200 Dollars Plus Glass Bongs

200 Dollars Plus Glass Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

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The perfect glass bong can be modified to fit your needs. From simple water pipes to more complex designs, you’ll find a 200-dollar glass bong here.

If you’re new to cannabis consumption, there’s no better way to get started than with a cheap and easy-to-use device like a glass bong. It doesn’t matter if you buy it or build it yourself – they all work similarly.

With so many different models available from which to choose, we’ve compiled some of our favorite high-quality glass bongs for under $200. These great beginner products will help you explore this wonderful hobby without breaking the bank. We have also included several other devices, such as an ice chamber, air filter water pipe, and dab rig!

What Is A Water Pipe?

Before I explain what these 200-dollar glass bongs do right, let me explain exactly what a water pipe is used for. This is the most common type of marijuana smoke machine found at dispensaries everywhere.

They consist of two parts: a bowl (usually made of plastic) where you put ground-up bud and a tube attached to the side where you inhale. Then, you hold down on the mouthpiece while sucking in cool fresh air until said air passes over the heated bud placed inside the bowl.

Once the hot gases hit the herb, the vaporized THC rushes into your lungs, causing euphoric effects. Simple enough?

Simple Glass Water Pipe

For those who don’t know how to roll their joints, a basic glass water pipe will probably appeal the least to you. If you want something small that works, then look no further. This thing gets the job done but lacks any customization options.

Just fill it with shattered, crumbled buds and go. If simplicity isn’t your style, keep reading because this design has some exciting variations.

This model comes from Head Space, selling only premium headgear explicitly designed for stoners. Not only does it come complete with a nice carrying case, but it looks downright classy too. For $60, you won’t see another piece of glass pipe as good-looking unless it was custom-built by someone like you.

While not quite as stylish as the previous product, it still has many features worth considering. First is the ability to change colors using proprietary “colorshift technology,” meaning you can match this contraption to whatever color scheme you prefer.

There’s also a temperature-setting dial for heat control and a handy little nubbin to control draw speed. Finally, you may notice when taking a drag that the lighter end has been removed, leaving only a single hole. This allows you to take smaller hits since less smoke enters your body per pull—a solid choice for beginners.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves, so you might have trouble finding them anywhere.

Water Pipe With Air Filter & Ice Chambers

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s move on to slightly fancier varieties of water pipes. One example would be this next entry which combines the best elements of both styles discussed above. However, this one uses a removable screen to allow filtered cold air during draws instead of being wholly sealed like a typical glass water pipe.

Like a regular glass bong, you replace the screen once every session. The downside is that removing and replacing screens on a water pipe requires a bit of practice, and getting your timing wrong could result in unwanted warm gas entering your lungs.

Still, it makes drawing easier, tastes better, and leaves far fewer toxic fumes. So while it’s certainly more complicated than a standard water pipe, it’s worth learning about if you plan to use it regularly.

Another popular variation on this theme is adding an insulated section between the main chamber and the carb cap. This keeps things warmer longer and helps prevent condensation buildup.

Again, it takes a few tries before you learn how long each puff should last, but it becomes second nature after doing so. Some people also cough due to excessive moisture buildup and carbon monoxide poisoning.

So again, this is an advanced feature you shouldn’t consider buying without first giving it a try.

How Long Is Cannabis Oil Good For 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Glass Water Pipes

So now that we’ve covered some higher-end alternatives, let’s talk about cheaper ones. Most of these are generic and offer nothing unique except a fancy label. Unless money is no object, you’ll probably want to skip past these unless you live near a dispensary.

Big Daddy Classic Pipe

One of the simplest and cheapest bongs ever created, Big Daddy classic pipes were initially intended as a tool for producing thick clouds of dense hash oil back in the 1970s. Today, however, these bad boys are widely known as among the best budget water pipes around.

Place your chosen herb into the top half of the bowl and press firmly against the bottom half, which acts as the valve. Now suck in a deep breath and enjoy the taste of fresh mountain dew.

These babies aren’t very attractive or impressive visually, but don’t worry – that’s why they cost so little. Also, note that the stem must remain upright; otherwise, it won’t function properly. Overall, they’re a fantastic deal and a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of weed tools.

Discussing expensive items without including a couple of low-cost gems wouldn’t feel right. This Aero Bubble bong incorporates a unique nozzle system called Aerocannula that creates bubbles to reduce density and maximize flavor.

Since it relies purely on atmospheric pressure rather than a vacuum pump, it produces minimal harsh exhaust. Best of all, this particular model costs only $30! Less than the price of some fancy pre-rolled joints!

Finally, my favorite item on this list is the Smokator X2 Pro. It offers everything a severe smoker could ask for: precision controls, adjustable airflow settings, multiple ways to customize temperature, an LED display showing the current time, battery life remaining, etc.

However, it falls short in terms of aesthetics. Even though it’s shaped roughly like a cigarette holder, it looks bizarre sticking straight out of the wall. Fortunately, it fits nicely underneath an outlet plate.

On the downside, it tends to run on the hotter side of things, so you must compensate for this by adjusting the temperature accordingly. Thankfully, it includes a separate switch for cooling mode. Otherwise, it’d quickly burn your hand away, attempting to adjust the temp setting. That aside, it packs tons of functionality for such a tiny package.

Smoking Weed In The Office Without Getting Caught

There’s never a dull moment when consuming illicit drugs. Whether you’re trying to stay inconspicuous while working late, hiding it from your boss, or avoiding detection by law enforcement, having the proper equipment is essential.

Luckily, none of the devices listed above require anything more than a strong desire to partake in this fun activity. Enjoy responsibly!

Do you want to purchase a glass bong online? Check out Dank Depot for excellent deals, ranging from rolling papers to grinders. Or, if you prefer to deal directly with manufacturers, check out Strain Hunters for fantastic prices on various types of concentrates. Happy 420!


Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have gained inspiration to become interested in becoming a professional pothead someday. As always, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. How did you discover this site today? What sort of stuff do you currently consume? Would you recommend any specific products mentioned above? Hit the forum link below and speak your mind!

Ticket To The Universe

Ticket To The Universe, 77 Bongs

“Size Matters”
This great Bong takes your breath away.

Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters!

18.8mm Join
Height: 65cm
Diameter: 70mm
Glass Thick: 5mm

4000 Lift Off

4000 Lift Off, 77 Bongs

Magic Glass Magic Giants lift off
“Size Matters”
– Liftoff version.
– Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters.
– Magic Glass Bongs are not mass-produced glass bongs.
– These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass.
– Under the highest quality standards.
– All bongs are tested before despatch.
– These are top-quality glass bongs made in Germany.

18.8mm Join
Height: 64cm
Diameter: 70mm
Glass Thick: 5mm

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – The Blingpin

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 The Blingpin, 77 Bongs

Standing just under two feet tall (22 inches / 55 cm) and weighing an impressive 1300 grams, this is a fantastic piece of glass.

Its weight, combined with a large base, makes tipping this excellent bong extremely difficult. Very little worry about breakage. The RooR’s shaft is an incredible 5 cm thick.

With a gorgeous white RooR label etched beautifully up its neck, 24-karat gold-coated ice notches, and the artist’s signature. Up to eight standard ice cubes can be thrown into the RooR’s shaft. Its extra-large base holds plenty of cold water.

Making for an incredibly sweet, easy inhale. The RooR delivers heavy hardy tokes, but the filtration system ensures cool, clean smoke. The expensive price tag ensures exclusivity. Meaning this gem of a bong won’t be in everyone’s home.

Size: 55cm

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