20 To 50 Dollars Marijuana Bongs

20 To 50 Dollars Marijuana Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

The report of tested bongs in this price range found that they are nicely shaped and well manufactured. They also have good glass quality, which makes them durable as well!

When it comes to smoking marijuana, bongs play an important role. If you’re looking for a cheap or inexpensive way to get high and need something that won’t break the bank, these 20-50 dollar bongs will do just fine!

You’ve smoked pot before—whether with friends, in college, when your first boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you (but only because they didn’t), etc.—and have probably experimented with different ways of getting stoned.

What is the most common method? Smoking joints and passing them around is like some kind of social disease. But another option out there may be more fun than traditional methods: using one of many bongs on the market today.

Weed smokers are often divided into groups: those who prefer edibles over concentrates and those who opt for dabbing instead. Dabs offer better highs but also come with their own risks, such as lung problems due to the harsh solvent used.

On top of all this, you’ll still encounter people who insist on going old school by smoking joints, despite how much we’d love to move away from this practice. A $15 joint is pretty hard to pass up for someone who prefers edibles.

If you’re looking for something cheaper while avoiding the hassle of dealing with loose cannabis leaves, consider purchasing a bong. Although not quite as efficient at delivering THC to your brain as concentrates or vaporization techniques, bongs can provide you with a nice buzz without worrying about any lingering smoke residue. This article features several affordable options, ranging in price from under $10 to over $200.

Before diving into our list, remember that the following products aren’t meant to replace medical marijuana use. Therefore, they shouldn’t be considered medicinal alternatives, nor should they ever be consumed by anyone younger than 18 years old.

These items were chosen based on their effectiveness, ease of use, safety, portability, and availability online. With that said, enjoy responsibly!

Note: Prices below reflect street prices. You might pay less if ordering directly through eBay or Craigslist. Also, note that shipping fees apply to anything purchased outside of California.

Bubble Blast

Price Range: Under $10
This simple design allows users to control airflow simply by turning a dial attached to a spring-loaded arm. It works best when placed near a window or vent so air can freely flow inside the bowl. While small holes make bubbles form naturally, larger ones allow water droplets to escape quickly, which results in dry hits.
Pros: Simple, portable, easy to clean
Cons: Difficult to inhale effectively

The Water Wheel

Price Range: Over $30 – $70
A trendy style among collectors, the water wheel offers greater control compared to other bongs. Users adjust the chamber size via a knob located right above the mouthpiece. A single hose leads to water in from underneath the base where a pump draws fresh supply.

As long as it runs smoothly, the unit produces thick clouds of vapors that dissipate quickly. Be careful, though, since leaks can result in ruined hoses and damaged pumps.
Pros: High quality, durable, adjustable
Cons: Expensive, difficult to clean

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Breast Milk 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Gravity Hookah

Price Range: Over $100
The gravity hookah is made by Gravity Flow Technologies Inc. and consists of a glass tube encased with acrylic plastic. When heated, hot air rises upward inside the box and causes the bottom end to expand outward. This expansion creates suction beneath the device, pulling fresh air toward the smoker holding the hookah close to his face.

After being drawn through the stem, the warm air enters the lungs, combining oxygen and carbon dioxide into pure breathable air. In addition to the glass tube, the product includes a rechargeable battery pack and charger, making it ideal for camping trips, tailgating events, and similar outdoor activities.
Pros: Portable, lightweight, great for travel
Cons: Can cause skin irritation

Mason Jar Vaporizer

Price Range: Under $25
As its name suggests, the Mason jar vape uses jars found in every kitchen pantry across America. An oven heats the interior of the pot until temperatures reach 420 degrees Fahrenheit (218 Celsius). Once enough heat has accumulated, oils within the jar begin boiling rapidly.

Air entering the jar pushes out the resulting fumes, leaving behind nothing but steam. No stems are included, this model requires users to hold it against their mouths after each draw.
Pros: Cheap, convenient, effective
Cons: Not suitable for beginners

Shish Kebabs

Price Range: Under $35
Explicitly designed for herbal cigarettes, shish kebabs consist of multiple tubes made from bamboo and wrapped tightly with cotton strands. Each time you take a drag, the ends of the sticks burn slightly longer and hotter.

Instead of drawing air through a stem, you light the tobacco between your fingers. The experience is supposed to feel similar to holding a cigarette, although I admit I couldn’t replicate that feeling myself.
Pros: Affordable, unique
Cons: Very messy

Puffco Plus 2 Pro

Price Range: Under $40
While resembling a typical water pipe, Puffco’s second generation Plus 2 Pro differs greatly thanks to its dual heating elements. Rather than relying solely on convective currents to produce vaporized bud, both parts work together simultaneously to achieve maximum efficiency.

Because the unit sits closer to the user, a wider diameter prevents overheating and burning lips. Available in three colors, black, white, and red, this lighter version comes with a charging dock that makes storing and cleaning easier.
Pros: Versatile, stylish
Cons: Expensive, bulky

Cannabis Cup V2

Price Range: Over $60 – $150+
With a sleek exterior and innovative technology, the Cannabis Cup V2 incorporates everything needed to create a memorable experience. Similar to the Puffco Plus 2 Pro mentioned earlier, the cup contains dual heating elements designed to extract cannabinoids efficiently.

Unlike the plus version, though, the Cannabis Cup V2 does away with a built-in fan altogether, opting instead to include a powerful motor powered by four lithium batteries. Best suited for experienced smokers, this unit provides unmatched temperature regulation capabilities. In addition, its wide opening helps prevent burns while keeping the overall weight low enough to carry anywhere comfortably.
Pros: Great for newbies, versatile, expensive
Cons: Bulky, heavy

HazePod 1S

Price Range: Under $20
Unlike standard pipes, the Hazepod doesn’t rely on physical movement to pull air through its narrow passages. Instead, magnets embedded along the length of the stem attract metal beads sealed nearby, creating tiny explosions. These forces push out the smoke and deliver a smoother hit than what would typically occur during normal combustion.

For inexperienced consumers, the Pod 1S has a smaller body shaped like a ballpoint pen. However, once you become accustomed to the process, you can remove the cap and increase the volume whenever necessary. One downside is that the pod leaks rather badly when left alone for extended periods. Despite this flaw, it remains one of the cheapest models available.
Pros: Cheaper, no maintenance required
Cons: Leaks, bad taste


Price Range: Under $25
One of the original “designer” bongs, the dankenstein is known for its beautiful wood finish and large capacity. Made primarily from cedar, the piece comes with a removable screen cover that can accommodate up to five hand-rolled buds. However, placing the bowl somewhere else is recommended to avoid possible accidents even with the lid closed. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck with burnt fingerprints.
Pros: Unique, aesthetically pleasing
Cons: More prone to spills

Super Bubble Pipe Cleaner

Price Range: Under $20
What good looks like a bubble blower, feels like a toothpick, and costs half what a bong typically costs? That’s precisely what the Superbubbler brings to the table. Featuring a slim profile and an even thinner handle, the Superbubbler can produce thicker puffs than any other bong currently sold. Fill the reservoir with ice cubes and connect a straw to access the liquid center section. Then, with the help of gravity, the fluid slowly flows downward toward the bowl, extracting aromatic terpenes en route.

Glass Bong

Glass Bong 1, 77 Bongs

This high Glass Bong is an example of a designed yet highly effective smoking device.

Its height is a big benefit because, in connection with a big and high water chamber, it provides excellent filtration of smoke, which gives you a lot of comfort during smoking.

The design of this Water Bong is classic and pure. It looks nice in the living room.

Size: 38cm

Glass Bong Conical Tubing

Glass Bong Conical Tubing 1, 77 Bongs

Two water chambers, five-pot leaves, and one Glass Bong. This smoking device is worth buying.

Its lower water chamber is huge, so there is plenty of space for water to filter the smoke of your favorite herb. The upper chamber holds less water and helps filtrate the smoke even more.

A high and thick tube decorated with green Marijuana leaves gives the smoke more speed and power.

Size: 27cm

Glass Bong Sandblasted

Glass Bong Sandblasted 2, 77 Bongs

Slim and full of grace – that is how this Glass Bong presents itself. The sandblasted glass texture this smoking device is made of makes it look frosted even if you haven’t put the ice in yet.

The big water chamber provides fantastic smoke filtration, and it gets even better when you add some ice to the holder.

Roasted Cannabis leaf looks amazingly mysterious – like a Yeti’s footprint in white snow.

Height: 40cm

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