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There are plenty of affordable bongs for those looking to get high but don’t want the expense or responsibility that comes with owning something expensive. The models reported below work well and will help you smoke efficiently while still providing strong hits, so there’s no need to invest more money if your goal just wants an enjoyable experience!

There are so many ways to get a great smoke, but nothing beats the traditional joint or bong. If you want something that’s affordable and functional, we’ve got some suggestions for you on how to make your own glass bongs with little effort.

When it comes to smoking marijuana and other drugs, there are two things most people agree upon: You need water (and sometimes ice) to help filter out harsh carcinogens in weed, and joints have been around forever — way before e-cigarettes came along.

The classic joint is still one of the best methods available if you’re looking for an effective, efficient way to enjoy pot without having to deal with combustion products like carbon monoxide. A lot of us prefer this method over alternatives like pipes because they work just as well at home, without any special equipment needed.

But if you don’t feel comfortable burning tobacco or simply want to take advantage of all the different types of concentrates now being produced by cannabis growers, creating your own pipe may be more appealing than buying prerolled ones from dispensaries. After all, making your own glass bong isn’t too difficult, and once you do, you’ll know exactly what goes into each hit.

The basic idea behind making your own glass bong is pretty simple: Take a small amount of loose leaf material (cannabis), put it inside a bowl covered by a screen made of either perforated metal mesh or tightly stretched gauze fabric, fill the space between those screens with sand and seal everything up using a silicone baking ring.

Then heat up the mixture until the rings expand enough to hold everything together. This process will cause the oil within the bud to become sticky when exposed to high temperatures, which allows the user to break off pieces easily.

Once cooled down again, these “sticks” can then be smoked through the bamboo tube attached to the top portion of the bong. There are tons of variations on this recipe, including adding specific herbs to flavor the smoke, such as lavender [Source: Cannabis Culture].

Some people even use ceramic bowls instead of plastic since they’re less likely to melt during a hot session. And of course, there are plenty of materials other than sand that can serve as packing agents for homemade bongs.

In our next section, learn about the tools and supplies you need to create your first bong.

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77 Bongs

How To Make Your Own Glass Joint

To start building your very own glass bong, you only need three items: loose cannabis plant matter, a grinder/shredder tool, and a container large enough to store them both. To prepare the buds, place several handfuls onto a clean cloth and run the tines of the shredder across the surface repeatedly until all leaves are shredded into tiny particles.

When finished, add the ground herb back into its original packaging. It should keep for up to six months if stored properly. Now that you have the basics down pat let’s move on to assembling the rest of the gadget.

One of the nice things about making your own bong is that you have complete control over every aspect of the project. For example, you could choose to go with a smaller diameter bong, which would allow you to inhale faster, or a larger size to maximize the effects.

Another option might involve going with multiple tubes rather than just one long piece. One person I spoke with recently told me she liked taking hits through a series of shorter glass stems arranged side-by-side, while another suggested keeping the overall length of the bong short by cutting holes into the sides of the base where the stem meets the bowl.

Experimentation is key here, and there really aren’t hard limits when constructing your own version of this classic device.

Regarding containers, you can find various sizes of jars, cans, bottles, etc., depending on how much room you think you’ll need. Many users opt to reuse old Altoids tin foil canisters, though you can also purchase specially shaped versions designed specifically for the purpose of storing your bong components.

Don’t forget to account for ventilation slots near the mouthpiece end of the bong, especially if you plan on heating anything above 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 C). These vents should flow fresh air throughout the experience, allowing you to stay calm and relaxed. Just remember not to pack the bong full of weed; otherwise, the whole thing won’t fit.

Also, consider whether you’d actually want to smoke from a regular joint or bong while trying out this experiment. Most people tend to favor the latter due to their greater capacity and ease of handling. However, the former has proven itself useful in places where access to a working source of flame is limited, such as concerts and festivals.

Now that you’ve assembled your glass bong and loaded it up with some good stuff, read on to learn what else needs to happen to ensure success.

What happens after you light up? Inhaling cannabinoids without inhaling combustion products is always preferable, but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean everyone who smokes can safely breathe easily. The problem lies primarily in the delivery mechanism used by conventional cigarettes, which creates aerosolized tar containing hundreds of toxic chemicals.

Marijuana smokers often encounter similar issues, mainly when smoking higher-quality forms of the drug. Luckily, innovations in engineering technology have allowed scientists to develop new vaporizers that convert solid herbal extracts directly into inhalable gas clouds free of particulates, eliminating the dangers associated with traditional smoking practices.

While these machines can cost upwards of $1,000, newer models include features like adjustable temperature controls, variable airflow settings, and built-in timers that limit consumption to certain periods.

Since the practice of medicalizing recreational substances was introduced in California in 1996, many states have passed laws legalizing alternative medicine therapies such as medicinal marijuana [Source: National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws].

As legalization becomes increasingly widespread, expect to see more sophisticated gadgets designed to meet individual requirements.

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Tips For Making Great-Looking Glass Pipes

After reading the previous pages, you probably realize that designing your own bong requires skill and expertise. Thankfully, with a few additional tips, anyone can produce a product worthy of passing down to generations.

First off, try not to skimp on your materials. Quality makes all the difference, so avoid purchasing cheap filters and bowls online unless you’re willing to live with mediocre performance. Good quality quartz works better than cheaper options, but you shouldn’t rule out non-quartz materials altogether.

Commonly seen among aficionados, acrylic is extremely durable and lightweight yet strong enough to withstand heavy use. However, be sure to select a transparent color because opaque colors absorb more heat. Finally, pay attention to details.

Consider investing in accessories like wide mouthpieces, rubber attachments, and specialized cleaning brushes. These extras increase functionality and aesthetic appeal, and they usually come included with readymade bongs purchased online.

Another important consideration is safety. Before firing up a prototype of your creation, test it thoroughly under controlled conditions. Run purified water through the glassware to check for leaks, then perform a leak-proofing procedure consisting of filling the bowl half-full of water, clamping the opening closed, and running warm tap water slowly through the apparatus.

Next, insert a single finger into the hole closest to the mouthpiece and pull upward gently for 10 seconds. If bubbles form anywhere inside, the item is leaking. Ideally, no pressure whatsoever should escape through the vent.

If necessary, apply tape around the edges to eliminate gaps and repeat the previous testing process. Always exercise caution when using potentially flammable liquids, and remember that mixing alcohol with THC is highly dangerous.

Never exceed legal intoxication levels; never attempt to operate machinery, drive vehicles, or handle firearms while stoned.

Once you’ve successfully created your masterpiece, congratulations — you deserve a treat. First, try out the results yourself. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the bowl, remove the bowl from the frame, fill the bottom chamber with water, replace the mouthpiece and reattach everything according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember to follow common sense rules regarding the proper operation, storage, and disposal. Enjoy responsibly!

Want to learn more about smoking marijuana? Check out the links on the following page.
Many bongs feature removable screens that can be cleaned using dish soap and a toothbrush. Be careful not to soak the porous material. Otherwise, bacteria may grow and contaminate the remaining contents.

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong 2, 77 Bongs

This Bong can be taken anywhere and is a real Smoker’s Friend. Small enough to put in your bag but powerful enough to make for a good smoke, this Small Glass Bong is effective and comfortable, and it makes your smoking experience nice and pleasurable.

With only 14 cm in height, this Water Bong is portable, so you can start planning your journey now. And, of course, don’t forget to add this Bong to your list!

Size: 14cm

Molino Mini Bong

Molino Mini Bong, 77 Bongs

Molino Glass is known worldwide for its great performance and materials and the smoking conditions it creates. Also, design is crucial for the creators of this Glass Bong line.

They have done some great work creating such simple yet eye-catching pieces of Bong Art. The Molino mini bong is nicely designed, practical in use, very portable, and very affordable. The smoke is great and puffs powerful. Go and get it!

Size: 12cm

Glass Bong

Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

This glass bong’s shaft curves the further it goes until it is at 45 degrees – the perfect angle for a perfect hit.

The double-bubbled base allows you to maximize the amount of water you can filter the smoke through.

Size: 17cm

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