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A good man is hard to find – you probably heard about such a classic short story by Flannery O’Connor, or even read that one. Although you might also hear a classic song called the same name, you might as well hear someone saying such obvious truth, or you come up with that by yourself after what you experienced.

After all, that short statement is a genuine spark of wisdom, cause indeed, a good man is hard to find, no question about that – if you’re not sure, turn on a tv or read the news. But you know what is even harder to find than a good man? A good bong.

Yes, a good bong is hard to find. So many bongs on the market, and it is easy to get one that will go straight into the trashcan. Troubles with shaky glass, troubles with diffusers, ashtrays, or of course, with a high price. So what can you do to avoid buying a worthless piece of junk? Well, you must check if the one you want is good.

When trying to find out whether someone is fine, you hang out with that person for some time. Unfortunately, any “trying before buying” is not an option with bongs, which makes looking for a bong even harder. But don’t worry; you may trust Black Leaf Bongs and buy one of their products.

An amazingly pleasurable smoking experience awaits everyone who decides to use Black Leaf Bongs. Stunning looks of stylish bongs such as “Golden Dragon” or “Blue Snake Tree” will quickly satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Black Leaf Bongs cool smoke with ice, making it incredibly smooth. You can get them in the usual sizes, from 45 cm to 60cm, and what’s also very important: prices are very reasonable.

A good bong is hard to find, but you just found a solution to that problem.

It’s the classic bong design but with a twist. Learn more about black leaf bongs in this article.

If you’ve seen someone on TV using a water pipe, chances are it was either an apple-shaped device like those sold by Big Buds Inc. or a bowl attached to some long hose. But what if we told you these two devices were very similar, despite their different appearances?

We’d tell you that bongs have been around for thousands of years and are still popular today. They come from many different cultures and regions worldwide, although most people will recognize them as “hookah.”

When the word “vapor” gets thrown into the mix, you’ll be surprised at how much alike all types of water pipes are. One thing is true, though: There is no better way to enjoy your favorite cannabis products than through a water pipe!

Although they’re often associated with heavy metal music or pot smoking (and sometimes even used to smoke crack cocaine), there is another type that has recently gained popularity over the past decade — the black leaf bong.

While other water pipes may also use glass stems, the black leaf bong uses a glass stem made of tourmaline, producing vapor without harsh chemicals. The result is cleaner and smoother hits every time.

Tourmaline has become especially popular because its properties allow it to release heat slowly and evenly. Unlike traditional materials such as ice, charcoal, or lava rock, tourmaline releases vapor smoothly and don’t burn or scorch anything in its path. This makes for healthier hits and less ash buildup inside your lungs.

So why did the black leaf bong gain so much attention lately? It probably had everything to do with its sleek new look and modern appeal. According to some sources, the first black leaf bongs appeared only within the last few decades.

If you want to get your hands on one, you might not find many places to purchase one. Read on to learn more about black-leaf bongs.

, 77 Bongs

Types of Black Leaf Water Pipes

Now that you understand what black-leaf bongs are and how they work let’s look closely at what makes up an excellent black-leaf bong. First off, what material should it consist of? A great bong must produce smooth vapor without burning or heating anything beyond the necessary temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, tourmaline provides a clean hit each time due to its ability to release heat gradually, eliminating hot spots. Because of its lightweight and high thermal conductivity, tourmaline is usually combined with ceramic or plastic pieces.

These combine well to create a strong structure while adding stability during travel. You won’t see a lot of wooden frames because wood tends to hold onto carbon monoxide rather well.

The best part about black leaf bongs is they don’t require electricity or gas. Just fill them up with water, and you’re ready to go! So let’s talk about what happens next.

Let’s say you decide to make a trip to Amsterdam. What would you bring along to help you get stoned without dealing with the hassle of trying to roll joints or pack weed?

Most people outside the United States own a bong but lack the same functionality that black leaf bongs provide. So how could they possibly improve upon what they already have?

Enter the concept of concentrates. Concentrates refer to pure marijuana extractions found in oils, waxes, shatter, rosin, and hash oil. While several methods exist to achieve concentration, one involves distilling THC from plant matter.

Once extracted, users add water to the concentrate and inhale. These concentrate inhalers eliminate concerns regarding smell or taste and keep out unwanted particles, making them perfect for smokers looking to stay healthy.

Next, we’ll discuss how black leaf bongs produce vapor and what effects you can expect.

Efforts have been made to regulate the sale and distribution of black leaf bongs. Some states have banned sales altogether, while others have tried to pass legislation regulating the sale of these items.

Unfortunately, the laws surrounding these bans vary significantly between countries, states, and municipalities. For example, California passed Prop 19 in November 2008, allowing adults 21 and older to possess limited amounts of recreational marijuana for personal consumption.

However, since there isn’t enough regulation to prevent minors from purchasing these items, they remain illegal throughout the state. Therefore, it’s important to check local regulations before buying one online.


As previously stated, black leaf bongs typically contain three main parts: a base unit, a mouthpiece, and a tube. When searching for one, remember that you want to pick one that looks nice, fits comfortably in your hand, and contains minimal protruding areas that may cause burns or cuts.

Try visiting a reputable headshop to ensure your choice meets aesthetic and practical standards. Headshops sell accessories related to smoking paraphernalia and offer advice on choosing the right product.

Also, consider asking associates at head shops whether the item comes with a warranty against defective manufacturing. After all, you wouldn’t carry around a $50 flashlight with a broken bulb, would you? So, now that you have a basic idea of what goes into creating a quality black leaf bong let’s explore what it takes to enjoy yourself properly.

When selecting a piece, pay special attention to the shape of the glass chamber. Many manufacturers opt to produce square-shaped chambers. This is because square shapes tend to maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

On the downside, squares generally feature sharp corners and edges that may cut or irritate sensitive skin or mucous membranes. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem — rectangular tubes. Rectangular tubes tend to soften edges slightly and minimize discomfort during use.

Another option worth exploring is a double-cone bong, which combines the benefits of a single conical shape with that of a round bottom. Since cones naturally produce higher airflow rates than cylinders, this combination allows for more excellent airflow and less chance of getting burned.

Double cone bongs have wide bases designed to distribute heat evenly across the entire surface area. Finally, you may choose to invest in a percolator-style bong. Perc styles utilize small holes known as carburetor slots to control the vaporization rate.

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77 Bongs


We’ve discussed what goes into building a functional black leaf bong, but what exactly are they used for? Well, that depends entirely on whom you ask. Before we delve deeper into our discussion, briefly reviewing what a regular bong offers consumers is helpful.

As mentioned earlier, a bong functions primarily as a delivery mechanism. Generally speaking, the purpose of a typical bong is to draw smoke down a thin straw and direct it toward the user’s face. From here, the user exhales and enjoys the effects produced via cannabinoid receptors in his brain.

As far as black leaf bongs specifically, they function similarly. Users merely replace the standard perforated cap with a flat cap instead. Then, fill the remainder of the bowl with water and enjoy the unique sensations created by the tourmaline.

While everyone knows that smoking cigarettes cause cancer and heart disease, not everybody realizes that consuming edibles may lead to lung problems. So, what effect do black leaves produce? According to some studies, these bowls may alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Numerous individuals claim that black leaf bongs enhance creativity, aid relaxation, and enhance overall mood. But, of course, no medical claims should ever substitute for proper education. Always consult your doctor before experimenting with drugs.

How Does It Work?

Most people are familiar with how black leaf bongs operate, but not necessarily how they function. The process begins with filling the bowl with fresh cold water. Next, insert a large wad of herb directly into the center hole and tamp it firmly until it reaches the rim.

Usually, users prefer to employ a heavier dose of substance to experience maximum results. Once set, you begin blowing gently through the top opening. This motion helps force the water upward, producing a steady stream of vapor that carries the cannabinoids straight to your bloodstream. At this point, you can breathe normally once again.

There are a couple of ways to modify the process. Perhaps you desire thicker vapor. Or perhaps you wish to increase the temperature of the water. With some experimentation, you’ll soon discover infinite possibilities when dealing with black-leaf bongs.

My Favorite Black Leaf Bongs

Black Leaf’ Flaming Skull’ Percolator Bong – Blue Snake Tree Perc

Black Leaf Flaming Skull Percolator Bong Blue Snake Tree Perc, 77 Bongs

Using 5mm thick glass, this Black Leaf Glass Snake Bong has a blue-tinted ice section and a blue glass 3-Arm tree perc to ensure the smoothest experience.

It has an 18.8 joint hexagon foot and features the Black Leaf ‘Flaming Skull’ logo with a beautiful dichro marble embedded on the glass tube.
A stunning piece and a must for any enthusiast.

Size: N/A

Black Leaf Glass Bong – Golden Dragon Series (Ice Bubble)

Black Leaf Glass Bong Golden Dragon Series Ice Bubble, 77 Bongs

This Black Leaf Glass Bubble Dragon bong has a wide hexagon foot and bubble base for extra cooling water capacity, while the tube is decorated with a Chinese dragon.

Ice Notches are appropriately placed to capture descending ice cubes and apply their coldness to the drawn smoke.

The bong’s joint is 18.8, though the downtube that comes with it is a reducer, so the female joint of the downtube and the gold-rimmed bowl itself is 14.5.

Size: 45cm

Black Leaf Percolator Bong – Clear Double Dome Perc

Black Leaf Percolator Bong Clear Double Dome Perc, 77 Bongs

Using 5mm thick glass, this Black Leaf Glass Straight Bong features two clear glass dome percolators to smooth out that hit.

It has an 18.8 joint, ice notches, and comes equipped with a diffuser downtube. It has a small Black Leaf logo near the foot of the tube.
Quality glass at a great price.

Size: 60cm

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