100 To 200 Dollars Crazy Bongs

100 To 200 Dollars Crazy Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

The perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, a high-quality bong is an essential item. Between $100 and $200, you will get one of our specially selected models with style and substance!

There’s a long list of crazy bong designs out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to the most interesting ones. These are not your average water pipes; they’re unique pieces that will definitely turn heads at parties or raves.

In recent years, smoking has become more accepted and mainstream. This is partially due to its legalization in many countries (including Canada) and the fact that people have started using marijuana for medicinal purposes rather than just recreational use.

While this may be true, you can still get into trouble with marijuana possession laws if caught smoking pot without the proper permits. In other words, please don’t do what I did five years ago when my friend got arrested while he was driving me home from college.

This means that even though smoking marijuana may no longer be taboo, it doesn’t mean everyone wants to look like Snoop Dogg on their next smoke off the back porch. As such, smokers wish to something clean and sleek for themselves. Thankfully, there’s one product that has been designed specifically for those who’d prefer to look cool above all else – the glass bong.

Here’s our guide to 100 to 250-dollar bongs, including some of the best, craziest bongs money can buy. Enjoy responsibly!

A Water-Filled Balloon

While these types of bongs often feature large bowls and multiple holes, the main draw here is how much air gets forced through them during each inhale. Most people refer to these devices by names such as “water balloons” or “bubblers.” However, let us break it down for those unfamiliar with the concept.

When someone inhales through a regular bowl, only about half of the amount of oxygen makes it past the filter screen and into the lungs. So instead, the rest ends up filling the room with a stale cigarette smell and making your mouth taste terrible.

With bongs, however, the entire volume of water moves in unison per every pull. Because of this, the water comes straight out of the device and fills the smoker’s lungs instead. A great way to describe the experience would be to say that the feeling is similar to taking a quick sprint before running out of gas. It feels good, fast, and powerful.

Of course, since water isn’t meant to pass through the human body, it tends to burn quite badly after passing over certain surfaces. However, with proper ventilation, things work fine. In addition, because so little leaves the bong itself, the resulting vapor contains far fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes or weed edibles.

One popular type of water bong design is known as a bubbler. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between a bubbler versus a standard bong, check out this article.

How Long Does Marijuana Last In The System 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Bubble Pipe Dream

If you thought a regular bubble pipe was fun, wait until you see what happens when you pour liquid into the chamber. Unlike traditional bongs, these devices usually have two separate chambers separated by a small divider.

When both sides fill up equally, they create bubbles that expel directly into the user’s face. Some users find this a very pleasant effect, while others tend to gag immediately upon trying it. Regardless, it’s a pretty neat trick.

Many manufacturers claim this method provides greater control over the hit since the bubbles aren’t being pushed around by any stem. But, on the downside, it also limits airflow significantly.

Because they produce more significant amounts of vapor, bongs made with this construction style typically cost hundreds of dollars more than typical models. But if you love the sensation of blowing giant bubbles, go ahead and splurge.

Puff Daddy Pipes

It was common knowledge among stoners that cheap bongs were inferior to expensive ones. Nowadays, however, this is rarely the case anymore. Plenty of high-quality options are available under $50, although not everything is worth buying.

Still, if you’re looking for a decent deal, consider checking out this line of Puff Daddy branded products. They offer features found nowhere else, including built-in grinders, adjustable stems, and ceramic filters. Of course, it should be noted that some reviewers complain that these items might contain lead paint, so make sure to read reviews carefully before purchasing anything.

Another brand worth considering is Grav Labs. Although their products are not as inexpensive as Puff Daddy’s, they include several valuable innovations such as removable screens and locking systems. In addition, all of their products are made entirely in the USA.

The Big One

As with all products, size matters, unfortunately, while bigger generally translates into better, it doesn’t always hold when dealing with drug paraphernalia. Take, for example, the Volcano Vaporizer. Sure, it looks cool enough, but it costs nearly $250.

Even worse, the unit weighs 10 pounds, meaning you’ll probably need three friends to carry it anywhere. So unless you plan on going somewhere private where nobody knows you, you could have to leave early due to lack of space.

Now compare it to the PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer. At first glance, it appears smaller than the Volcano, yet it includes the same number of pre-programmed temperatures. It also offers various effects, ranging from subtle to extreme.

And unlike the Volcano, it comes with a carrying case, so you won’t have to worry about losing it. Best of all, it retails for just $99.95. That’s almost 50% cheaper than the competition!

Look at this comprehensive comparison guide for those interested in learning more about portable vapes.

Voyager Cat Eye 18.8

Voyager Cat Eye 18.8, 77 Bongs

“Your bong is watching you.”
Super cool cat-eye bong from Magic Glass!

Height: 35cm
Diameter: 44mm
Glass Thick: 3.2mm

G-spot Hangover Ice

G Spot Hangover Ice, 77 Bongs

Extremely beautiful glass bongs from G-Spot.

– Tension-Free Glass.
– Professional Laboratory Glass, very thick, 0.5cm.
– Print on Bong applied with Real Gold.

G-Spot Bongs are made with the finest borosilicate glass under the highest quality standards. Each bong is tested for minimum glass thickness before they even leave the workshop, and they are all oven-tempered to make each one a strong and tension-free bong.

This G-Spot Hanger Ice is an excellent rival to bongs twice its price and smokes as well, if not better than any other similar cylinder bongs on the market.

Further enhancing the quality of this 5.0mm bong are the ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice to cool your smoke down to optimum smoothness.

18.8mm Join
Height: 40cm
Glass Thick: 5mm

G-Spot Snake With Solid Tank

G Spot Snake With Solid Tank, 77 Bongs

Options include varying heights. The standard height is 40cm/ 16″. 18.8 joint size With the Solid Joint Bongs, we have developed the perfect solution for the weak point of the glass bong.

The Solid Joint is the most stable grinding for glass bongs which is available on the market. Ultra-stable grinding, which is resistant to the toughest strikes. Each G-SPOTĀ® Bong is handmade by experienced glass artists from the best borosilicate glass! All G-SPOTĀ® Bongs are oven-tempered and absolutely tension-free!

Height: 40 or 50cm
Diameter: 50mm
Glass Thick: 5mm

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