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Water-filtered bongs protect your lungs and make the smoke more palatable, so you need a lot less cannabis.

This is good for efficiency! The water filtration process also helps alveolar macrophages fight bacteria by filtering out toxins from the joints or blunt wraps before inhaling them into our bodies.

Water pipes are a great way to enjoy smoking cannabis but they can also be dangerous. We explain how water bong technology works and look at the types of acrylic water bongs available in today’s market.

For many years now, there has been an ongoing debate about whether it is legal to smoke marijuana in public places or not. Unfortunately, this issue cannot easily be ignored, as laws differ from country to country. However, a water pipe may be needed if you’re looking for something to do with your stash during those long summer nights.

These devices allow users to inhale hot vaporized liquid through their mouths instead of burning tobacco leaves or other substances. Although these products have been around since ancient times, modern-day versions were first introduced by Chinese drug dealers in the 1950s to bypass harsh bans placed upon them by local authorities.

Today, however, you don’t even need any illegal substance to use them – so why would anyone want to ban such harmless fun?!

If you’ve never used a water pipe before, you should start with some basic information regarding its operation. First up, though, let’s take a closer look at what a water bong is.

How Do Acrylic Pipes Work?

A typical water pipe consists of four main parts – two tubes (one inside another), a bowl connected to both ends of the inner tube, and a chamber that sits between the end of the outer tube and where the mouthpiece attaches. A hose runs down each side of the whole device.

When you attach the mouthpiece to the end of the hose near the bottom of the inner tube, air pressure builds up in the space between the outer and inner tubes. This causes the two sides to bulge outwards, creating a giant bubble.

As soon as you inhale into the end attached to the bowl, the pressurized gas pushes down against the inner tube’s walls, causing more expansion. If done correctly, the result will be like drinking directly from a firehose without getting burned! It doesn’t stop there, though, because when the user exhales through the same hole, the process reverses itself again and again until all excess carbon dioxide bubbles out through the top of the pipe and back into the atmosphere!

This style of water pipe was invented by Chinese criminal gangs who found themselves unable to make money selling tobacco leaf due to strict government regulations. So they decided to create a new product that could circumvent the law and offer consumers a safe alternative to traditional consumption methods.

These days, water pipes are much safer than ever before and provide an enjoyable experience rather than risking your life – although some people still insist on using tobacco leaves or other hard-to-obtain alternatives.

How Do You Make Cannabis Oil 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

What Are The Different Types of Acrylic Pipe Bongs?

Three styles of water bongs are currently being sold in shops worldwide. Each offers slightly different features and uses depending on personal preference and budget. We’ll go over all three below, starting with the cheapest version.

The “Dome” model is probably the most popular option among beginners. It comes complete with a dome-shaped plastic cover that fits over the bowl, which prevents unwanted mess and spills while allowing the user to concentrate solely on taking hits.

It does feature a small opening for fresh air intake, making it ideal for light smokers. Unfortunately, there is no built-in screen, but it does come with a cap filter system. Once you feel confident enough to try more complicated stuff, upgrading to the next level might be worth considering.

Next is our second choice, the “Creeper.” This is a smaller version of the model mentioned above but with less room for error. One significant difference is that this particular unit comes equipped with a removable cone shape mesh filter, allowing only the finest particles to pass through.

Finally, we move onto the third and final stage of progression, the “Gravity Box.” This is a fancy name given to the classic box design with holes drilled in the lid. Users fill the base with ice cubes and place the lid on top.

Then, they screw the whole thing together and run cold tap water up through the lid via a hose along the outside edge. After filling the box with ice, the machine becomes a mini ice maker. This is the highest-functioning model and is best suited for serious dabbers.

Is An Acrylic Water Pipe Safe To Use?

Although the dangers of water pipes are well known, many people disregard them completely. Many argue that water pipes aren’t harmful unless you fail to follow safety guidelines, while others claim that the risk factor is exaggerated and that they pose little threat beyond minor burns.

So, what makes us think that a water pipe is unsafe? Well, here are a few things to consider;
First, unlike cigarettes, you won’t get lung cancer from breathing cannabis smoke. Secondly, a water pipe isn’t killed you instantly like an oven fire. And lastly, most accidents occur when people put too much weight on them.

Anything heavier than 5lbs/2kg puts you at significant risk of breaking bones. Nowadays, however, most manufacturers produce lighter models specifically designed for recreational purposes.

So, with all that said, I’d say that if you’re already familiar with the risks associated with routine smoking procedures, you shouldn’t have any problems trying out a water pipe. Remember to stay within sensible limits and keep yourself away from open fires. Happy puffing!

The Best Waterpipe For You!

I hope you enjoyed reading my introduction to acrylic water bongs, and please share this article with your friends if you found it helpful. We know many other questions floating around out there relating to this topic. Until next time, happy toking!

My Favorite Acrylic Water Bongs

Acryl Bong Fluorescent

Acryl Bong Fluorescent 3, 77 Bongs

– The Bubble Grip Bong maximizes its water volume capacity with the broad bubble base.
– Also features raised grips on the shaft above the bubble for your fingers when you hold the bong.
The metal downtube, bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base are standardized bong parts.
– A simple but highly effective bong design.

Size: 26cm
Diameter: 38mm

Acrylic Bong With Bend – Transparent Blue

Acrylic Bong With Bend Transparent Blue, 77 Bongs

– Acrylic bong.
– Transparent blue.
– Bent design.
The metal downtube, bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base are standardized bong parts.
– A simple but highly effective bong design.

Height: 28cm
Diameter: 45 mm

Acrylic Bong

Acrylic Bong 3, 77 Bongs

Colored acrylic bong.
The metal downtube, bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base are standardized bong parts.
– A simple but highly effective bong design.

Size: 50cm

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