Affordable Water Bongs

The bongs on this list are all affordable and perfect for those who want to get high but don’t have thousands of dollars laying around. There’s no shame in buying an even cheaper one if your goal is just smoking with water filtration! The models reported here perform well when it comes to smoothness, efficiency/forcefulness, strength – so give them a try before investing more money into something that might not work as well or be strong enough anyway.

Acryl Bong Colored

Acryl Bong Colored, 77 Bongs

Acrylic Bongs are known to be effective and durable. They are also light, so it is easy to travel even with a big one. If you are aware of colors can influence and charge your life, you will surely consider buying such a colorful and positive-looking Water Bong.

Acryl bong colored is a nice-looking, cheap bong that can give you lots of good puffs.

Size: 26cm

Rainbow Glass Bong

Rainbow Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

Rainbows have been amazing people for ages and stories and legends they created about this nature’s incredible piece of art are full of mysteries and magic. Rainbow certainly is magical.

Even nowadays, when we know how it appears, the experience connected with seeing Rainbow is strong and unforgettable. Now you can add some magic to your smoking experience by choosing this Rainbow glass bong. Let there be color!

Size: 18cm

Bamboo Bong Bent

Bamboo Bong Bent, 77 Bongs

This huge Bamboo Smoking Construction definitely makes an impression with its size, as well as with natural design. I once heard Jungle Man say: “Let your Bong be like a treehouse – grow high and make you remain high in the sky”.

And that is what this Bamboo Bong does. It lifts the smoke high through its wooden tunnel straight into your mouth and lungs. There is no doubt it is all-natural – the Bong and the smoke. Let smoking be natural all the time.

Size: 53cm

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