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The bongs on this list are all affordable and perfect for those who want to get high but don’t have thousands of dollars lying around. There’s no shame in buying an even cheaper one if your goal is smoking with water filtration! The models reported here perform well regarding smoothness, efficiency/forcefulness, and strength – so give them a try before investing more money into something that might not work as well or be strong enough anyway.

Water pipes have been around for thousands of years. Since the 17th century, people all over Asia and Europe have used water to heat cannabis Sativa (aka marijuana) into a potent form ready to smoke or vape. The problem was finding fresh, clean drinking water in remote areas where smoking weed is illegal.

That changed when some enterprising tinkerers figured out how to make an inexpensive water pipe using readily available materials like borosilicate glass and rubber tubing. Today there are dozens.

Smoking has long been associated with creativity, self-expression, and romance – but it’s also linked to lung cancer. In addition, tobacco use causes more deaths per year than alcohol consumption.

Thankfully, you can enjoy all these benefits without inhaling any harmful carcinogens by vaping instead, which uses heated vaporized liquids rather than actual burning solid matter.

But wait! If you’re looking to get high on something other than pot, you may still want access to legal THC and CBD. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds, thanks to modern technology. All you need is a little bit of know-how and some basic supplies.

And if you prefer not to do your welding work, we’ve covered you. There are tons of affordable water bongs on the market waiting for a person like yourself. Here’s what they look like and how to buy one today.

What Is A Water Pipe?

A water pipe is precisely what its name implies – a tube made from either metal or plastic through which hot air flows. But, as the term suggests, the bowl contains no liquid, only filtered cold H2O. This makes them ideal for smokers who don’t want their lungs saturated with tar or other nasty chemicals.

In addition to providing an excellent way to consume cannabis products, water pipes offer another significant benefit: They allow users to control the temperature at which they ingest the product.

Some come equipped with digital thermometers, while others rely on user preference. Either way, you’ll find that lower temperatures will produce more potent highs because cannabinoids take longer to break down in hotter conditions.

There are three main types of water pipes available:

Bubblers are small units typically found in bars or clubs. These tend to be very cheap and usually contain a single chamber. Users fill up cups or glasses with warm water before placing them under the bubbler so the vapors pass up inside the cup/glasses.

Bubblers aren’t suitable for home use since they require refilling every few minutes. Also, unlike most other models below, they cannot be vaped via traditional mouthpieces.

How Do You Know When Marijuana Is Ready To Harvest 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Vaporizers consist of two chambers separated by some filtering device. One side holds regular water, while the other side contains a substance known as terpenes, which enhances the effects of smoked cannabis.

These devices must be kept running constantly, or the vaporizer won’t function properly. On top of that, they cost significantly more than standard water pipes.

Tube Vapers are essentially miniature versions of full-sized water bongs. Instead of relying on a single hose, these smaller tubes feature multiple channels running straight down each unit’s length. Because they’re less expensive and easier to transport, many enthusiasts carry this equipment outside whenever possible.

While some manufacturers sell their products online, many popular brands operate retail outlets. Check your local area to see whether any stores near you stock them.

Otherwise, head over to eBay and Amazon. Remember that buying secondhand items off Craigslist could potentially put you at risk of getting ripped off.

How To Make Your Own DIY Water Pipe

Building your water pipe doesn’t involve much technical skill beyond putting things together correctly. So, for example, you should never cut corners by trying to save money on quality parts. While cheaper options might seem tempting, doing so could result in serious problems later on.

It’s best to spend the extra cash now and leave yourself enough room to upgrade if necessary. Plus, knowing that you selected the components closest to meeting your needs gives you peace of mind.

If you don’t intend to build anything too complicated, here’s a simple yet effective design that requires minimal tools and time to assemble. Follow the steps outlined above until step 9. Move on to the next section until you reach the end.

Step 1: Cut the 2×4 to size. Drill three holes approximately 8 inches apart along one short edge. Screw the board in place.

Step 2: Using the same template, mark and cut four additional strips. Glue the first strip directly behind the 4×6. Repeat this process twice more, resulting in five identical strips. Finally, glue the fifth piece between the remaining fourth strip and the baseboard. Use wood filler to cover exposed edges, so everything looks nice and flush. Let dry completely overnight.

Step 3: Once the material has cured, drill 6mm diameter holes about 20cm apart down both sides of the baseboard. Run lengths of flexible silicone tubing through those holes. Each hole should accommodate two separate tubes. Take care to seal the joints perfectly so that nothing leaks.

Step 4: Attach the bottom plate to the underside of the board. Insert the preassembled water tank upside-down through the uppermost hole. Then turn it upright so that the opening points toward the center of the board.

Step 5: Attach the middle plate to the opposite side of the board. Again insert the water tank upright and align it with the corresponding hole in the middle plate. Again, line up the openings precisely so that nothing gets blocked.

Step 6: Fill the tank with tap water. Measure and add a half tablespoon of dish soap to serve as the cleaning agent. Mix thoroughly with a toothpick and pour into the space beneath the water tank. Wait 30 seconds and wipe away excess fluid with a towel. Rinse again and repeat as often as needed until the surface becomes clear. Don’t forget to wash the tank afterward.

Step 7: Screw the handle securely onto the water tank when finished. Add sand to the mixing container. Stir well. Pour the mixture into a large bucket and spread it evenly across the entire surface of the water tank. Allow it to sit for 24 hours before repeating.

Step 8: Rinse the whole thing with a 50:50 mix of vinegar and salt solution. Dry the pieces with paper towels and coat them liberally with cooking oil. Set aside to cure for 48 hours before assembling the rest of your setup.

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77 Bongs

The Best Cheap Water Pipes Available Now

Now that you know how easy creating a homemade water pipe is, why pay $100+ for a fancy model when you can quickly cobble one together using everyday household objects? Unfortunately, despite many great deals, building a custom water pipe isn’t always feasible due to budget restraints.

For those purchasing good, functional water bongs, several reliable alternatives are available for reasonable prices. Here are just a few examples.

Tinker Nuts ($15): Made by the same team responsible for creating Tinkernut Vaporizers, these tiny gadgets provide intense hits within minutes. Just screw the included mouthpiece onto a Tinker Nut and start filling up. No special skills are required.

Rubber Ducky Bubblepipe ($35-$45 depending on the quality of mouthpiece): With a similar appearance to a cigarette holder, Rubber Duckie bubble pipes combine excellent performance with durability. Unlike most other competitors, these units do not include stems. Therefore, users must supply their own.

Cherry Blossom Deluxe RDA ($90): Cherry Blossoms’ latest creation offers superior airflow and flavor production compared to previous editions. Like the Tinkernut mentioned above Vaporizers, the Deluxe version comes with a built-in battery pack that heats up rapidly. You can charge the battery during breaks at school or work.

Kooler Kube ($30-$40): This compact water bong features a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that appeals to anyone who prefers to keep things tidy. Its removable stem allows you to switch between different-sized bowls.

Savage Dragon [No Longer Available]: Savage Dragon takes a page from old-school dab rigs and combines an adjustable concentrate reservoir with a stainless steel diffuser. Perfect for producing thick clouds of tasty concentrates, this versatile tool can also act as a portable oven for edibles.

Where Can You Buy Them?

Finding reputable sellers willing to deal with customers located nearby is pretty straightforward. But don’t expect to walk into a store and pick up whatever catches your eye right off the shelf. Most vendors focus heavily on marketing themselves as wholesalers, meaning they rarely bother stocking inventory locally.

However, many companies specialize in selling their wares exclusively to individuals in specific regions. In addition, many of these sites accept PayPal, making transactions quick and painless.

Others utilize services like Fiverr, offering buyers the chance to receive discounts from hundreds of freelancers. Lastly, some websites offer free shipping throughout North America and Canada.


With a couple of hundred bucks worth of elbow grease, you could become the proud owner of a high-quality water pipe tomorrow. Whether you go for a simple DIY project or splurge on something fancier, you shouldn’t face significant obstacles once you learn how to set up your new toy. Enjoy responsibly!

Acryl Bong Colored

Acryl Bong Colored, 77 Bongs

Acrylic Bongs are known to be practical and durable. They are also light, so it is easy to travel even with a big one. If you know that colors can influence and change your life, you will surely consider buying such a colorful and positive-looking Water Bong.

Acryl bong colored is a nice-looking, cheap bong that can give you lots of good puffs.

Size: 26cm

Rainbow Glass Bong

Rainbow Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

Rainbows have been amazing people for ages, and the stories and legends they created about this nature’s incredible piece of art are full of mysteries and magic. Rainbow certainly is magical.

Even nowadays, when we know how it appears, the experience connected with seeing the Rainbow is strong and unforgettable. Now you can add some magic to your smoking experience by choosing this Rainbow glass bong. Let there be color!

Size: 18cm

Bamboo Bong Bent

Bamboo Bong Bent, 77 Bongs

This massive Bamboo Smoking Construction definitely makes an impression with its size, as well as with natural design. Jungle Man once said: “Let your Bong be like a treehouse – grow high and make you remain high in the sky.”

And that is what this Bamboo Bong does. It lifts the smoke high through its wooden tunnel straight into your mouth and lungs. There is no doubt it is all-natural – the Bong and the smoke. Let smoking be natural all the time.

Size: 53cm

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