100 To 200 Dollars Marijuana Bongs

For a price of $100 to $200, you will get an exceptionally durable and stylish bong. The reported high-quality glass models are tested for their effectiveness in providing smooth hits with cleanliness that is consistent across the board (Manufacture Quality). With this information available it’s easy to make your decision on which water pipe would suit best as well as meet all requirements desired by consumers looking into getting one from our store!

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl, 77 Bongs

Bob Marley is THE icon for everything reggae, Rasta, and of course smoking “herb” man! Now he lives again on our bongs as well as in our hearts. Sand Blasted bong.

18.8mm Join
Height: 52cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

Fatman II

Fatman II, 77 Bongs

The “mother” of all bong designs!
The marijuana plant motif has been a Magic Glass classic since 1995.

18.8mm Join
Height: 56cm
Diameter: 80mm
Glass Thick: 5mm

G-Spot UFO Bong

G Spot UFO Bong, 77 Bongs

This is the design that really catches the eye! Beautiful, smoked glass, this amazing, alien-like-shape, water chamber of extraordinary shape, high, thick tube with golden G-spot logo (real gold used in Gold Edition!). All this makes smoking very comfortable and it looks really attractive. All G-Spot Bongs are made from only the best borosilicate glass, with the highest quality standards always met. Every bong goes through tests before it goes to shops. The producer uses strong glass and special technology, making these bongs tension-free. Prepare for close encounters with another race.

Height: 33cm
Diameter: 37mm
Glass Thick: 5mm
Diameter: 50mm
Joint Size: 14.5mm

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