100 To 200 Dollars Glass Bongs

For a price of $100 to 200, you will get an exceptionally durable and stylish bong. These high-quality glass pieces work smoothly with strong hits that provide volume in the water chamber for long sessions on the go.

If you’re looking to buy a glass bong, you’ll find that there are many different models out there. Some of them are really nice and some aren’t so nice. It’s important for you to know what you want before you go shopping around at the local smoke shop. You don’t want to end up with something that your friends will laugh at because it looks goofy or is too small or big.

With all of the new technology coming down the pipe these days, people have been left wondering if they should bother getting into the world of smoking cannabis. There has never been a better time than now to start using marijuana thanks to the legalization movement in certain states. However, even though this is probably true, smoking isn’t exactly an easy hobby.

One thing that you may not be aware of is that there is another way to enjoy your favorite strains called “dabbing” or “vaporization”. This method involves inhaling extremely hot air through a very thin tube made from water (or sometimes alcohol). In other words, you can use a piece of specialized equipment called a glass bong to extract the THC within your flower without burning yourself.

If you’ve ever smoked pot but haven’t tried taking it in this manner, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. After all, who wants their first experience with weed to be a bad one? If anything, you’d probably feel guilty about ruining someone else’s fun! But if you like the idea of getting high on air instead, then you need to check out these 100 dollar glass bongs.

What Should A Good Glass Bong Look Like?

When trying to figure out where to look when buying a glass bong, you’ll quickly learn that there are plenty of options available. You can choose between different sizes, colors, materials, and styles. Some of them even come with special features such as built-in grinders, timers, and so forth.

The most important part is finding a model that fits well with your budget. Of course, the best bongs tend to cost more money since they are handcrafted and take longer to produce than others. On the other side of the spectrum, cheap bongs tend to offer less quality and are often made from plastic.

Nowadays, you can also buy glass bongs online. Most of them sell for under $50 and are usually pretty affordable. Although you shouldn’t spend much money on them, spending a little extra won’t hurt either. As long as you get a good deal, you should be fine.

Where Can You Find Them Online For Cheap Or Free?

If you think that only expensive bongs deserve to be mentioned here, you might be surprised to learn that there are several cheaper alternatives that still provide great value. For example, sites like eBay and Craigslist allow people to post items for sale at rock bottom prices.

There are also various websites online that offer free shipping on orders over a specific amount. These include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and so forth. Even Walgreens offers free shipping on select products. If you live near a brick and mortar store that sells these things, make sure to ask about its policies regarding shipping.

What Are Your Options When Buying From eBay And Other Auction Sites?

One thing that you must keep in mind is that auctions themselves do not require any kind of licensing. Therefore, you could potentially purchase an item directly from an individual seller on eBay or elsewhere. That said, auction sellers do typically require proof of age to prove that you’re old enough to legally buy recreational drugs.

Another option is to search online classified ads for items. Many people just list whatever they happen to own for sale and hope that somebody finds it interesting enough to bid on. Unfortunately, this means that you could end up buying a sketchy product straight off of a website.

However, you can always avoid those types of deals altogether by visiting mainstream marketplaces. Here, you’ll find legitimate listings for everything ranging from clothes to electronics.

On top of that, you can also browse classified ad websites that specialize in selling used products. One such site is OfferUp, which allows you to see items for sale from across North America. Another popular alternative is Gumtree, which specializes in offering goods from Europe.

Lastly, if you prefer to stay away from classified ads entirely, you can simply browse Reddit. Just type in topics related to glass bongs or similar gadgets and you should be able to find plenty of posts containing pictures of merchandise that users are currently selling.

How Much Money Do They Really Cost?

It’s hard to say specifically how much a glass bong costs without knowing what brand or style you want. However, I would estimate that the average price to be somewhere between $20-$40. At least in my area, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$35 for a decent bong once you factor in shipping fees.

Of course, prices vary greatly depending on whether you opt to buy locally or online. If you live in a place where retail stores are plentiful, then you can likely find bargains on stuff like this. Furthermore, if you live in an urban center, you should be able to find bongs for half the price of what you’d normally pay for them.


As you can tell, there are lots of ways to save money when buying a glass bong. Sure, you can’t find a bargain on every single piece of gear, but you can certainly score a discount on most of them. Once again, the key is doing thorough research beforehand and making sure that you pick something that suits your needs perfectly.

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl 1, 77 Bongs

“Size Matters”
Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters!
Sand Blasted bong.

18.8mm Join
Height: 52cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

Abductor Cat Eye

Abductor Cat Eye, 77 Bongs

“Your bong is watching you”
– Super cool cat-eye ice bong from Magic Glass!
– Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters.
– Magic Glass Bongs are not mass-produced glass bongs.
– These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass.
– Under the highest quality standards.
– All bongs are tested before despatch.
– These are top-quality glass bongs made in Germany.

18.8mm Join
Height: 50cm
Diameter: 54mm
Glass Thick: 3.5mm

Ice Fatman I

Ice Fatman I, 77 Bongs

“Size Matters”
Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters!

Magic Glass Bongs are not mass-produced glass bongs.

18.8mm Join
Height: 45cm
Diameter: 65mm
Glass Thick: 4.2mm

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