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Bubblers and Sherlocks are the most exotic smoking devices among bongs ever! Lovely colors mixed in magical swirls on glass take you to a fairytale land even before your first hit. For those who love eye candy, these will be perfect additions for their collection.

Bubblers are the most popular style of bong, and if you’re looking for a great waterpipe with a large bowl to get your fill on, look no further than this article. We’ll be taking a tour through some of the largest Big Bubbler (or “Giant”, as they like to call them) bongs available today.

 “I’ve got one word for you,” said my friend when he saw the first picture I took while visiting his home last week.”

‘Pimp.'” He’s right – there really isn’t much else to say about these beauties except “Wow!”

That being said, let me give you a quick rundown of what makes each of these so unique. Each has its own distinct design, but all use a simple concept: create bubbles! That’s it. But how do you go from just creating bubbles to making something cool?

Simple – add color. In addition to adding color, many have other interesting features or aspects such as glass designs, colors, mouthpieces, etc.

So without wasting any more time here we shall begin our journey into the world of the very LARGE BIG BUBBLER WATER PIPES.


This beauty comes straight outta Cali where it gets its name from the city known for its famous rollerblading scene. Now, don’t think because it doesn’t roll down hills that it can’t move mountains though. This thing packs quite a punch and does everything well.

It looks super clean which is always important, and also, it smells nice too. If you want a real taste of California then check out this bad boy. With two bowls, four different types of stems, and plenty of options, this baby will take care of your every need.

And if you ever feel like rolling downhill yourself, you can easily convert most of the components to work with standard pipes.

Nantucket Nautilus II

If you thought the Nautilus was small and cute, wait until you see the Nautilus II. Although it may not look like much bigger than the regular Nautilus, the Nautulus II still manages to pack a pretty good punch thanks to a slightly larger chamber.

Still only using a single coil per side however, this model is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for that extra bit of power. This particular version uses an orange stem instead of black, and although it won’t replace your old favorite pipe, it might make a nice little addition to your collection.

Snoop Doggster Big Daddy Classic Water Pipe

For those who enjoy an alternative type of smoking, Snoop’s new line of products offers up some rather innovative approaches to traditional tobacco pouches. One of their newer models, the Big Daddy Classic, combines a classic bongo shape with modern technology.

Like all of Snoops’ offerings, it is completely customizable and easy enough even for beginners.

Lavatools Large Mouth Lavar Bubble Blaster

When you hear the phrase “Large Mouth Lavender”, you probably immediately imagine flowers, especially lavender. Well, that’s exactly what this product does, it creates beautiful flowery colored bubbles that come shooting out in long strings.

These things aren’t particularly strong or powerful, but for someone who likes subtlety, this could be exactly what they were after. Also, since these suckers are relatively thick, they are perfect for people who like to hold onto the end of the device and keep themselves steady while inhaling.

Tahoe Tiki Giant Bubblebong

Not everyone wants to sit on the ground puffing away on a tiny bong. Some prefer standing tall, waving their arms proudly above their heads. Tahoe Tiki understands this perfectly, and created this amazing piece specifically for those wanting to stand tall amongst their peers.

A large bulbous base sits on top of three sturdy legs which support a wide mouthpiece. All of this combined allows for maximum air circulation while keeping the entire unit firmly planted on the ground. Not surprisingly, this sucker also works fairly well with a joint in hand.

Humboldt Woolly Mammoth Water Pipe

Woolly mammoths roamed North America approximately ten thousand years ago during the Pleistocene era. What better way to relive history than to recreate a woolly mammoth water pipe?! Humboldt designed this beastly contraption using authentic materials found in nature, including wood and stone from actual specimens.

Most importantly, it functions similarly to the real deal, allowing users to control airflow and draw in smoke quickly and efficiently. Since it resembles a typical water pipe, this thing is extremely versatile and user friendly. For those of us living outside of the US, shipping is free anywhere in the world.

My Favorite Big Bubbler Bongs

Inside Out Bubbler

Inside Out Bubbler 2, 77 Bongs

All Wizards used to have such artifacts, using them to gain more wisdom from the Sacred Herb. Whether you are an Experienced Smoker or just a Beginner, this Bubbler will be your magic friend for a long time.

Its design will bring you wisdom about the metaphysical inside of the Universe. Who knows, maybe Inside Out Bubbler’s power will help you find knowledge about the hidden features of the Universe.

Gain Wizard’s Wisdom by smoking Magic Pot in this Inside Out Bubbler!

Size: 20cm

Fumed Sherlock Bubbler

Fumed Sherlock Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Sherlock Holmes smoked pot. This just has to be true. Look at all the mysteries he solved with his bright and clear mind. There had to be some weed involved, I’m telling you! Now, look at this Bubbler.

“Sherlock in space” one might say. Cyber-Sherlock. Intergalactic Detective with his amazing pipe. Colorful and intriguing. Smoke with him, solve all the mysteries waiting to be revealed.

Size: 19cm Color: blue, green, red, yellow

Colored Bubbler

Colored Bubbler 2, 77 Bongs

Astral Creature, a combination of organic functionality and cosmic design. This alien came to Earth from far Galaxy, willing to smoke some weed with Terrestrials.

Will you become one of his friends and accept his invitation? He will take you far, far away from this earthly world.

You will visit some amazing worlds, inhabited by weird-looking, strange creatures. You will experience the experienceable!

Size: 19cm

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