Affordable Cheap Bongs

It’s true that bongs can be expensive, and to many light smokers or those who do not want to spend too much on a smoking accessory like a bong, one of many available nice, cheap bongs is a better choice.

There is no shame in buying a cheaper bong if your goal is simply to get high with help of water filtration.

The cheap bong models listed below are reported to perform well when it comes to smoothness, efficiency, and strength of hits.

If you’re in the market for a cheap bong, we’ve got your back. Here are some of our favorite affordable cheap bongs that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to smoking marijuana and other edibles, most people don’t want their bud blowing all over their clothes on a hot summer day.

If you live in an area where outdoor smoking is illegal, like I do, then buying a portable water pipe can be out of the question—and while there are many great options available, they usually cost hundreds of dollars more than what’s needed.

Luckily, today we’ll look at some of the best inexpensive ways to enjoy your pot without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for something specific not listed here, head into any city smoke shop and ask them specifically about what they have in stock!

There might even be an amazing deal going right now.
Here’s what we recommend for those who aren’t sure exactly how much weed they need.

Best Budget Water Pipe

The cheapest way to get high has always been with a bowl made from plastic, but as technology improves and prices drop, so does quality. In fact, these days you shouldn’t expect less than $20 per bowl. Our top pick is this one by Kaya ($14) which offers excellent construction and performance.

It includes a mouthpiece, making it safe enough for kids to use, and features large glass nubs that keep your hits clean and easy. This one also packs 20 draws, which means you’ll never run out.

This budget option isn’t just good because it costs next to nothing. What makes this particular model stand above its competitors is its simple design and straightforward operation. You simply put a small amount of herb inside the chamber, light up, inhale through the hose, and voila! Instant hit delivered straight to your brain courtesy of a highly effective vaporization method.

No messes, no fussing around trying to figure out how to hold it correctly, or whether you were burning yourself off too fast. Just relax and take your medicine. With this type of convenience, it should come as no surprise that Kaya Pipes have consistently ranked among the highest customer satisfaction scores in reviews across multiple platforms.

Kaya Pipes are available in four different sizes: 3/8th”, 1/2″ thick, 5/16″ thick, and 7/32″ thick. They each function similarly to the others, except the thinner versions tend to heat faster due to less material being used. As such, users will find themselves taking smaller hits when using thin bowls versus thicker ones, though both produce similar effects.

For example, the smallest size produces hits slightly shorter than an eighth-inch wide joint, while the largest will last longer than a full blunt. When choosing which size to buy, remember that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. While larger diameter models may provide higher THC content, the same cannot necessarily be said for thinner pieces.

Overall, however, the most important thing to consider is how long you plan to stay baked and how often you intend to partake. If you’re only planning to get stoned once every few months, go ahead and grab the biggest piece you can handle. However, if you’re someone who likes to dabble in recreational cannabis, stick to the thinnest possible choice.

The G Pen X CBD Vaporizer

G Pen products are known for producing consistent results thanks to their innovative vaporizing methods. And while anyone can purchase standard cartridges containing 100mg of pure cannabis oil, the company recently introduced two new types of vapes designed especially for patients seeking relief from various ailments.

One device contains cannabidiol, commonly referred to as “CBD,” whereas another uses delta 8 —an extract believed to contain therapeutic properties associated with terpenoids. Both devices feature discreet packaging that looks like regular vape pens, meaning patients wouldn’t feel uncomfortable sharing them with others.

G Pen’s newest invention is called the G Pen X CBD Vaporizer. According to the manufacturer, the unit works well for treating chronic pain and anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, seizures, nausea, migraines, arthritis, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, etc., as well as general relaxation purposes.

We tested the product ourselves and found that after several sessions with it, we felt significantly calmer and relaxed, but still able to concentrate and focus.

What sets the G Pen apart from other handheld vaping units is its ability to accurately control dosage strength based on temperature settings. Unlike traditional heating mechanisms, which rely upon convection currents generated between heated coils, the G Pen employs ceramic disc elements instead, allowing users to set desired temperatures via app controls.

Users can select from three presets ranging from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 F. Once selected, the system maintains steady temperatures for approximately five minutes before automatically switching to the next setting. Afterward, the display shows current temperature, battery life remaining, total number of puffs taken, time elapsed since previous puff, and estimated time until the next charge is complete.

Patients interested in testing out the G Pen X CBD Vaporizer should first consult a medical professional regarding potential side effects. Also note that unlike conventional e-cigarettes, G Pen products do not emit carcinogens and toxic chemicals.

You can preorder the G Pen X CBD Vaporizer directly from the website Prices range from $299 – $399 depending on quantity purchased. Shipping fees apply. Note: Currently unavailable outside of California.

Best Affordable Weed Vape Pen

While the majority of vaporizers on the market require users to fill cartridges with potent extracts, some manufacturers offer alternatives. These include vape pens, which utilize wax concentrates and shatter oils. Although these substances generally produce stronger highs compared to dry herbs, they pose unique challenges, namely finding a suitable delivery mechanism capable of extracting cannabinoids effectively from sticky concentrates.

Luckily, Greenboxx ($25), provides an ingenious solution. Instead of relying solely on gravity to push concentrated plant matter toward the heating element, Greenboxx utilizes a microcentrifuge tube equipped with a special filter.

Rather than having to worry about messy refills, cartridge replacements, clogged screens, or burnt lips, customers can rest assured knowing that their entire session will remain crystal clear while passing smoothly through layers of activated carbon and cellulose fiber.

Users familiar with alternative extraction techniques know that achieving optimal flavor and consistency requires precise temperature regulation. Unfortunately, most vape pens employ a single variable dial that allows users to adjust either temperature or volume independently.

But Greenboxx solves this problem by incorporating separate channels featuring independent dual digital displays. Each channel operates independently of the other and can be adjusted separately via buttons located on the exterior of the unit. Additionally, Greenboxx’ patented internal cooling fan ensures efficient extraction regardless of ambient room temperature.

Greenboxx is currently available exclusively in black color, but the company plans to introduce additional colors later this year including blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow. To learn more about Greenboxx and place orders, visit

Note: Currently unavailable outside of Canada.

Cheapest Portable Joint (or Spliff)

For years, aficionados considered the spliff to be the king of home grown blunts. Its signature appearance and versatility make it ideal for packing away and bringing along anywhere. Even though joints typically cost upwards of $15-$30 per pack, you can save money by purchasing loose tobacco rather than individual rolling papers.

A handful of brands sell loose tobacco blends priced under $10, including Skunk brand offered by Mr. Nice Guy ($9.99). Another popular option is Blue Dream by Kush Queen ($11.95). Not surprisingly, these deals are rarely advertised, so if you search hard enough, you could probably score one for free.

In addition to saving money upfront, loose tobacco gives smokers greater freedom to customize the kind of experience they prefer. Depending on personal preference, you can choose to roll your own tighter rips, or opt to split your leaves loosely to create a wider variety of shapes and styles.

Loosely rolled splits are preferred by experienced users and beginners alike, mostly because they allow for greater precision during preparation.

In terms of price point, loose tobacco is roughly equivalent to a half gram bag of high grade kief, which is the term describing ground up trichomes produced by strains of buds rich in resin. High resins yield dense vegetation and produce extremely strong highs.

Typically, a half gram of high quality kief yields 30% to 40% THC. On average, a half gram bag of loose reefer would retail somewhere near $100, but prices vary widely and fluctuate frequently according to demand. Some vendors sell loose weed for as little as $7.50, while others charge closer to $18.

Of course, you pay whatever feels comfortable to you personally. Regardless of price, this is one of the easiest ways to save money on weed, particularly if you already have a source willing to supply you.

My Favorite Affordable Cheap Bongs

Mini Molino Bong

Mini Molino Bong, 77 Bongs

Glass and cobalt when used together, create a distinguished combination. This Bong is very small and well-shaped. It stands out with its simple but elegant design and great smoking conditions.

This Mini Molino Bong is an example that Water Bong doesn’t have to be big to actually make you feel fantastic with just a puff. And another, and another… Even better, right? Smoke in an elegant way whenever and anywhere you want to.

Size: 11cm

Clear Acrylic Bong

Clear Acrylic Bong 1, 77 Bongs

Simplicity can be a huge benefit. This water bong shows how this claim works in reality. It’s clear, it’s straight, it’s simple. Yet, it’s very effective and easy to use.

The water doesn’t spill easily out of this bong. Made out of standardized bong parts including the metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base, this water bong will serve you well and long.

Size: 15cm

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

A tiny bong that packs a powerful punch. Stands at only 12 cm. Excellent balance. The base holds plenty of water. For excellent filtration. Its small size and affordability (in case it breaks en route) makes traveling with this baby bong ideal.

Size: 12cm

“This bong is the best on this site. I bought one a few days ago and it hits hard as hell. Don’t pass this one up, bigger isn’t always better. This one gets a 10/10!!!”

“10/10 Don’t let the bong’s size fool you. Great warm-up water pipe. Perfect bong. Don’t leave home without it.”