25 Crazy Shaped Bongs and Where to Buy Them

25 Crazy Shaped Bongs And Where To Buy Them 1024x536, 77 Bongs

The trend of smoking bongs is seen in how people smoke them and make them. There are many types, styles, and shapes of bongs out there. Which one will you use? Truthfully, choosing a bong can be very difficult. You must consider weed type (Indica vs. Sativa), how often you smoke if you’re smoking alone or with others, and factors like that. So, let’s just get started with the list.

Straight Tube

This style of a bong is usually found to have a 90-degree angled joint at the bottom of it. It shoots down into a nice-sized cylinder and then shoots back up again for more filtration and smoke cooling. You can buy them ready-made or make them yourself.


Due to its popularity, even big-name brand companies such as Empire Glassworks and WeedStar offer herb grinders that look like donuts. Just like with the mini bongs you can buy at headshops, these also attach to joint-size tubes that fit into the top of your actual bong. Most of those mini types work by having a hole at the bottom and attaching it to a tube with holes on each end. Of course, not all donuts come with this attachment, but if you plan on getting one for daily use, we strongly recommend spending extra cash and getting an attachment with it to save money in the long run.

Upturned Pyrex Rollie

As far as bongs go, these are very rare to find for sale online or in headshops. They’re made the same way as a traditional straight tube but what sets them apart is their tiny base that looks like an upturned pyrex bowl. This shape allows the smoke to accumulate under all of its weight, creating enough pressure to flow up through your down stem and into your water-filled bong, where you can rip it at your leisure.

Double Bubble

Similar to other shaped bongs, these are cut with two separate chambers attached at one end by a single neck/tube that runs through both chambers. The idea was to make it easier for two people to smoke at once (using one bowl) because you can put water in each chamber separately, and they will never mix.


The jellyfish is a combination of all your favorite bongs combined into one fantastic piece! It has a curved tube that acts as your downstream, multiple holes on the bottom, and usually has an ice catcher attached to it as well. The curved shape adds style points, but it is careful not to knock it over by mistake because there’s no way you’ll be able to pick it back up again.

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Ice Notches

These don’t offer anything other than aesthetics, but for those who are particularly picky about how your bongs look, this one is definitely for you. The design itself isn’t functional, but what it lacks in function makes up for its form.


Stems are a great accessory if you’re looking to upgrade because they cut down on the amount of water that will come out through your mouthpiece, giving you a bigger rip every time! Great for sharing with others because each person can have their chamber to pull from, significantly reducing cross-contamination.

Flared Top

A flared top offers more room for packing, so if size matters to you, they will keep an eye out for these.

Coconut Style

A traditional coconut bong is just like a jellyfish but with a cone piece on top instead of ice notches. This allows the smoke to accumulate under its weight until it has enough pressure to flow up through your down stem and into your water-filled bong, where you can rip it at your leisure.

“L” type

This unique shape was designed with portability in mind because it’s much easier to store than most, if not all, other shapes out there. It looks like an “L” with two separate chambers attached by one neck/tube that runs through both chambers. The opening on each end also gives you more options for mounting, which adds another benefit to the equation.


These bongs can come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re made from silicone, wood, or glass, so you can stretch them out to whatever size your preference is.

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Mini Ice Notches

If you don’t like the idea of having ice notches on your regular-sized bong, then don’t worry because companies are now making mini versions that look just like them.

Straight Tube with Ice Catcher

Ice catchers make your bongs more enjoyable because they allow you to add ice cubes without worrying about them dropping all your sweet smoke when they melt.

“T” type

It is similar to the “L” shape but has a smaller base that doesn’t require attachment ports, making it 100% portable and discreet! The design isn’t functional, but it makes up for its form that lacks function.

Dab Rigs

This is like smoking out of any other bong, except instead of having a bowl piece on the bottom, you have a nail made from ceramic, titanium, quartz, or glass.

Glass on Glass

This is just as it sounds. The base is made of glass, and the tube is made of glass! The benefit to this design style is that it will never scratch the piece underneath, so there’s no need for a protective resin cover which you can find with other bongs if you prefer them.

Three Chamber

This rare design features three chambers at each end and one in the middle. They were initially designed for people who wanted to pass around their bong but had problems circulating enough smoke through its water level until now! It also offers two mouthpieces, of course, but the chamber in the middle is meant for ice if you choose to use that piece.

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“T” Ice Notches/Foot

Because this design feature was made to look like an ‘L’ shape (with two chambers), it only makes sense that they would include the mouthpiece, right? Also known as a ‘foot,’ this type of bong has one at each end to decide which works best for you! If you want your bongs to be more than just functional, these are the types to go with because they’re beautiful and offer additional perks for both portable and non-portable options.

Triple Recycler

This is another option strictly for functionality rather than beauty. This design features three water levels, hence the name ‘recycler.’ The first level is for cooling smoke before it goes into the second chamber, where more water cools it again until it’s nice and smooth. It then gets pushed through to the third chamber at the bottom, where it waits until you need another hit.

“F” Shape

This one was designed with aesthetics in mind, so if you want something that’ll look good on display while still being functional, this might be a bong design for you! You have a mouthpiece at either end, so there’s no need to decide between them, but the main difference from other shapes is a percolator located near a chamber at one of its ends.

“F” Ice Notches/Foot

Because this design feature was made to look like an ‘L’ shape (with two chambers), it only makes sense that they would include the mouthpiece, right? Also known as a ‘foot,’ these are 100% portable bongs, so you’ll never have to worry about them not working.

Dual Recyclers

So far, we’ve talked about recyclers with one water level, but this design has two, which will allow you to hit your bong twice before clearing each chamber, so if you want something that’s going to work hard, then look no further than the dual recycler! This is definitely for people who can’t use ordinary everyday materials because these designs are made with the most advanced materials.

Dual Chamber

This design type is pretty straightforward; it’s got two chambers but what sets them apart from other bongs and makes them unique is that they’re stackable! You can buy a base model and then add an accessory chamber to it when you want more smoke-cooling capabilities, which you can remove by removing a few screws! This type’s versatility will ensure that your bong will always have a place in your collection, no matter how large it gets.

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Triple Chamber

If the dual recycler is the Ferrari of bong designs, this design must be the Lamborghini because it features three water levels for even more smoke-cooling capabilities! The best part about this design is that it’s eye-catching and functional, so you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing one for the other if you decide to go with a triple chamber bong.

Multi Recycler

This design features more chambers than any other type, which means more smoke-cooling capabilities and the ability to clear out each chamber before going on to the next. However, no matter how many chambers a bong has, they’re still recyclers at their core, aren’t they? These designs feature fan percolators, ice notches, and even acrylic stems giving them a lot of different perks depending on what kind of smoking setup you prefer!

Where To Buy Them

The bongs in this list can be found on sites such as:


All in One Smoke Shop

Smoke Cartel

Glass City Pipes

You can find a wide selection of glass bongs for sale online, and the great thing about buying one is that you may end up with a unique piece.

These weed paraphernalia make great conversation pieces; if you want something to attract attention to your living room or den, look no further than these shapes. You will love the creativity and uniqueness of each product that we’ve highlighted in our list today.

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