50 To 100 Dollars Cool Bongs

It’s hard to find a bong that will suit your needs at $50-$100. It may seem like an impossible feat, but we’ve done it! Our team has narrowed down the best models in this price range and selected them for you based on durability as well effectiveness- so whether or not they are top-of-the-line products matters less than how long these pipes last before breaking.

Glass Ice Bong

Glass Ice Bong 1, 77 Bongs

This partly frosted glass Ice Bong is a perfect smoking device for those of you for whom using ice for filtrating and making smoke even more pleasant is a priority.

The tube is high and thick, which makes it a perfect size tunnel for smoke to travel and gain its speed. There is plenty of space for ice so that every puff will be of exact temperature and consistency.

You should also pay some attention to the design of this Glass Bong, for it really is original with its areas of frosted and plain glass placed together and creating interesting geometrical shapes.

Height: 45cm


Flash, 77 Bongs

Bob Marley is THE icon for everything reggae, Rasta, and of course smoking “herb” man! Now he lives again on our bongs as well as in our hearts.

18.8mm Join
Height: 43cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

Voyager Cat Eye

Voyager Cat Eye, 77 Bongs

“Your bong is watching you”
Super cool cat-eye bong from Magic Glass!

18.8mm Join
Height: 35cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.2mm

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