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You have selected and tested high-quality bong models for $100 to $200, reported for glass and manufacture quality and smooth, clean, and effective hits. You will get an exceptionally durable, stylish bong for $100 to $200. Very strong hits and high-volume water chamber. Thanks, everybody, for the reports. Enjoy!

There’s no denying that a good bong is an expensive investment, but with prices ranging from just over $100 to well over $200, it can be difficult to decide which one you should buy. Here are some great options we recommend for those who are on a budget and still want the best bang for their buck!

If you’ve ever smoked pot (and if you haven’t yet, I highly suggest you give it up), then you know how versatile smoking marijuana is. It’s not about getting high — there are plenty of ways to do that without needing any special equipment — instead, what makes smoking so enjoyable is its ability to transport your consciousness far away from reality into another dimension.

Most people will tell you that they prefer their weed much smoother than when they’re sober, thanks to the incredible effects of vaporization.

This may sound pretty vague, but vaporizing bud means heating it until the smoke particles become small enough that the molecules break apart and spread out across the room. This makes it easier to inhale through the lungs rather than go through the digestive system, where it acts as an irritant.

While this sounds like something only smokers could enjoy, many vapers use these same principles to make other substances, such as tobacco, more palatable by using homemade water pipes called “hookahs.”

In addition to making things taste better, there are several reasons why a homemade water pipe might be preferable to purchasing pre-built hookah models at retail stores. Since hookahs have been around for hundreds of years, manufacturers tend to cut corners when producing cheap imitations.

Some cheaper hookahs even feature plastic stems and bowls, while others don’t offer anywhere near the quality of higher-end products.

However, since water pipes aren’t new inventions, creating your own doesn’t require much technical knowledge. On top of that, buying secondhand hookahs online isn’t always safe either due to possible contaminants like lead solder.

However, if you’d like to learn more about creating your hookah, check out Hookah Secrets: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Building & Using All Kinds of Water Pipes.

So now we know that hookahs are awesome, but what exactly does a hookah consist of? Generally speaking, you’ll find three main parts: a bowl, stem, and hose. The bowl serves two purposes: first, it helps direct air toward the user, and second, acting as a combustion chamber for burning fuel.

How Cannabis Became Illegal 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Stems come in different forms depending on whether or not they include screens. Without a screen, a hookah consists of a long tube made of metal or bamboo. With a screen, a piece of glass or ceramic material is placed inside the stem and acts as a filter for the smoke.

Now that you understand the basic components of a hookah, let’s move on to finding the right kind of bong suited for your needs. There’s no denying that a good bong is an expensive investment, but with prices ranging from just under $100 to well over $200, it can be difficult to decide which one you should buy.

After reading this article, we hope you’ll feel confident knowing that whatever your budget, there’s one perfect bong for every smoker. Here are some excellent choices based on price point alone.

The Best Bongs Under $200

When looking for the best bongs available under $200, look for ones that incorporate both functional design and affordability. These types of devices usually provide the lowest cost per draw but still manage to deliver superior performance.

However, before choosing a specific model, ask yourself the following questions: What type of smoking activity am I interested in doing? Do I want to get stoned quickly, pass the time efficiently, or produce large clouds of vapors?

Once you answer these questions, you can narrow your search by deciding between concentrates (which burn hotter) or flowery buds (which typically take longer to reach peak levels). Another way to determine which kind of bong works best for you is to consider which accessories you already own and see how they match up.

For example, if you already have a few lighters, try pairing them with a concentrate bong because lighter fluid is often used to ignite the fire within the bowl. Also, if you live somewhere warm year-round (like California), you can opt for a summertime-friendly variety that features frosted glass panels.

Finally, if you need help picking a stylish accessory to complement your bong, read my guide explaining how to dress up your bathroom cabinet.

Since the previous entry was written specifically for users who wanted shorter sessions, I thought this next section should focus on heavy hitters. Those who favor bigger hits probably won’t mind waiting a little bit longer before taking a pull, especially if you plan on passing during downtime or when you’re hanging out with friends.

Otherwise, keep reading to discover the best budget bongs designed to satisfy even the biggest fans of the herb.

Under $200 – The Best Budget Bong

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of owning a bong is that you never really have to leave the house unless you choose to. And unlike cigarettes, you can sit on your couch and relax for hours enjoying a nice hit without worrying about the dangers associated with traditional consumption methods.

Therefore, if you enjoy spending less money for greater enjoyment, you ought to appreciate the value of cheap bongs. They are affordable and allow you to indulge in your favorite vice whenever possible.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Feminized 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

With low-price tags comes lower overall functionality, though. Most inexpensive bongs lack advanced designs, filters, and temperature controls, which can severely limit their effectiveness. Fortunately, if you purchase a device that lacks fancy extras, chances are good that you’ll receive adequate performance without breaking the bank.

Just be aware that sometimes the cheapest versions are made of inferior materials and may not last as long as pricier alternatives. One thing worth mentioning is that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money, and shopping wisely pays off.

Consider asking sales associates for advice regarding the various brands and styles available. They should be able to steer you toward items that suit your individual preferences.

Another important factor to remember when shopping for a bargain bong is avoiding phallic-shaped pieces resembling sex toys. Even if the item has a cute name, if it looks anything like a dildo, stay clear because it likely wouldn’t perform nearly as well as a real bong.

Remember, size matters when selecting a proper replacement for your current hookah.

Finally, if you’re looking for a unique product that performs exceptionally well and costs significantly less than typical bongs, here’s a suggestion. Try building your bong with the materials listed below.

Sure, it takes a lot of work, but once assembled, it can function perfectly indefinitely while costing almost nothing compared to store-bought units. Read more about how easy it is to build your bong here.

What Are Your Favorite Cheap or DIY Bongs?

I’m sure there must be many satisfied customers out there who swear by certain bongs despite paying thousands of dollars for them. Still, unfortunately, I didn’t spend thousands of dollars researching potential purchases.

Instead, I had to rely upon experience, word-of-mouth recommendations, and personal preference to compile this list. So although it wasn’t necessarily based solely on my findings, hopefully, the suggestions provided above helped you pick out the best bong available given your budget constraints. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy their hobby responsibly.

Molino Mad Scientist V2 – Pyrex Double Chamber Water Bong

Molino Mad Scientist V2 Pyrex Double Chamber Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Molino Glass has upped the bong ante for affordable, amazingly designed water pipes. The Mad Scientist double filtration system ensures your herb is filtered not once but twice. Providing a very cool, smooth inhale.

Molino Glass designed a beautiful dual-chamber bong standing at 32 cm with 5mm thick Pyrex glass. Mad Scientist central chamber is easy to clean and remove the percolator. This device helps fill your lungs by increasing smoke volume. Creating a heavier, hardy, but still silky smooth inhale.

This double filtration system delivers the full flavor of your legal smoking herbs smoothly and without any harshness. The percolator is easily removed from the central chamber for easy cleaning.

Molino Glass has created some of the most practical and beautiful masterpieces of high-quality Pyrex glass, and this “Mad Scientist” has raised the bar once again.

Size: 32cm

“Hits like a champ. The price and performance make this an ideal bong for anyone.
Dual-chamber is sweet! Haven’t coughed since I started using Mad Scientist bong. Awesome bong. Didn’t think a cheap ass bong would be so amazing in delivering a toke. But it does!”

Magic Glass 2000 Ice

Magic Glass 2000 Ice, 77 Bongs

I bought one about two weeks ago, and it’s all I’ve used. It literally spoiled me for anything else. I’m a man who truly enjoys the taste of good clean greens.

Size: 59cm

G-Spot Classic Egg Bong

G Spot Classic Egg Bong, 77 Bongs

G-Spot Bongs are made with the finest borosilicate glass under the highest quality standards. Each bong is tested for minimum glass thickness before they even leave the workshop, and they are all oven-tempered to make each one a strong and tension-free bong.

Size: 50cm

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