50 To 100 Dollars Glass Bongs

With a price range of $50 to 100, we were able to get some really nice and decent bongs. For those who want their cannabis experience but don’t have the luxury or desire for something super high-end yet still need durability & effectiveness this is an excellent choice!

The reported hits are strong enough that you’ll be satisfied with whatever level your budget goes into – no matter what it might total at purchase time (or even after). If there was one thing everyone could agree on though: You can never go wrong when buying yourself another grow journal as a gift idea.

There are a lot of glass bong options out there, but if you’re looking for something that’s affordable and well-made, this is the way to go. Most have adjustable airflow (and some even come with an optional fan), so you can find one that suits your smoking style.

If you’ve ever seen someone using a hand pipe or hookah while sitting in traffic on their scooter, then you know how versatile these devices can be when it comes to smoke delivery. They allow users to enjoy all kinds of different types of flower — from cannabis sativa to tobacco blends like Virginia Slims — without having to worry about inhaling other people’s secondhand fumes as they pass by.

What do you use them for? Smoking weed is already illegal in most places around the world, which means that any activity involving marijuana must take place where no non-users will see you indulging. And since many states won’t let adults legally purchase weed until 2018 at least, getting high in public isn’t really an option right now, unless you happen to own property in Amsterdam.

Maybe you don’t want to get stoned behind the wheel of your car, either. That’s why several companies began manufacturing bong alternatives called “water pipes.” These were originally designed to provide a safe alternative for smokers who wanted to indulge discreetly.

Nowadays, however, more and more Americans are turning away from traditional methods of consuming mary jane altogether because of its harmful effects and legal risks. This has led to an increased demand for glass bongs among recreational drinkers instead.

So, what exactly makes a glass bong better than a hand pipe or water pipe? Well, aside from being made entirely out of clear material, glass pieces also offer multiple levels of airholes, allowing users to control the amount of oxygenated vapor generated inside.

Unlike plastic pieces, which tend to break down quickly due to heat buildup, glass pieces remain strong enough to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to providing users with greater versatility when it comes to selecting different types of flowers and concentrates, glass bongs are also safer overall.

Users aren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals such as lead acetate and formaldehyde found in certain plastics used for making water pipes. Since they don’t produce clouds of thick smoke, they pose less risk to bystanders when compared to cigarettes. While not every piece of glass is created equal, here are a few models we recommend trying first before buying anything else:

Best Budget Glass Pipe ($40)

This cheap yet effective model was developed by California company Smokeology. It features two stems, each of which offers eight air holes arranged into four rows. The bowl itself contains 13 perforations, totaling 26 total air intake points.

Each stem houses three stainless steel coils, including one positioned directly beneath the bowl, helping regulate temperature during long sessions. You’ll receive everything needed to assemble this unit yourself, including detailed instructions.

Unfortunately, although it only costs $40, this particular product does feature a couple of drawbacks. First off, it doesn’t include a screen cap, which could prove troublesome for those who are sensitive to waxes and oils present in strains like Girl Scout Cookies. Secondly, the stems seem somewhat flimsy and easy to bend, unlike higher-end units.
Smoking Time: 6 Minutes/Bucket
Price: $39 -$40

Our next recommendation is another relatively inexpensive entry from the same manufacturer. Although slightly larger than the previous item, it still sports a sleek design and uses quality materials throughout. As opposed to the aforementioned model, this version includes a removable silicone screen cover, making it easier to clean after extended periods of time.

We think that the best part about this unit is its ability to maintain consistent temperatures, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Thanks to this feature, you should never experience difficulty maintaining focus on whatever task you may have ahead. Another perk worth noting is the fact that this unit requires less assembly time than its predecessor, taking approximately 10 minutes maximum.

One downside with this model is that it weighs nearly 5 pounds, meaning it might feel heavy over time, especially if you plan on carrying it everywhere with you. If you’re just starting out and looking for an affordable beginner starter unit, we highly suggest checking out our review of this product.
Smoking Time: 8 Minutes/Bucket
Price: $30 – $35

We saved our final pick for last because it represents the absolute pinnacle of glass bong technology. With a price tag hovering between $300-$400, this product belongs to the top echelon of premium brands available today. Made by renowned Canadian designer Dale Richey, this gorgeous piece utilizes ceramic filters and a special tube system to ensure optimal performance.

Like the aforementioned items, you’ll need to complete very little assembly work once you open up the packaging. There’s also a handy LED light built into the base, letting you keep track of your session’s progress via timer or stopwatch. Finally, this model boasts a unique double-layer coil design featuring both primary and secondary heating elements positioned below the filter plate.

Overall, this unit provides unparalleled versatility thanks to various customizable settings. It’s not uncommon to run into individuals who prefer vaping rather than smoking fresh buds, particularly if they live in areas where doing so remains against local laws.

Thankfully, this unit lets you choose your preferred type of concentrate — whether it’s hash oil, shatter, dabs, budder, etc.— along with a specific THC percentage. What’s even cooler is that you can adjust the temperature based on personal preference, ranging anywhere from 350 F to 500 F.
Smoking Time: 4 Hours/Bucket
Price: $350+

As far as affordability goes, most of these products fall within the range of 20 dollars to 50 dollars, depending on size and accessories included. Of course, prices vary greatly across online retailers, so make sure you shop around. Once you settle on a budget, make sure to check out these tips for finding deals on eBay.

And remember, purchasing a new glass bong shouldn’t necessarily mean shelling out thousands of extra bucks for fancy upgrades. In fact, we often encourage folks to try experimenting with cheaper, smaller versions first.

Afterward, if you decide to upgrade later, you can always customize your setup further to fit your needs. Just bear in mind that more expensive models generally perform much better than lower end ones, offering superior durability and longevity. So whenever possible, opt for bigger and badder.

What About Water Pipes?

Although not technically considered bongs, we felt it necessary to mention water pipes anyway. Water pipes utilize tubing through which liquid passes under pressure, creating warm air currents known as convection currents.

These units typically operate at low temperatures and produce puffs of thick vapor instead of a cloud. However, they are becoming increasingly popular among experienced consumers nowadays, mainly because they serve as excellent practice tools for beginners interested in improving their technique.

Before diving headfirst into the world of glass bongs, it would help to understand how these things actually function. Basically, when heated properly, hot gases escape through tiny cracks known as airways located near the bottom of the device.

When drawn into the mouthpiece, these airwaves effectively direct incoming air toward the lungs, ensuring that none reaches the atmosphere. Some people claim that the resulting hit tastes similar to freshly picked herbs straight from nature, whereas others argue that the process produces harsh chemical burns. Ultimately, choosing between these two extremes depends largely upon personal preferences.

Looking For Something Unique? Try A DIY Project!

While most manufacturers strive to create the perfect blend of portability, functionality, and aesthetics, it’s important to note that anyone can build his or her own functional smoking apparatus. Many enthusiasts have turned to YouTube videos featuring step-by-step guides detailing how to construct their own makeshift glass bongs.

All you need to do is gather the proper supplies, spend an hour learning basic construction skills, and follow the provided directions carefully. Depending on your knowledge level, you may require assistance from friends or family members. In the case of extremely simple projects, you may even be able to skip the intermediate stages completely and jump straight into building the finished product.

Some common ingredients you’ll need include acrylic sheets, metal rods, PVC plumbing parts, rubber gaskets, nuts, bolts, glue, sandpaper, paint brushes, pliers, scissors, wire cutters, tape measurers, drill bits, safety goggles, gloves, cutting mats, caulk, and wood filler.

Once again, we stress the importance of cautioning newcomers against attempting complicated tasks alone. Even though it takes a short period of time to learn how to put together a decent project, it’s imperative to seek professional advice from skilled craftsmen prior to beginning any kind of home improvement undertaking.

Additionally, if you’d like to avoid dealing with toxic substances, consider opting for a kit made specifically for medical purposes. Such kits usually consist of reusable components intended for patients needing wound care and respiratory therapy.


Voyager, 77 Bongs

The “mother” of all bong designs!
The marijuana plant motif has been a Magic Glass classic since 1995.

14.5mm Join
Height: 35cm
Diameter: 44mm
Glass Thick: 3.2mm

Ice-Tower II

Ice Tower II, 77 Bongs

Magic Glass Bongs are not mass-produced glass bongs.

These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass under the highest quality standards. All bongs are tested before despatch.

These are top-quality glass bongs made in Germany.

14.5mm Join
Height: 62cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 2.8mm


1000 1, 77 Bongs

Magic Glass Bong Magic SuperKick
Speed Chills.
– The superkick hole makes for smooth smoking and easy inhalation. No more wet thumbs!
– Magic Glass Bongs are not mass-produced glass bongs.
– These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass.
– Under the highest quality standards.
– All bongs are tested before despatch.
– These are top-quality glass bongs made in Germany.

18.8mm Join
Height: 50cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

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