100 To 200 Dollars Marijuana Bongs

For a price of $100 to $200, you will get an exceptionally durable and stylish bong. The reported high-quality glass models are tested for their effectiveness in providing smooth hits with cleanliness that is consistent across the board (Manufacture Quality). With this information available it’s easy to make your decision on which water pipe would suit best as well as meet all requirements desired by consumers looking into getting one from our store!

The average bong can cost anywhere from $20 to over a hundred dollars. Here are the top 20 best marijuana bongs on the market today.

I have been smoking weed for years but I never really understood what people meant when they talked about getting “the high.”  Until recently that is. It was during my recent trip out west where we smoked so much pot that it left me feeling like I had overdosed or something.

After all this time, I finally understand how those who smoke do not feel any effects until sometime later. This makes perfect sense because only certain parts of your body actually absorb THC into their cells.

Most smokers will tell you that the joints just taste different than anything else they’ve ever tried before — which may be true in some cases — but there are many other ways that cannabis users get high without even touching a joint. For example, edibles (or edible products), tinctures, waxes, oils, and concentrates. If you’re interested in these methods then keep reading!

It should go without saying that if you want to take advantage of one of these more advanced methods you’ll need a device capable of delivering them safely and effectively. That brings us to our next topic… the world of concentrate vaping devices. Keep reading to see what devices made the list for the most popular 100 dollar range.

The Volcano

Price at Time of Review: $99+
Battery Type: Two 18650 batteries
Dimensions: 7 x 4 inches
Weight: 5 ounces
Material: Stainless steel housing + glass tube
Voltage Range: 80 watts / 1600 mAh
Ease Of Use: Very easy to use and clean up after yourself.
Drawbacks: No built in fan, no temperature control. You must buy fans separately. Not water resistant.
What We Loved About It: Easy to operate. Great product design. Well designed heating chamber. Excellent customer service.
What We Didn’t Like: Too expensive. Low wattage limit. Fan optional. Can’t adjust heat settings.
Overall Rating: 9.0/10
[recommend] A great bang for your buck. There aren’t too many vaporizers available today that offer such an affordable price tag while also being able to deliver decent hits. As long as you purchase the correct size unit, you won’t find another better deal than this one.

Magic Dragon 1-Inch by 2-Inches Vaporizer

Price At Time of Review: $69.95
Battery Type: Two CR123 batteries
Dimensions: 6.75″ H x 2″ W x 10.25″ D
Weight: 0.85 lbs.
Materials & Build Quality: Made of heavy gauge stainless steel encased in durable plastic. Heavily insulated base keeps things cool. Includes cleaning brush.
Voltage Range: 60-80 Watts Per Battery
Ease Of Use: Medium
Drawback: Needs two batteries. Limited voltage range. May burn sensitive herbs due to lack of ventilation.
What We Love About It: Affordable pricing. Simple to use. Good build quality.
What We Hate About It: Requires multiple batteries. Only works well with dry herb. May cause burning issues with flowery materials.
Overall Grade: 8/10
This little guy isn’t going to blow anyone away with its performance or features, but for the money it does everything right. Its low power consumption allows it to work with dry herbal blends rather than flowers, making it ideal for beginner vapers looking to test new strains without spending hundreds of dollars on a dab rig. Another plus: unlike larger units, it doesn’t require additional batteries or external chargers. All of this adds up to make it one of the cheapest vaporizers around.


Price At Time of Review: $169.00
Battery Type: Four AAAs
Dimensions: 11.5″Hx11.5″Diameter
Weight: 12 oz
Material & Build Quality: Crafted from machined aluminum alloy, the PAX Era X has a sleek black finish. The ceramic oven heats evenly and provides consistent results every single time.
Voltage Range: 25-60 Watt per battery
Ease Of Use: Moderate
Drawback: Difficult to load your own ground material. Heavy and bulky.
What We Love About It: Extremely portable. Solid construction. Versatile enough to handle various types of bud.
What We Hate About It: Expensive compared to similar models. Takes several minutes to reach proper temperatures.
Overall Grade: 8/10
While this particular model might seem like it costs twice as much as others within this price range, don’t let that fool you. Many manufacturers simply choose cheaper metals like magnesium. Those metal options tend to hold onto heat longer.

They also provide less protection against impact damage. In addition, the PAX line offers a number of useful improvements including adjustable airflow controls, variable temperature settings, and a handy carrying case. Despite its hefty price tag, it’s definitely worth it considering its versatility.

Pax 3

Price At Time of Review: $199
Battery Type: Three 18350 batteries
Dimensions: 15.5″ H x 4.75″ W x 14.75″ D
Weight: 17.35 pounds
Materials & Build Quality: Constructed entirely from aircraft grade aluminum. Comes with a generous carry case and a charging stand.
Voltage Range: 50-250 Watt
Ease Of Use: Tough to navigate through menus. Lots of buttons.
Drawback: Pricey. Overheats easily. Doesn’t come with a screen cap.
What We Love About It: High capacity batteries. Adjustable air flow. Multiple modes. Capable of handling both loose leaf and whole plant forms.
What We Hate About It: Awkward to change between modes. Controls difficult to figure out. Screen cap required. Does not include a mouthpiece.
Overall Grade: 7/10
If you’re willing to pay extra for convenience, the Pax series is probably your best bet. The main reason why is because it comes with a screen cover already attached and ready for immediate use. Other benefits include three separate rechargeable batteries instead of one large lithium ion cell, and four distinct operating states ranging from basic mode to extreme mode.

On the downside, it takes forever to switch back and forth between each state. Also, the included mouth piece tends to fall off fairly quickly. And lastly, it’s pretty pricey. But hey, if you plan on doing any serious stashing, you’ll probably want to invest in a good grinder anyway, so this could end up saving you quite a bit over time.

PAX Era Puffco Plus

Price At Time of Review: $249
Battery Type: Three 18350 batteries
Dimensions: 13.5″ H x 4.75″ W x 16″ D
Weight: 17.15 pounds
Materials & Build Quality: Designed from premium components using aerospace-grade aluminum. Has an anti-slip grip ring. Features a unique angled loading tray for efficient packing. Comes with a cleaning brush and a travel bag.
Voltage Range: 30-300 Watt
Ease Of Use: Moderately challenging
Drawback: Some reviewers complain of inconsistent results. Doesn’t always pack tightly. Gets hot very fast.
What We Love About It: First class build quality. Variety of pre-loaded coils. Quick access menu navigation. Unique loading method.
What We Hate About It: Overheats easily. Poor overall durability. Users report frequent clogging problems.
Overall Grade: 6/10
For the same amount of cash, the PAX Puffco Plus beats out the original version hands down. While the first iteration suffered from inconsistency, the newer model seems to perform better. Still though, its tendency to overheat ruins the experience. Overall, I’d give it a C+. Definitely not recommended unless you absolutely love paying top dollar for nothing.


Price At Time of Review: $149
Battery Type: Two 18350 batteries
Dimensions: 10.125″ H x 4.625″ W x 3.375″ D
Weight: 5.94 pounds
Material & Build Quality: Made from solid brass. Uses lightweight yet sturdy materials. Accommodates medium sized bowls. Perfect for smaller floweries.
Voltage Range: 40-200 Watt
Ease Of Use: Easy to set up and use.
Drawback: Small bowl limits efficiency. Clogs easily.
What We Love About It: Fantastic value for the price. Plenty of room inside. Cheap and reliable.
What We Hate About It: Weak draw hole. Underpowered compared to bigger models.

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl, 77 Bongs

Bob Marley is THE icon for everything reggae, Rasta, and of course smoking “herb” man! Now he lives again on our bongs as well as in our hearts. Sand Blasted bong.

18.8mm Join
Height: 52cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

Fatman II

Fatman II, 77 Bongs

The “mother” of all bong designs!
The marijuana plant motif has been a Magic Glass classic since 1995.

18.8mm Join
Height: 56cm
Diameter: 80mm
Glass Thick: 5mm

G-Spot UFO Bong

G Spot UFO Bong, 77 Bongs

This is the design that really catches the eye! Beautiful, smoked glass, this amazing, alien-like-shape, water chamber of extraordinary shape, high, thick tube with golden G-spot logo (real gold used in Gold Edition!). All this makes smoking very comfortable and it looks really attractive. All G-Spot Bongs are made from only the best borosilicate glass, with the highest quality standards always met. Every bong goes through tests before it goes to shops. The producer uses strong glass and special technology, making these bongs tension-free. Prepare for close encounters with another race.

Height: 33cm
Diameter: 37mm
Glass Thick: 5mm
Diameter: 50mm
Joint Size: 14.5mm

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