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Big bongs deliver big hits, thus letting you get knocked out without wasting too much time operating them. They are much less wasteful than joints and much more excellent for showing off at stoner parties or simply on the shelf. Save your lungs, weed, and reputation!

In the 1960s, when smoking was a national pastime and marijuana use had just become decriminalized in California, there were few ways to enjoy pot besides inhaling it. Unfortunately, one of those ways was through an apparatus called “the big bong.” This article will explain what exactly is meant by this term as well as how these gadgets work.

­When you think about pipes for tobacco or cannabis (marijuana), your mind probably drifts toward cigarette-sized contraptions that look like they belong on another planet. But if you live anywhere near San Francisco in the mid-’60s, chances are good that you smoked something more significant than a joint — and you didn’t even have to leave your house to do so.

All you needed was a device known as “the big bong.”

Puffco’s Big Bertha ($149) looks more like a giant hand grenade than anything else we could imagine using for smoking marijuana. It has a 5-foot (1.5 meters) long hose attached to a bulbous bowl at one end. You can hold the other end between your mouth and nose while holding onto the stem, which extends out the back and allows you to control airflow into the bowl.

When you breathe, air enters the top opening and travels down the length of the tube until it hits the bottom, where it comes out of the side vent. If you want to smoke without exhaling, you’ll need a unique tool called a “cannabis inhaler.” Many smaller versions are also available, including ones designed specifically for children and women.

On the next page, let’s examine why people would choose such large equipment over a simple pipe. We’ll start by explaining how pipes function. Then, we’ll examine some of the advantages of the larger devices.

Finally, we’ll see whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of using them. After all, most people don’t consider the size of their bongs before buying them. Instead, they’re usually only concerned about quality and taste. You may be surprised to learn that the most significant factor determining success isn’t the product itself but who uses it.

How Pipes Work

Let’s assume that you’ve already decided to light up. Before you roll a single stick of incense, however, you should know a little about how cigarettes and pipes work to make informed decisions later. For starters, you need to understand that both types of products consist primarily of two primary components: Air and Smoke.

Both elements must travel through channels within the device to reach your lungs. Although pipes typically rely on gravity to send smoke down a chan­nel, modern electronic cigarettes often employ small motors inside the unit to propel the aerosol mist.

So now you know that pipes aren’t magical machines capable of producing clouds of ashless vapor. Instead, they transport burning material from one point to another via tubes made of Glass or metal. But, of course, not every method of moving air and fuel around requires a pipe.

Many smokers prefer blowing directly into their mouths instead of relying on any external delivery system. However, pipes are far less expensive to own and operate than blowers because they require almost no maintenance once appropriately cleaned.

If you decide to purchase a pipe, you might be tempted to grab whatever model catches your eye in the hardware store. But, unfortunately, selecting the wrong type of pipe can result in unpleasant consequences ranging from bad breath to lung problems.

To avoid making potentially dangerous mistakes, you should determine what kind of experience you’d like to have during your session. Are you looking for maximum flavor? Would you like to minimize the time spent passing hot embers between your fingers?

Do you plan to get high quickly and then go straight home? Once you narrow down your preferences, finding a suitable piece of gear becomes much easier. We’ll explore each of these options in detail on the following pages.

Although most users prefer to pack their bowls tightly, doing so reduces the surface area of the chamber, which means that the temperature rises faster. Also, packing too loosely results in lower draw resistance and slower draws.

Tightly packed chambers produce more significant amounts of tar, whereas loose structures allow more oxygen to enter the mix. Ideally, it would be best to experiment with several different designs to discover what works best for you [Source: Motta].

How Do You Dry Marijuana 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

The Big Bong

A typical bong consists of three main parts: a base, tube(s), and headpiece. Water pipes differ primarily from traditional ones in shape and drawing mechanism. Most models feature either a conic section (round dome with a hole cutout in the center), ballooned cone (a curved section with openings along the sides), or a bell shape (similar to a trumpet).

Some manufacturers incorporate multiple sections that taper gradually away from the front of the structure to create a swirling effect. These shapes help concentrate heat, increase turbulence and reduce condensation. Other features include holes drilled vertically (for additional airflow); perforations on the walls (to promote cooling); and various accessories such as stems, filters, screens, and mouthpieces.

Different materials serve as bases. Glass is the common choice among serious aficionados, although plastic is becoming increasingly popular due to its lighter weight and increased durability. Metal bases come in varying degrees of thickness depending on the manufacturer and price range. Each of these variations affects performance differently, so try experimenting with different styles until you find one that suits your needs.

Most bongs feature short connecting tubes. While shorter units provide better draw capacity, longer hoses enhance stability and longevity. As the name implies, headpieces attach to the ends of these tubes. In addition, most standard models feature a fixed ceramic disk or a removable silicone cover.

Ceramic disks sit under the bowl and act as reservoirs for heated embers. Silicone covers float above the flame and protects delicate tissue located underneath. Headpieces vary widely based on personal preference and budget.

An inexpensive option is a simple bamboo straw fitted with a ceramic disc. More elaborate offerings include adjustable vents, specialized tips, and multi-functional heads.

Smoking With a Big Bong

You’ve got everything ready. Now all you need is someone to share your joysticks with. Since the early ’70s, recreational drug enthusiasts have been enjoying themselves thanks to the invention of the bong. Whether trying to kick the habit or relax after a hard day, smoking weed with friends can be highly entertaining.

Not surprisingly, nearly everyone enjoys getting stoned together, regardless of age, sex, race, or social status. Today, millions of Americans consume cannabis recreationally, annually spending billions of dollars on illegal purchases. Luckily, legal alternatives, such as edibles and concentrates, have opened new doors for casual consumers.

People have discovered that consuming cannabis in nonconventional forms produces unique effects — sometimes even more potent than the original plant.

One reason bongs are so famous is that they enable users to maximize the potential of their weed supply. So put a regular joint burn down quickly, leaving minimal THC. However, a bong can keep the fire going for extended periods while maximizing THC output. In addition, because the bong operates independently from human intervention, you can pass joints from person to person without worrying about wasting precious bud.

Additionally, the average smoker consumes approximately half a gram of hashish per week [Source: National Organization Report], yet many experienced stoners rarely touch the stuff. By contrast, novice smokers generally consume more than twice that amount, meaning that sharing a bong with others cuts total consumption dramatically.

Lastly, since bongs are relatively easy to clean and maintain, anyone can participate in sessions even if he lacks extensive knowledge of proper usage techniques.

Of course, not everybody wants to spend hours waiting for their hit to arrive. Fortunately, newer varieties of bongs offer quicker highs. As a result, users can expect to feel the full effects of cannabinoids within seconds of lighting up. Moreover, the intense sensations produced by fast methods of ingestion mean that inexperienced consumers won’t suffer adverse reactions.

If you’re interested in discovering the fastest way possible to achieve peak euphoria, check out our guide on speeding up the onset of your high with medical-grade technology.

As mentioned earlier, many people prefer to set aside their pucks and suck on a direct source of nicotine. Yet despite being highly effective, conventional cigarette sticks pose certain risks. First, since they burn tobacco leaves, conventional smokes contain significant carcinogens and toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride.

Second, they lack alternative pathways for disposing of waste. As a result, people frequently develop bad breath and foul odors. Third, rolling creates harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to smog formation.

Legalizing marijuana production eliminates these issues. Commercial growers focus exclusively on cultivating low-THC cultivars that yield higher levels of psychoactive substances like CBD, CBN, and terpenes. Unlike traditional tobacco crops, these strains naturally eliminate VOC.

My Favorite Big Bongs

Conical Tubing Bong

Conical Tubing Bong, 77 Bongs

Well made firmly standing, this Bong is high and excellent. Big Pot Leaf shows the smoke the way. The direction is always upwards. Your lungs are where it’s going.

This water bong is inspired by nature and its power. This Water Bong is worth trying like a high tree with all its dignity and pride. Outstanding performance, excellent filtration – you will not be disappointed.

Size: 40cm

G-Spot Classic Egg Bong

G Spot Classic Egg Bong, 77 Bongs

This bong is so much bigger than I thought. It’s so nice. It may not be the most artistic bong, but it is made to get the job done, and man does it.

Everyone is so jealous of this bong, and the gold g-spot is excellent to get the ladies to smoke out of it. It clears out so nicely because of the big carb and huge water chamber. The best bong I have ever used and owned $300 bongs.

Size: 50cm

Double Colored XXL Bong

Double Colored XXL Bong, 77 Bongs

Woah, Dude!! This is da bomb!! Just fill the top with Ice and the bottom with water; that’ll be the perfect high. Extremely smooth and so powerful!!

Best of both worlds! And you can even smoke 2 people at a time; unplug the tubes from the top section! Enjoy if you have the chance!! -Dude

Size: 97cm

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