20 To 50 Dollars Cool Bongs

20 To 50 Dollars Cool Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

These bongs are some of the best around! I’ve tested them out, and they’re all very durable. The hits come strong, so if you need something to get your lungs smoking, this is it for you.

Bong-style smoking devices come in many shapes and sizes, but the coolest ones are usually in this price range. They’re cheap enough to buy a few different styles for your friends or yourself, yet they look cool enough that you’ll want one (or two) of them too!

When it comes to smoking pipes, there’s no such thing as “too cool.” There is only more money to spend on great gear. And if you’ve ever tried smoking from an expensive pipe, like a hand pipe made by a famous maker, then you know what I mean.

If you’d rather not pay hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars for something so special, don’t worry. The best budget bongs can be purchased for just over 20 bucks. You could even build one yourself with some essential tools.

Our favorite mid-level bongs will run about half that amount, while high-end models cost upwards of 100 bucks. But who cares? If you have the cash, they all make smoking better than anything else out there.

Before we get into those, though, let’s start with a short history lesson for anyone unfamiliar with these awesome gadgets. Smoking pipes were first used around 500 BC in China, where tobacco was grown extensively.

Tobacco smokers would roll leaves between their fingers until the smoke became strong enough to inhale through bamboo tubes. By 350 AD, Chinese Emperor Shennong had written several books detailing how to grow tobacco, cure it, prepare tobacco sticks, and use pipes to enjoy its benefits.

During medieval times, there were also extensive efforts to cultivate tobacco plants in Europe, which eventually led European settlers to colonize North America.

In 1818, James Finlayson patented his first American water closet design with a glass tube attached to a bowl. He called it the Water Cesspool because he thought it might help people quit drinking alcohol.

Instead, it caused quite the opposite effect. So it wasn’t long before other inventors came up with versions of the same idea, including William Painter, John Stevens, and Thomas Adams. These early designs were known as snuffers since snuffs were popular drugs back then.

Over time, painters developed improved methods for creating thicker layers of filtered air within the pipes. Eventually, the name “bong” was coined by California gold prospectors about the rubber hose connected to the top of the device.

Today, dozens upon dozens of smoking pipes are available, from inexpensive plastic pieces to premium stainless steel beauties. We’ve chosen the most affordable models, ranging from under twenty to fifty dollars, plus some cool do-it-yourself projects worth checking out later. Let’s briefly tour each section, starting with the cheapest models.

The Best Budget Bong

This simple piece features a single chamber that creates thick clouds of vaporized bud when appropriately smoked. However, since the airflow isn’t regulated, the hit won’t pack much punch. This is a beginner model, although it does provide plenty of bang for less than ten bucks.

If you need a little extra oomph without breaking the bank, try getting a pre-built kit from Cloud 9 Vaporizer Co., which includes everything except the weed. You’ll receive a complete set of four bongs and a manual describing proper usage techniques for five hundred dollars. All you have to do now is fire them up and pass them around.

For ultimate affordability, consider buying a bunch of cheap disposable bongs instead of investing in authentic ceramic pieces. Simply put, cheaper materials break easier and faster than pricier options. Since these aren’t meant to last very long anyway, you may as well save some dough and grab a couple of packs right away.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In The Hair 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

The Best Mid Range Bong

These items feature multiple chambers inside, allowing users to select the best style. Some produce thick rings of smoke, others give you thinner puffs in the middle, and others add a second filtration layer above the mouthpiece. Take a closer look at these three examples below.

The Big Sky Portable Pipe has been crafted from durable acrylic material and measures 21 inches tall and 10 1/2 inches wide. With six separate sections, this beauty allows you to choose your ideal experience every time. One side produces large billowing clouds, while the other provides tighter hits perfect for smaller spaces. Just remember to keep the flame low when using the latter option.

The VapCap Mini Deluxe is another great choice for portability. Its compact size makes it easy to bring anywhere, whether traveling for work or hanging out with friends. This unit is small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket, measuring 13 3/4 inches tall X 7 5/8 inches in diameter. The base of the stem doubles as a handle, making it highly portable. A bonus tip is to place a towel underneath the bowl to prevent spills.

The Volcano 2X Pro Kit takes things to a new level, offering dual temperature settings to create a warm or cold draw. Thanks to an adjustable heat regulator, you can adjust the temperature to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit.

The vapor becomes completely saturated with moisture at that point, resulting in a dense cloud. This means you can quickly achieve true head highs. However, the Volcano 2X doesn’t include a lid, making it harder to store when not in use. Also, you should avoid using lighter fluid or matches to light this bad boy since doing so will result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Best High-End Bong

The KandyPens line offers three primary products: the original Stündenglass Classic, the Blackberry Kush, and the Super Silver Snowflake. While the classic version looks similar to the entry-level units mentioned earlier, the Blackberry Kush and Super Silver Snowflake utilize unique multi-chamber designs that allow users to customize their effects.

Each of these higher-priced offerings also offers larger bowls than the lower-tier models, increasing the overall surface area of the product. Below are pictures of each type of pen.

Stündenglass Classic: This round bong is typically sold for about 30 bucks, making it among the least pricey per ounce of marijuana on the market today. It features a flat bottom and oval shape, giving users room to experiment with various angles of attack.

Most importantly, the Stündenglass uses Pyrex Glass instead of Acrylic, meaning the interior stays clear of any nasty residue throughout the entire session.

Blackberry Kush: Designed specifically for maximum flavor extraction, this elegant pen utilizes a triple-layered pyramid-shaped filter system. When lit, the carb cap slowly melts onto the uppermost screen, preventing ash buildup.

Users can control the flame’s intensity via a dial near the unit’s base. Unlike the previous example, the Blackberry’s bowl contains a double cone structure that directs smoke toward a central divot, providing an excellent tight seal against the mouthpiece.

Super Silver Snowflake: Created by master potter Jason Martin, this gorgeous piece looks beautiful from silver frosting applied directly to the outside of the bowl. Available in both 8-inch and 12-inch diameters, buyers can decide exactly how big they want their cloud to be based on personal preference.

Like the previous pen, the Super Silver uses pyrex glass, but unlike the previous examples, this model employs a metal mesh basket instead of paper filters. Because of this change, the Snowflake requires more maintenance than typical pens since the basket tends to clog quickly.

Smoking Pipes – $50+

While it’s possible to find decent starter kits for under fifteen bucks, serious connoisseurs rarely settle for anything less than $50+. Fortunately, there are tons of great deals online, especially once you learn about some reputable sellers like Sweet Leaf Farms.

Their selection ranges from traditional wooden pipes to sleek modern rigs, and prices vary widely depending on the brand. Check out the following examples.

A fantastic deal for beginners looking for solid wood pipes, this package features two sets of matching bongs, a baggie full of loose herbs, and a handy instruction book. It is priced at 15% of retail value and represents excellent value for money. Don’t forget to check out Sweet Leaf Farms’ website for additional discounts.

Another good budget pick for newcomers is the Blue Dreamer Set includes one 14-foot length bong and one 16-foot bong for sharing. Both are constructed from heavy-duty aluminum and feature a translucent cover that lets you see the active flame. Prices range from 24 to 34 percent off retail, depending on the quantity ordered.

Are you looking to step things up a notch? Maybe you’d prefer a higher-quality bong built by renowned makers like Grav Labs or Swisher International. Although these brands often charge a pretty penny, you can score significant savings online. Here are a few suggestions to help you find some fantastic bargains.

Grav Labs: Founded by former Olympic athletes, Grav Labs specializes in building custom smoking systems for competitive athletes. Among their signature creations are the Gravity Hookah, a high-tech rig designed exclusively for competitions, and the Gravity Bowl, an impressive creation for homeowners seeking to upgrade.

Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Fluorescent

Tattoo Acrylic Bong Fluorescent, 77 Bongs

Now, this is what I call real Science Fiction and Fantasy Design. Do you like SF movies, games, or books?

This Acrylic Bong looks like some strange device from an Alien’s Spaceship. This high and thick bent tube makes smoking a real cosmic journey.

Fluorescent Acrylic turns your smoke into an extraordinary material of unknown origin – maybe some other Galaxy or a Parallel Universe? Everything is possible with this cosmic Water Bong.

Size: 36.5cm
Diameter: 51mm

Small Glass Brazil Bong

Small Glass Brazil Bong, 77 Bongs

Wow! Look at this amazing Bong! This old Brazilian Shaman surely has great wisdom he wants to share with you. This old wise man is a part of this cool Glass Bong. But he is silent. He says nothing.

The only way to make him open his mouth and speak to you is by making the smoke fill this glass pipe that he is part of. Go on, speak to the Shaman. Learn about some things you never thought could exist.

Size: 17cm

Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange, 77 Bongs

Here is another amazing creation from Magic Glass! Partly frosted on the water chamber part, and partly transparent upstairs, this Water Bong really makes an impression of a solid Bong and is a nice piece of art.

Made of excellent quality thick glass, decorated with delicate ornaments, and an excellent Bob Marley image, this smoking device stands out with its design and the creative approach of its creators.

Great shape, big water chamber, high bent tube, perfect filtration – this bong is definitely recommended.

Height: 32cm
Diameter: 40mm
Glass Thick: 3.2mm

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