Biohazard Bongs

Let’s talk about quality. We all seek things that would rate high in durability tests and alongside be efficient, look stylish, didn’t cost so much. Such a bargain is obviously hard to find, on every market. So what would be the closest match to that ideal if we’re talking about getting a bong?

You can easily recommend Biohazard Bongs in such cases, which are all about quality. Firstly, their tubes are made from borosilicate glass, which has proven to be the right material for solid bongs, so it’s really hard to damage. Considering style you got to appreciate how smooth they are, mainly because of tallness – Biohazard bongs reach 70cm, so it’s obviously one of the biggest around.

With that come many features, like three 5-arm tree percolators with 3 slot diffusion for a low-drag smoke, or ice notches to make the atmosphere a little bit cooler. Ashcatcher created with far recognition of art is a cherry on a cake. The price is just right, not too high, should be affordable for every bong lover around. Check out BioHazard Glass bongs for yourself, you truly won’t be disappointed with those quality bongs.

My Favorite Biohazard Bongs

Biohazard Elite Glass Bong – 150mm Tree

Biohazard Elite Glass Bong 150mm Tree, 77 Bongs

Biohazard Glass Bongs are ideal for glass enthusiast who wants high-end quality at a more affordable price. Biohazard bongs are made from borosilicate glass, and everyone comes with a diffuser and bowl.

Biohazard Bongs are raising the bar in terms of quality with a reasonable price.

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