20 To 50 Dollars Marijuana Bongs

With the report of tested bongs in this price range, it was found that they are nicely shaped and well manufactured. They also have good glass quality which makes them durable as well!

Glass Bong

Glass Bong 1, 77 Bongs

This high Glass Bong is an example of a simply designed, yet highly effective smoking device.

Its height is a big benefit because, in connection with a big and high water chamber, it provides very good filtration of smoke, which gives you a lot of comfort during smoking.

The design of this Water Bong is classic and pure. It looks nice in the living room.

Size: 38cm

Glass Bong Conical Tubing

Glass Bong Conical Tubing 1, 77 Bongs

Two water chambers, five-pot leaves, one Glass Bong. This smoking device is definitely worth buying.

Its lower water chamber is very big so that there is plenty of space for water to filtrate the smoke of your favorite herb. The upper chamber holds less water and helps filtrate the smoke even more.

A high and thick tube decorated with green Marijuana leaves gives the smoke more speed and power.

Size: 27cm

Glass Bong Sandblasted

Glass Bong Sandblasted 2, 77 Bongs

Slim and full of grace – that is how this Glass Bong presents itself. The texture of sandblasted glass this smoking device is made of makes it looks frosted even if you haven’t put the ice in yet.

The big water chamber provides fantastic smoke filtration and when you add some ice to the holder, it gets even better.

Roasted Cannabis leaf looks amazingly mysterious – like a Yeti’s footprint in white snow.

Height: 40cm

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