Types of Bongs – Part 2

Bongs are the most sought-after smoking tools that people use for many years. And, it continues to be the popular choice among smokers worldwide. Gone are the days when you could find bongs made with selective materials. Today, you can… Continue reading

How To Make a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are nifty pieces of tool that leverage gravity to come up with massive volumes of smoke. The difference? The smoke is clear, and you can inhale it even more conveniently. Making a gravity bong won’t cost you much… Continue reading

How To Clean Glass Bongs

Bongs are the best companion of smokers. Bongs enable them to enjoy filtered and smoother hits. Also, the impact on the lungs will be less while using bongs. Different types of bongs are available in the current condition. But the… Continue reading

How To Clean Silicone Bongs

Do you use silicone bongs? Do you want to know how to clean them? Silicone bongs are well-appreciated for their flexibility, affordability, durability, and look. However, there will be some cleaning requirements to boost the efficiency and durability of your… Continue reading

How Do Bongs Work?

Why should you use bongs?

How do bongs work?

While using a bong for the first time, all these questions might bother you. You might want to know the benefits and downsides before going ahead. We understand your confusion. We… Continue reading

How To Clean Bongs

Ever wondered how to clean bongs? If you have a bong and are looking to clean it the correct way, you’re on the right page. In the following few sections, we will learn all about the various methods you might… Continue reading

Types of Bongs

Are you planning to purchase a bong?

Do you want all the advanced features to take your experience to the next level?

We understand your concerns. If you are a first-time buyer, the availability of unlimited options might confuse you.… Continue reading