Biohazard Bongs

Let’s talk about quality. We all seek things that would rate high in durability tests and alongside be efficient, look stylish, didn’t cost so much. Such a bargain is obviously hard to find, on every market. So what would be the closest match to that ideal if we’re talking about getting a bong?

You can easily recommend Biohazard Bongs in such cases, which are all about quality. Firstly, their tubes are made from borosilicate glass, which has proven to be the right material for solid bongs, so it’s really hard to damage. Considering style you got to appreciate how smooth they are, mainly because of tallness – Biohazard bongs reach 70cm, so it’s obviously one of the biggest around.

With that come many features, like three 5-arm tree percolators with 3 slot diffusion for a low-drag smoke, or ice notches to make the atmosphere a little bit cooler. Ashcatcher created with far recognition of art is a cherry on a cake. The price is just right, not too high, should be affordable for every bong lover around. Check out BioHazard Glass bongs for yourself, you truly won’t be disappointed with those quality bongs.

Cannabis smokers aren’t exactly known as being health conscious — after all, we’re talking about something most people have tried at least once. However, there are ways you can ensure a healthier high without sacrificing any flavor.

One way to do this is through vaporizing rather than burning your bud. This method has gained popularity over the past decade because it doesn’t burn off carcinogens like other methods. Unfortunately, many vapes still cause lung problems due to their design.

This led us to wonder whether you could use these same devices when smoking marijuana instead of using them as vaping machines. After all, if it works so well as a vape, why not just make it worse and turn it into a full-blown bong? We did just that, and here are 15 pieces of genius engineering brilliance that stand out above every other bong ever made.


Price: $110+
What You’ll Get: An adjustable glass dome that heats up water inside. Once hot enough, you can then add weed oil and enjoy the delicious experience of inhaling a controlled amount of THC molecules.

How Does It Work?: When you first take a drag off the volcano, you may notice that the heat feels warm but not too harsh. Then, when you exhale, you’re blasted with clouds of sweet smelling goodness straight into your lungs.

Dangerous Parts: Only the glass chamber is heated. If you accidentally touch the heating mechanism while holding it, chances are good that you’ll get burned. Also, the lava effect isn’t much different than what you’d see coming out of a candle flame. While it might feel cool watching a bubble rise upwards, it actually does very little cooling action. In fact, bubbles rising upwards create additional carbon dioxide for you to breathe in.

If you want to keep things safe, be sure to wear gloves whenever you hold onto the stem. Otherwise, expect to lose digits within seconds flat.

Mr. Bubble Buddy

Price: $25+
What You’ll Get: A plastic cup filled with boiling water connected to a pipe with air holes drilled around its edge. Take a hit, break open the bubbly lid, and voila – instant cloud production.

How Does It Work?: As soon as you crack open the lid, the boiling liquid will shoot jets of steam directly towards your face mask. These jets blast your lungs with thick wads of super humidified fog.

Dangerous Parts: Nothing. There really isn’t anything to worry about here except maybe having to clean out the hole on occasion. Just remember to wash your hands before taking another shot.

Super Soaker Water Pipe

Price: $20-$40
What You’ll Get: A clear acrylic piece that fits snugly over the end of a standard sized water pipe. Using the included attachment, you insert your own pre-rolled joint into the opening. Start puffing away, and watch your handiwork slowly melt into oblivion.

How Does It Work?: Like a bong, this product creates a misty spray of highly concentrated vapor that hits your nose right between the eyes. Unlike a bong though, the Super Soaker allows you to control the temperature of the water since it uses a thermostat to regulate itself.

Dangerous Parts: None whatsoever. This unit doesn’t even need cleaning unless you happen to drop it on the ground. For extra security, try covering it with tape.

Dr. Dabber DIY Smoking System

Price: Free
What You’ll Get: All parts needed to build your own personal dabbing machine. No assembly required.
How Does It Work?: Simply place your flower atop the jar, attach the metal nail to the base, screw in the carb cap, light it up, and wait patiently until it gets nice and hot. Now, suck down hard and prepare yourself for mind blowing euphoria beyond your wildest dreams.

Dangerous Parts: Not so fast. While it looks harmless sitting there innocently waiting for you to come along and give it a whirl, it’s important to know that dabs contain extremely hot temperatures that can easily reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that if you inhale a heavy dose of dabs, you risk getting second degree burns on your lips, tongue, and throat.

To avoid such fiery consequences, always consult a medical professional before trying to consume large quantities of weed. And never share your homemade rig with anyone else. Your life savings could depend upon it.

Lava Lamp

Price: $19.99
What You’ll Get: An amber colored ceramic lamp shaped like a cone with three tiny glowing candles perched atop it. On each side of the base, you find two small holes. One goes toward the bottom of the conical shape, where you put your lighter. The other leads up into the narrow portion of the cone. From here, you can simply blow into the protruding tip to direct a stream of superheated air towards your preferred target.

How Does It Work?: To activate the lava flow function, you must first apply pressure behind the burner bulb. Next, you adjust the controls accordingly to raise the flames higher. With no wind blocking your path, you won’t have to worry about wasting precious fuel either.

Dangerous Parts: The lava flow feature requires great care. Make sure to handle the flaming head with tongs and stay far away from the actual flame source. Be aware that lighters can ignite flammable gasses nearby, causing a house fire. Should this occur, you should immediately extinguish the blaze and call 911.

Koolerator Mini Water Cloud Machine

Price: $299.95
What You’ll Get: A simple yet effective water filtration system capable of delivering pure water vapor to your lungs. At the core lies a powerful submersible pump that continuously circulates filtered HHO rich water throughout the entire cycle.

How Does It Work?: Each time you draw a breath, the activated charcoal filters remove all bad tastes and odors. Afterward, the vapor travels through a series of tubes leading to the adjustable rubber mouthpiece. Finally, the purified water returns back to its reservoir via the return line. Repeat again and again… forever.

Dangerous Parts: There aren’t any. Unless you accidentally knock the contraption over, it shouldn’t pose any danger to your health. But please note that you should refrain from drinking any kind of beverage while operating this particular model. Doing so will result in serious stomach cramps followed by vomiting.

Sublimation Bowl Vaporizer

Price: $79+
What You’ll Get: A beautiful Pyrex dish with multiple perforations carved into its surface. Fill it with shredded ice and set it aside overnight. Come morning, you’ll discover a perfectly chilled mini glacier nestled comfortably beneath the rim. Light it up, grab a straw, and start sucking in glorious amounts of tasty frosty goodness.

How Does It Work?: By exposing plant matter to extreme cold, it converts the active chemical components responsible for producing psychoactive effects into non-psychoactive compounds called terpenes. Terpene crystals remain suspended within the fluid until you choose to expel those wonderful fumes into your mouth.

Dangerous Parts: Again, nothing here poses a threat to your body apart from possibly developing cancer later in life thanks to years of excessive consumption.

Vapshot II Digital Vaporization Device

Price: $199.98 + shipping & handling
What You’ll Get: A sleek black box equipped with dual LED lights, digital controls, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Open up the case, press play, and let loose with a massive cloud of pure THC goodness.

How Does It Work?: Similar to the Koolerator mentioned earlier, the Vapshot utilizes a submersible motorized pump to circulate fresh vaporized nugs throughout the system. First, the unit runs through a quick rinse cycle to eliminate excess dirt and ash particles. Then, the process begins.

Once complete, you’ll hear a loud humming sound accompanied by white noise. Keep going until you’ve sucked down a few big pulls.

My Favorite Biohazard Bongs

Biohazard Elite Glass Bong – 150mm Tree

Biohazard Elite Glass Bong 150mm Tree, 77 Bongs

Biohazard Glass Bongs are ideal for glass enthusiast who wants high-end quality at a more affordable price. Biohazard bongs are made from borosilicate glass, and everyone comes with a diffuser and bowl.

Biohazard Bongs are raising the bar in terms of quality with a reasonable price.

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