20 To 50 Dollars Water Bongs

Well-made and durable bongs are the perfect accessory for any smokers out there. These high-quality pieces have been tested by our team of experts, who reported that they’re effective in delivering strong hits! We would like to thank everyone who helped make this report possible – enjoy your new glassware today!”

Metal Bong

Metal Bong 1, 77 Bongs

This big and solid bong is metal-made, which makes it very durable. The smoke travels between metal walls and gets stronger.

Now your smoke will give you even more amazing mind states thanks to metal energy. Think about metal things: music, swords, constructions -they are all connected by their strength.

Why don’t you try to smoke in a Metal Bong, and give your smoke some extra power? Offered in different colors, it looks cool, works fine, and is affordable for all you pot smokers.

Size: 26cm

Bonbong IV Pre-Cooler

Bonbong IV Pre Cooler, 77 Bongs

If you want to make your smoke even more cool and mild, you should think about using a pre-cooler. This device works as an expansion of Magic Glass bongs with an 18.8 connection.

It makes your smoking experience more delicate and comfortable than ever. And when despite using a pre-cooler and nice Magic Glass Bong you add some ice to your Bong, you will be in heaven. Guaranteed!

Mr. White

Mr. White, 77 Bongs

Made in Germany from the finest borosilicate glass, meeting the highest quality standards, Magic Glass Bongs are the best choice of Water Bongs.

This Water bong is not an exception. It is really well made, perfectly designed, and serves with smoke of great quality. A wide water chamber and long tube provide great filtration of the smoke. This Water Bong is highly recommended for all Cannabis Connoisseurs.

Height: 26cm
Diameter: 36cm
Glass Thick: 2.8mm

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