100 To 200 Dollars Water Bongs

A $100 to $200 bong will have the consumer getting an exceptionally durable, stylish glass piece with high-volume water chambers. The hits are reported as being very smooth and clean for a price range which means that it’s more than just some cheap novelty item!

Water pipes are not the most popular smoking device in America. But for many people, they’re an affordable alternative to cigarettes or hookah that can provide a great high and help you stay away from bad habits. If all of this sounds like it’s worth your time, check out some water bong reviews on The Wirecutter.

Smoking devices have come a long way since their introduction into society. In fact, if we go by sales data at brick-and-mortar stores, there is no better selling product than tobacco among Americans today.

But while cigarettes may be more accessible, nicotine isn’t always the best drug to use. Sure, you’ll get a good buzz off of them, but ultimately they cause cancer and other health problems.

Instead, why not try something new like vaporizing weed or using a vape pen loaded with THC instead? That would actually reduce the amount of toxins in your body as well as give you a much cleaner high without any carcinogens.

If you want to take things further though, then maybe a water pipe will do the trick. These handheld contraptions allow users to inhale smoke through water rather than air which makes the experience feel so different and natural.

And unlike traditional joints, these don’t burn hot enough to damage lungs or make you cough either. They also tend to look less intimidating when compared to their larger counterparts. Lastly, they usually cost significantly cheaper than a regular cigarette. So what exactly are those crazy looking things anyway? Let me introduce you to one of the best ones available right now.

What Is It?

A water pipe (or sometimes referred to as a “whip”) is an extremely simple piece of equipment consisting of two pieces of glass connected together via a tube made of rubberized material. There’s typically a bowl attached to one end where you put ground up herbs and/or concentrates inside.

Then there’s another chamber called the carburetor located near the mouthpiece where you place your lips. As soon as you start sucking on the carburetor, the resulting suction draws the herb mixture up and blows it out through the main stem, known as the hose.

Most models have a small hole near the tip of the hose allowing you to control how big the hit should be. Some even let you adjust the temperature of the juice (more on this later). Finally, there are often multiple stems per unit which allows you to alternate between taking hits.

Who’s It For?

It’s hard to say who specifically uses a water pipe because everyone has their own preferences. However, I think anyone could benefit from its unique effects. People with sensitive teeth might find themselves avoiding chewing tobacco products due to their harsh nature.

Those addicted to alcohol might see a reduction in cravings. And smokers looking to quit or cut back might enjoy the cleanliness factor. Also, if you live in areas where recreational marijuana is legal, having a water pipe around might just keep you away from purchasing cannabis from dealers.

Everyone knows what happens when you buy drugs illegally — you never know what kind of contaminants were present during production. With a whip, you won’t have such worries since everything comes straight from concentrate, eliminating the chance of secondhand contamination.


The first thing about design that stands out about water pipes is that they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. When viewed from above, water pipes resemble large hoses with bowls bolted onto the ends. But once you hold them, you realize that they’re quite heavy and awkward.

Plus, depending on the size, they can easily block light coming from nearby windows. While some units feature adjustable vents along the sides allowing air flow, others simply lack this function completely. Another downside is that almost every model requires cleaning after each session.

Since the bowl and parts of the whip itself contain toxic chemicals, they need frequent washing to prevent infection. After all, who wants to smell like rotten fish forever?! Luckily, there are dishwasher safe versions available too.

One interesting thing to note is that some manufacturers sell both standard and wide bore water pipes. A wider bore unit tends to produce thicker hits whereas a narrow bore produces thinner ones. Nowadays, there’s really little reason to choose between the two unless perhaps you plan on passing it around amongst friends.

Generally speaking, we recommend going with a narrower version since it provides greater portability and convenience.

Using It

Now that you’ve seen the basic design, here’s what’s involved in actually getting a hit. First, fill the bowl with loose ground up herbal blends. Next, plug the carburetor directly into an electrical outlet. Make sure you turn it off before doing so otherwise it may become damaged.

Once powered up, suck on the carburetor as fast as possible until you hear a loud hissing noise followed by a rush of warm steam. At this point, remove the carburetor and begin blowing on it vigorously. Blowing harder creates bigger bubbles which forces the smoke deeper down the hose.

Keep blowing until the hit runs out. Now you can repeat this process again whenever you desire! Note that some models include additional features such as temperature adjustment and timer functions. Just beware that these advanced capabilities require extra care and attention.

One last important consideration is storage. Because water pipes are relatively fragile, it’s recommended storing them properly in order to avoid breakage. Be careful opening packages containing water pipes since they’re likely to leak fluid everywhere.

What’s worse is that they’re generally pretty expensive, so you’ll probably want to invest in extra packaging materials.


As mentioned earlier, water pipes offer several benefits over alternatives. Namely, they don’t result in any form of lung damage and they taste surprisingly fresh. Unlike cigarettes, they leave absolutely zero residue behind making cleanup easy.

Additionally, despite being extremely tiny, they still perform admirably in terms of airflow. Compared to a stick of gum, a water pipe offers a stronger hit with fewer puffs. On top of that, water pipes are definitely fun to experiment with thanks to the various ways to customize your sessions.

You can spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars buying higher quality products with fancy designs only to discover that they don’t work as well as cheap models. Not only does this promote competition, but it also helps develop creativity.

All in all, water pipes are ideal choices for beginners.


Unfortunately, it seems like water pipes haven’t received nearly as much love as other types of smoking devices have. Many enthusiasts prefer vaporization methods which doesn’t seem entirely fair considering that vaporization was originally developed for medical purposes.

Moreover, vaporizers tend to be considerably smaller than water pipes meaning you can carry them anywhere. Unfortunately, water pipes are rarely found at gas stations or local shops. Lastly, while most agree that water pipes are safer than cigarettes, they still pose potential risks.

Remember that anything used for consumption must undergo proper maintenance according to FDA regulations. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing diseases and infections.

Should You Buy This?

Despite the negative traits discussed above, water pipes are still great options for someone wanting to stop smoking cigarettes. Their low price coupled with minimal upkeep requirements means that you can pick one up without breaking the bank.

We highly suggest trying out a few different models before investing in one particular brand. If you can afford to pay $200+ for one, we’d advise spending the money elsewhere since they tend to lose value quickly.

Overall, our verdict is positive. Anyone interested in quitting smoking cold turkey or cutting down should consider picking up a water pipe. Even if you decide against continuing usage, chances are that you enjoyed yourself regardless.

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