smoke rings directly to the users’ mouths.

Because of their massive nature, whips are capable of producing significantly higher quantities of thick fog than other forms of bongs. Of course, whipping isn’t limited solely to wooden items, as there are actually a few companies selling high quality versions made out of stainless steel.

Whips are also highly durable and easy to maintain, provided that they receive occasional cleaning and maintenance. Just remember to avoid touching hot surfaces whenever possible.

Air Vaporizing Devices

Air vaporization refers to any method of creating clouds of vapored marijuana products via forced currents of heated air. Unlike typical bongs that simply pass smoke through the same chamber over and over again until it eventually reaches the consumer, airvaporizers create huge volumes of dense mist within minutes after activation.

They achieve this effect by heating the surrounding air itself and forcing it through specialized passages. Many of these units utilize powerful fans to increase the velocity of air flow through the system. This allows heaters to operate at relatively low wattages to prevent overheating and burning off of sensitive electronics.

As a result, these kinds of vape pens are commonly referred to as “low voltage” systems.
These kinds of devices function similarly to conventional tobacco cigarettes except that they deliver substantially cleaner hits.

Due to the fact that the smoke does not cycle repeatedly through the whole system, the user receives fewer harsh effects associated with traditional smoking techniques. Additionally, the volume produced is significantly greater than that of a normal bong of comparable capacity.

Finally, due to the fact that airvaporers rarely run hotter than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, they pose virtually zero threat to health hazards normally linked to secondhand smoke. Despite the numerous benefits offered by these machines, it must be noted that they’re not entirely safe for inexperienced consumers.

Users should always follow safety guidelines posted on product packaging and ensure that power supply cords remain away from open flames to prevent accidental fire damage.

So now that you know what a bong is and how they differ from one another, let’s move onto discussing some important factors to keep in mind during your shopping process.

Check Your Local Laws Before Buying Online Or From Anywhere Else

If you happen to live in a state where recreational pot usage is illegal, then chances are good that you would face legal repercussions if caught trying to purchase your bong(s) online.

As a general rule of thumb, laws vary across states and territories regarding cannabis possession, cultivation, distribution, and consumption. You could easily become entangled in a situation that involves hefty fines or even jailtime.

Although purchasing your bongs online probably poses less risk than going to a dealer, it’s nonetheless wise to doublecheck your local laws before doing so. Fortunately, Marijuana Policy Project maintains a handy map showing where certain jurisdictions stand on drug legalization.

All you have to do is click on your region and search for “cannabis” under prohibited substances.


Hopefully, you found this information useful enough to help you decide whether or not a bong is right for you. Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to put together your dream setup.

Remember, if you ever have questions related to specific brands or models, please drop me a line below and I might be able to answer them for you. Happy travels!

Molino Mini Bong

Molino Mini Bong 2, 77 Bongs

Molino comes again with another fantastic Bong. The design of this Water Bong is almost ecstatic with its great glass and wonderful cobalt dots which make it look even tastier.

This Glass Bong is small and portable, yet it gives you some great smoke, perfect filtration and it also just looks cool! Its design makes it look a bit like a glass with some nice drink and a straw in it, so tell your friends not to drink from it. By the way, smoking is better, isn’t it?

Size: 12cm

Glass Bong Wood Feet

Glass Bong Wood Feet, 77 Bongs

It’s all-natural: wood, glass, and the ornaments of Green Cannabis Leafs. Wooden foot makes this Bong stand firmly on the table or on the ground. Filtration of smoke is very good thanks to a long water chamber.

Five Pot Leaves make a nice decoration, suitable for the destination of this Water Bong. Smoking from it is a pure pleasure and the more puffs you take, the more natural and easy your life becomes.

Size: 26.5cm

Acrylic Ice Bong Blue

Acrylic Ice Bong Blue, 77 Bongs

A thick and bent tube lets you feel comfortable while smoking and inhale more smoke at once. The simple but effective and interesting design of this Water Bong makes smoking even more enjoyable.

This Acrylic ice bong is cheap, its smoking conditions are great thanks to effective design and use of ice. Bong looks interesting with its transparent blue tube and red accents. Have a good smoke!

Size: 30cm Diameter: 45mm

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